5 Best Lures to Catch Pre-Spawn Bass

Video 5 Best Lures to Catch Pre-Spawn Bass
5 Best Lures to Catch Pre-Spawn Bass

The pre-spawn interval is a time of change. Bass are migrating between areas and fickle spring climate causes them to maneuver up and down within the water column and to repeatedly change their angle.

Fishing success this time of 12 months requires flexibility and the power to sample bass successfully. It additionally entails utilizing the precise set of instruments.

With that in thoughts, we’ll take a look at 5 kinds of lures that collectively can ship success beneath a variety of pre-spawn situations.

Suspending Jerkbaits

Within the minds of many bass fishermen, the pre-spawn interval is “Rogue time.” Typically, that legitimately means casting a Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue, which was the unique suspending jerkbait and has a refined rolling motion that’s particularly efficient when the water is further chilly.

Different anglers favor one of many extra trendy jerkbaits, akin to a Megabass Imaginative and prescient Oneten. A number of jerkbaits look much like each other and supply identical normal appeals for pre-spawn fish, however every has a novel dart, wiggle or roll when it is pulled or jerked, and posture when it is immobile. All counsel baitfish which might be winter chilled and even dying.

All may be stored within the strike zone for a very long time, finally drawing strikes from bass that, just like the baitfish, are transferring extra slowly than regular due to cool water temperatures.

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Jerkbaits work properly over factors and humps which might be adjoining to spawning areas however near deeper water. Bass droop in a lot of these areas as they stage for the spawn. They will not aggressively chase baitifsh, however they’re going to gladly nab a straightforward meal.

The basic spring jerkbait presentation is to solid the lure previous the construction or excessive of it, reel shortly to get the bait to its diving depth, jerk the rod a number of instances, pause the presentation, after which jerk a number of extra instances.

Necessary variables embrace the sharpness of rod pulls, which may vary from mere twitches to laborious jerks, the cadence, and the lengths of pauses.

Do not fall right into a rut with some specific cadence and assume the fish aren’t round or biting a jerkbait. Experiment with displays and take psychological be aware of what you have got been doing any time a fish strikes.

The pause stands out as the most crucial a part of the presentation throughout early spring, and the cooler the water is, the longer the pause usually must be.

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Many fish (if not most), hit jerkbaits which might be suspended lifeless nonetheless, knocking slack out of the road and hooking themselves.

Jig & Craw

When bass transfer up onto sun-warmed riprap banks, place themselves beside dock posts or maintain tight to pure rock areas previous to the spawn, a finesse jig permits for a sluggish presentation of a refined providing.

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When pre-spawn fish work their method up ditches or roam up factors that join deep winter areas with spawning flats, a soccer head jig come into play. Both fashion of jig imitates a crawfish and may be fished slowly. No matter jig fashion you select, pair it with a piece or a soft-plastic crawfish, matching the colour scheme of the jig and the trailer.

For clear water, it is laborious to beat some type of inexperienced. Good choices for stained water embrace browns and oranges. A black and blue mixture works properly for legitimately soiled water.

Hair Jigs shine in finesse approaches. Chilly, clear water make the hair jig a go-to through the pre-spawn interval and bluebird skies. Bass won’t chase prey far throughout these instances so selecting a lure that appears pure and doesn’t have a lot motion goes to be your greatest wager.

For selecting trailers, contemplate the profile and the quantity the claws transfer while you transfer the bait. Usually talking, a barely smaller profile works greatest when the water stays pretty chilly, however in the event you’re fishing the place the bass develop further giant or the place the crawfish are typically huge, a much bigger trailer is perhaps greatest.

If you happen to do desire a barely decreased profile however just like the claw motion and normal look of a sure kind of crawfish bait, merely shorten the physique a bit earlier than you string the trailer onto the jig’s hook.

Key phrases for any early-season jig presentation are “sluggish” and “low.” Any lifts or hops should be slight, and sometimes the very best presentation is a legit drag, with the jig remaining in touch with the underside from the time it sinks till you reel it as much as make one other solid.

In actual fact, even a normal-seeming drag is not sluggish sufficient generally. That is when it’s essential to pull the bait solely inches at a time, with a pause between each drag.

Lipless Crankbaits

If a lake has submerged vegetation that begins creating early within the spring, the “Entice chew” comes into play every time the solar bakes grass-covered flats even a bit and fish start transferring up onto them.

Whether or not you go for the namesake conventional Rat-L-Entice, a Cordell Spot or a slicker completed bait akin to a Strike King Redeye Shad, a lipless crankbait has a decent wiggle that successfully imitates winter-chilled baitfish and creates sound and vibration to assist the fish hone in on the lure.

As a result of working depth shouldn’t be managed by a invoice, you’ll be able to swim a lipless crankbait simply excessive of the grass whether or not that is a foot deep or 10 toes deep through retrieve velocity and rod positioning.

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It is also a bait you’ll be able to solid lengthy distances and preserve transferring to cowl water with out essentially having to swim it at excessive speeds.

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The only lipless crankbait presentation entails nothing greater than casting and winding, often with the rod held comparatively excessive, and at instances that is the easiest way to work the lure.

Sometimes, you need the lure to barely tick the tops of the weeds, so in the event you’re not feeling weeds in any respect, it’s essential to sluggish the retrieve. If the bait begins hanging, velocity it up and lift the rod tip a bit.

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An alternate method that triggers strikes when the bass aren’t going for the straight retrieve is to kill the bait periodically, permitting it to drop into the vegetation and grasp, after which rip it free with a snap of the wrist. When the bait pops up out of the vegetation, it prompts response strikes.

The most well-liked lipless crankbait measurement is 1/2 ounce. For matching greater forage, interesting to bigger fish or getting just a little deeper, some anglers additionally make heavy use of three/4-ounce or sometimes even 1-ounce variations.

When it comes to colours, brilliant pink works very properly through the spring, perhaps as a result of it suggests a crawfish. Primary chrome with a blue or black again additionally works properly.


The crankbait is arguably essentially the most tough fashion of lure to outline and peg to a state of affairs for pre-spawn fishing as a result of crankbaits differ a lot in character. Variations in measurement, profile, wobble and diving vary create large variances within the appeals of various cranks and consequentially the conditions for which they’re greatest suited.

That mentioned, a number of types of crankbaits lend themselves properly to pre-spawn purposes. Two of essentially the most basic crankbaits for fishing in chilly water, inclusive of the pre-spawn interval, are completely reverse each other in character.

A Rapala Shad Rap is tight wiggling and has a really slender profile to counsel a cold-slowed baitfish and appear to be a straightforward meal. A Storm Wiggle Wart is round-bodied and huge wobbling and pushes lots of water because it kicks amongst rocks like a rooting crawfish.

A number of crankbaits, after all, fall between the extremes. A Bandit 200 or comparable bait that’s medium in measurement, diving depth and wobble, works properly for overlaying water and hitting banks which might be close to spawning areas and that fish transfer onto throughout heat spring spells, particularly when a little bit of wind or cloud cowl makes the fish extra aggressive.

The perfect colours rely largely on situations and the best way a crankbait is getting used. For clear water and fish feeding on shad, pure shad patterns are the best way to go. For kicking round riprap or different rock cowl, browns, oranges and greens work properly as a result of they counsel crawfish.

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In both case, including a powerful dose of chartreuse creates far higher visibility for cranking soiled water. One main distinction between the early spring method and the best way you may crank a financial institution just a little later within the 12 months is that you simply usually need to grind the bait alongside slower, retaining the rod low to maintain it hitting cowl with out having to crank it shortly.

Bump as a lot stuff as you’ll be able to with each presentation, and usually work the crankbait as slowly as you’ll be able to with out forsaking good working motion.

Finesse Worm

If this fishing will get robust throughout early spring, it is time to escape a finesse worm, which you’ll be able to current on a shaky head, a drop-shot rig or perhaps a Carolina rig.

The shaky head means that you can cowl lots of territory and a spread of depths by casting shallow and dealing it down construction.

The drop-shot lends itself properly to vertical displays when the fish push just a little deeper and get further fussy. The Carolina rig works properly for working the deep ends of factors, which pre-spawn fish transfer up and down with altering situations.

Places largely dictate rigging, however some kind of finesse worm setup turns into a sensible choice any time situations counsel that fishing is perhaps robust.

That may very well be a high-pressure system delivering bluebird skies and falling air temperatures.

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It may very well be heavy stress from different fishermen and even further clear water. Any small-diameter worm that is lower than about 5 inches lengthy and has easy tail configuration matches into the finesse class.

Distinctions amongst finesse worms embrace precise diameter, the softness of the plastic, out there colours and tail configurations. As a result of finesse is the operative phrase, tails that do not flap to laborious, and small-profiled worms are inclined to work greatest.

For a similar cause, the most efficient colours are typically pure and translucent colours like watermelon seed and salt-and-pepper.

As with the jerkbait, a pause may be essential to simply about any finesse worm presentation this time of 12 months. Work the bait a bit after which maintain the rod utterly nonetheless, with the road tight sufficient to really feel every part happening with out transferring the bait.

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You may really feel a lunge or a light-weight tick, or the road may simply go slack if the fish picks up the worm and strikes towards you. If something about what you’re feeling modifications even just a little, set the hook!

Notice: This text initially posted in March 2016 and has been up to date.

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