5 Best Telescopes for under 500 — Start Exploring Our Universe! (Summer 2022)

Video 5 Best Telescopes for under 500 — Start Exploring Our Universe! (Summer 2022)

What to anticipate from a telescope for below $500?

A telescope on this worth vary will allow you to view planetary particulars like shadows and texture of the moon, nebulae and galaxies, amongst different objects. The variety of particulars will primarily range in line with the diameter dimension of the aperture and the facility of magnification. You possibly can additional improve magnification with a Barrow lens. Typically, the telescope will function an optical tube, eyepieces, lenses, a focuser, finderscope, a mount, and a tripod. A tripod and counterweights are normally included with equatorial mounts, however altazimuth mounts don’t require them always.

Looks to the sky

Options to think about whereas selecting a telescope

These are the principle options we assessed when evaluating totally different fashions to provide you with our greatest telescope below $500 record. Taking them into consideration will ease the burden of selection.


There are three main kinds of telescopes: reflectors, refractors, and compound, often known as catadioptric.

Reflectors collect and focus mild utilizing mirrors as a substitute of lenses, which makes them susceptible to misalignment and interference by pure parts as a result of open tube design, however prevents the chromatic aberration frequent with lenses. The secondary mirror can hinder mild and trigger diffraction spikes. Reflectors, comparable to SkyWatcher S11610, are the perfect for deep sky exploration as a result of they function massive apertures which produce brilliant pictures and a quick focal ratio which provides vast views of galaxies and nebulae.

Refractors collect and focus mild utilizing lenses which are mounted so there isn’t a want for alignment or collimation. Nonetheless, lenses may cause colour fringes and distortions. The eyepiece is positioned on the decrease finish of the tube. Refractors generate clear and sharp pictures as a result of there isn’t a obstruction of sunshine to the eyepiece by a secondary mirror, and the closed tube design prevents pure parts from affecting the lens. The prime quality of pictures makes refractors ideally suited for observing the moon and planets, in addition to for astrophotography.

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Catadioptric telescopes are a hybrid of reflecting (catoptrics) and refracting (dioptrics) telescopes. They mix lenses and mirrors to assemble and focus mild, and most of them include computerized performance. This versatility makes them appropriate for each astrophotography and deep sky exploration. Their compactness improves portability and storage. Telescopes of this sort are normally considerably costly and should not included in our record.


Aperture refers back to the diameter of a telescope’s essential lens or mirror. The standard of a telescope is outlined by its aperture’s mild gathering capability, focal size, and its eyepiece’s magnification energy. Since remark of celestial objects is sophisticated by their dimness, a telescope’s capability to brighten them issues far more than its capability to amplify.


Aperture is crucial function you must prioritize as a result of, in contrast to eyepieces which will be changed or added for extra energy, an aperture doesn’t provide the similar possibility to regulate your selection, so be sure you get it proper. One more reason to take apertures extra severely is as a result of they decide the utmost restrict of your telescope’s magnification. The bigger the aperture, the upper magnification it could actually accommodate.

An aperture additionally dictates the quantity of particulars you’ll be able to view and the extent of picture brightness and determination. That is significantly useful when viewing faint and distant objects, comparable to galaxies and nebulae. The massive 203 mm aperture with highly effective mild gathering capability is what makes the SkyWatcher S11610 so efficient in exploring the deep sky and extraterrestrial terrains.

Focal size

Focal size refers back to the distance from the principle optical part the place mild is gathered to the purpose the place it is delivered to a spotlight for the eyepiece to type a picture. This clearly influences the extent of magnification. A protracted focal size has increased magnification however provides narrower fields of view than a brief one. It’s appropriate for objects which are nearer just like the moon, stars and planets. To look at distant galaxies, select a telescope with a brief focal size and enormous diameter that present wider and brighter views.

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Focal length

Focal size is carefully related to focal ratio which is denoted by f/quantity. Focal ratio is the focal size divided by the aperture diameter. A ratio of f/11 to f/15 has excessive magnification and slim fields of view whereas a ratio of f/4 or f/5 has decrease magnification, brighter pictures and wider fields of view appropriate for dim and distant objects.


A sturdy and steady mount supplies assist to your telescope, permits easy mobility, and dampens vibrations to maintain it regular for objects to remain in view. It additionally helps find and observe celestial objects. Selecting the perfect mount can be primarily based on its portability, payload, and your astronomy intention, whether or not scoping or focusing. Investing in mount will provide you with years of use even after you could have upgraded your telescope.

Altazimuth and equatorial are the 2 commonest kinds of mounts.

Altazimuth mount has a easy design that’s moveable and straightforward to arrange, without having for counterweights. It options two axes with vertical and horizontal actions which might simply find objects. Nonetheless, the linear actions are inconvenient for monitoring objects as they drift alongside the sky in an angular arc. After zeroing in on an object, finer changes are made utilizing gradual movement controls.

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Equatorial options two axes, with one aligning to the sky for easy monitoring of objects, an essential requirement in astrophotography. The setting circles will let you find recognized objects utilizing coordinates. The mount is normally connected to a chrome steel tripod which will have diagonal bracing to fortify it and an adjunct tray. Others are motorized with automated monitoring and databases of 1000’s of viewable objects you can find by keying of their coordinates. Equatorial may have a bubble stage and counterweights for steadiness. The heavy materials and a number of objects present steady assist with a big payload, however add to the general weight which makes them inconvenient to move. The polar alignment throughout set up may also be complicated for inexperienced persons.

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Telescope Eyepiece

An eyepiece makes use of the sunshine gathered and centered to amplify objects and generate pictures. Most fashions embrace one, or two eyepieces with one optimized for wider area views and the opposite for increased magnification. The focal size of each the telescope and the eyepiece influences the extent of magnification. To calculate eyepiece magnification, divide the telescope focal size by the eyepiece focal size.

Eyepieces with shorter focal size have increased magnification. Which means a ten mm is extra highly effective than a 25 mm. A Barlow lens is inserted into the focuser to double or triple the eyepiece magnification energy.


Since stargazing and celestial adventures happen outdoor, you’ll need a telescope you can simply transfer outdoors and retailer away afterwards. Many of the telescopes are mild and compact. It’s the mounts, metal tripods, counter weights and extra equipment that make the complete set cumbersome.

Further options

Figuring out the scale and dimensions of the telescope will assist you decide its portability and evaluate it with payload when looking for a mount. Extra equipment embrace software program, such because the Starry Evening in Orion 09007 and the SkyX in Celestron NexStar 127SLT; database of celestial objects; educational DVDs and manuals; and an adjunct tray. Since telescopes are long-term investments, an extended guarantee can also be a necessary function to think about.

Best telescopes under 1000 ranked by customer satisfaction.

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