6.0 The Three Fs… Fluids, Filters, & Fuel

UPDATE: Since this video was recorded I’ve found Archoil AR6200 Gasoline Modification Advanced and AR9100 Friction Modifier. Each of those supersede all different gasoline components and oil components that I’ve really helpful up to now. The AR6200 has been formulated to work in all hydrocarbon fuels together with diesel, gasoline, heating oil and two cycle. It’s a gasoline therapy that features a combustion catalyst, a dispersant (removes water), a polymerization retardant, a rust inhibitor, a biocide, a lubricity agent, and a cetane enhancer. AR9100 might be added to any engine, gearbox, or wherever friction discount and cleansing is useful. Try extra movies on these merchandise for extra info at https://archoil.powerstrokehelp.com/weblog/

The appropriate fluids, gasoline and filters are completely essential for the longevity of a 6.0L engine, or any engine. In the event you use the wrong fluids in your truck, it’s not going to perform accurately.


What are the fluids? They’re antifreeze/coolant, motor oil, computerized transmission fluid, and differential fluid. Lastly, it is best to make sue you might have the fluid modified accurately within the switch case. Coolant/Antifreeze The Ford Motorcraft Gold Antifreeze/Coolant is the right coolant to your truck. They are saying it’s 100K mile coolant; nonetheless, I’d change it at 30K-50K mile intervals simply to be completely secure. As well as, I’ve change into a fan of coolant filters after I began slicing open the oil coolers and watch the goo that comes out on the coolant facet. Coolant filtration techniques are very cheap and easy to put in. Putting in one can prevent money and time by avoiding costly motor alternative and/or oil coolant alternative sooner or later.

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Motor Oil

Identical to antifreeze, folks have their very own concepts and preferences on the subject of motor oil. All motor oil, over the previous 5-10 years, has modified so dramatically due to EPA requirements that I can’t start to let you know how good fashionable motor oil is. Simply the usual Delo or Rotella is way more steady than what was out there 10 years in the past. Off-the-shelf motor oil is excellent right now. The interval modifications rely on how you might be utilizing the truck. If you wish to push an oil change out slightly additional, I’d counsel doing Blackstone testing at 5K mile intervals to see if it actually must be modified.

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I’ve grown keen on Rotella T6 and have seen it assist clear up injector points in some chilly begin conditions. Hydrotex is one other model I used to be launched to. A buyer introduced in a truck that was utilizing this and claimed 25K oil intervals. The shopper had an injector tip failure however nonetheless had the unique set of injectors on a 250K mile truck. Hydrotex is an industrial firm and you would need to purchase from an area consultant.

One of many foremost challenges with the oil in a 6.0L is the truth that the excessive strain oil pump shears the oil so brutally that it breaks down the oil faster. With tremendous premium oils just like the Hydrotex or Shaeffer’s, I like to recommend doing a Blackstone sort testing. With Blackstone Laboratories, you ship them a pattern of your oil they usually take a look at for steel or gasoline contaminates within the oil.

Computerized Transmission Fluid

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In relation to computerized transmission fluid, there is just one alternative for the 6.0L, Ford Motorcraft LV. In the event you use a transmission fluid from the auto components shops, you will discover shifting issues – arduous shifts, sloppy shifts. I’ve seen it many instances. You’ll assume you want a brand new transmission. If this occurs, the answer is to purchase a pair circumstances of the Motorcraft LV and flush it out. The automated transmission within the 6.0 and 6.4 are excellent transmission. They simply don’t break, however you need to change the fluid at 30K-50K mile intervals.

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One of many different locations the place folks attempt to save cash on the maintenance of their 6.0L Powerstroke truck is with the filters. After market filters can be found however I extremely advocate that you don’t use them. The right filters to your truck are from Ford. When evaluating the Ford filter with its opponents, the filter media shouldn’t be the identical. The Napa filter and the Purolator premium filters are fairly good filters. The issue with them, nonetheless, is their peak which was adjusted to keep away from patent infringement with Ford’s filters. Because of this, these filters don’t sit down accurately into the reservoir. This creates a bypass and 15-20% of your oil, perhaps extra, isn’t getting filtered.

The gasoline filter that Ford provides for the 6.0L is a really particularly designed and engineered piece. Not solely does it have the usual filter media inside but it surely additionally has a vital membrane that’s important for working accurately. This membrane separates the water out. If the membrane shouldn’t be current as a result of it isn’t a Ford filter, you will be sucking water into your injectors.

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Gasoline has direct impacts on the gasoline injection system within the 6.0L. Cetane is principally like octane in gasoline. It’s the quantity that offers with the combustibility of the gasoline. The upper the cetane quantity, the extra combustibility you might have from the gasoline. Regardless that 40 is taken into account the minimal cetane ranking which you could run in your 6.0L Powerstroke diesel, the very fact is there isn’t any business normal.

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There are tons of of merchandise available in the market that declare to assist enhance the cetane in your diesel gasoline. The commonest one is from Energy Service. It provides slightly cetane enhance, it’s low cost and available. Stanadyne can also be a superb cetane booster/complement. It solely boosts your cetane just a few factors however the lubricate components on this product are excellent. The most effective know oil gasoline firm within the nation is Lucas. They’ve an excellent gasoline additive. And naturally Ford has a superb additive for cetane boosting. If you will be in chilly climates I’d advocate that you simply use the anti-gel cetane booster system. It has a pair components in there that hold your gasoline from gelling up.

What do you need to get out of your gasoline additive? We wish an anti-gel, a cetane booster and a lubricant additive. Working any of those merchandise is healthier than not working the additive in any respect. Components have a sure value concerned however if you wish to get the utmost life out of your gasoline injectors, it is crucial that you simply think about using an additive in your 6.0L Powerstroke diesel truck.

The three F’s, fluid, filters and gasoline, appear fairly rudimentary however you’ll be stunned what number of clients don’t perceive this. The 6.0L diesel engine is an unbelievable piece of technological development. I can go on and on in regards to the know-how of this engine. However in the event you don’t handle it accurately and don’t use the fluids and filters that had been designed for use in it, you will have issues with the truck and it’s not going to final so long as it might probably. ~Invoice Hewitt

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