Add Some Noise for Lake of the Woods Walleyes

Video Add Some Noise for Lake of the Woods Walleyes

In relation to catching walleyes and saugers by means of the ice on Lake of the Woods, typically it’s the little issues that may make an enormous distinction. A type of “little issues” I’ve observed over time is including some noise and aggressiveness to my presentation pays dividends.

Noise within the fishing world can are available in quite a lot of types. Pounding the underside along with your lure, the jigging motion you create, rattles, vibration and spinners all create noise that may appeal to walleyes. One of many methods walleyes sense their subsequent meal is thru their lateral line. This lateral line senses vibration and noise within the water and may trigger a pure triggering impact.

Over time, I’ve been turned on to utilizing noise, turning into extra aggressive with my strategy in extracting walleyes and saugers from the icy depths throughout the ice belt. A few of this trial and error has been throughout instances of a troublesome chunk. Whether or not it’s a chilly entrance rolling by means of as they do periodically all through the winter or maybe a day by which the walleyes and saugers simply aren’t feeding as effectively which might be for a lot of causes, noise has positively been a robust instrument in my walleye instrument belt to catch extra fish.

There are a few go to shows / lures that I begin with after I need walleyes to really feel the noise. First, a vibrating lure with bb’s in it, reminiscent of a Rapala Rippin Rap. The second lure is a jigging spoon with rattles tipped with a minnow head or tail. There are actually instances when rattles will out fish a spoon with out rattles and vice versa. As a rule, after I fish stained water lakes reminiscent of Lake of the Woods, I’m a fan of rattles and a bit extra noise.

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For years, I used to be a fan of the lipless crankbaits for open water fishing, however had by no means used them by means of the ice. This method first caught my eye when an area information up at Lake of the Woods talked to me about how years again he used to make use of a Rattle Lure to ice March walleyes. Lake of the Woods has an prolonged ice fishing season with homes on the ice by means of March and the walleye season open by means of April 14th. Therefore, anglers can goal March walleyes placing on the pre-spawn feedbag.

He stated he could be ripping a lure in a single gap and deadsticking (a stay minnow six inches to a foot off of the underside) his second gap. He stated there have been instances when a walleye would hit that lure so exhausting it virtually rip the rod out of his hand.

I experimented a bit with lipless cranks by means of the ice however actually began having success with the Rippin Rap. Now, it’s a lure that I typically lead with for my jigging line by means of the ice.

I experiment with jigging motion, watching my electronics permitting them educate me what the walleyes need that day. Some days, the walleyes’ moods are constant, wanting the identical motion for the lure. Different days, it’s principally fishing every particular person fish to be taught what they need.

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The traditional jigging cadence I start with is to drag the lure up in about two foot increments, sufficient to really feel the vibration and listen to the rattles. I then will let it free fall into the strike zone, which in my thoughts is generally a couple of foot off of the underside.

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I do combine the jigging up, giving additional lengthy and quick rips at instances, shaking the lure as quick as I can, elevating the lure within the water column as some bait is elevated and fish see up.

Typically walleyes will slide in slowly on the lure. Different instances there will likely be a mark on my electronics out of nowhere. That fish will eat virtually the entire time.

When a fish slides in slowly, I work numerous jigging cadences till I get that fish to go. Typically they need the conventional jigging routine with a free fall. Different instances, will maintain it simply above them a bit and jig it extra subtly very like I might a jigging spoon with a minnow head. Jig, jig, maintain in strike zone. Shake, shake, shake, shake, maintain in strike zone. Walleyes will hit this lure sitting nonetheless and at instances will truly desire it sitting nonetheless in entrance of them verses shifting.

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When a walleye flies in out of nowhere, this fish is scorching and is able to eat. Usually, all I’ve to do is get the lure in entrance of them, give it a few shakes and POW! I’ve seen this occur typically, each with walleyes when the chunk is sweet but additionally when fish are in a extra impartial temper. I believe it pertains to the response strike we speak about when pulling cranks in the summertime.

You will need to let the fish let you know what they need every day. Their temper can change from daily, typically, hour to hour. Regardless, don’t be afraid so as to add some noise to your walleye and sauger arsenal to ice extra fish.

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Best ice fishing line for lake of the woods for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.


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