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The Smallest African Hedgehog – A Basic Description

The African pygmy hedgehog is certainly one of 23 extant (presently residing) hedgehogs on the earth. Typically known as the four-toed hedgehog, it’s the smallest member of the hedgehog household. The African pygmy hedgehog is roofed in tiny, non-barbed spines. These spines are completely different from the spines on a porcupine as they’re completely embedded within the pores and skin of the animal and usually are not shed. The motion of those spines is managed by the contraction of a muscular ‘bag’ known as the orbicularis panniculi, and the curling conduct is aided by particular morphological diversifications, similar to having quick, blunt ridges on the vertebrae and a large pelvis.

Atelerix has a generalized physique plan and, like most insectivores, a small mind and a easy gastrointestinal system. They’ve blunt, broad molars and a comparatively low metabolic fee that’s attributed to their largely insectivorous weight loss plan.

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The place is the 4-toed Hedgehog discovered?

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Hedgehogs might be discovered on the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Atelerix is extensively encountered in savanna and steppe zones of equatorial Africa from Senegal to Ethopia and south to the Zambezi River, and it’s sporadically present in drier areas of Africa.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 5.34.23 PMThey occupy a wide range of habitats, together with grasslands, woodlands, bush, thickets, plains, agricultural land, and even suburban gardens (they’ve additionally been encountered in stables and meals storage buildings in suburban areas and areas the place livestock are saved, which are a magnet for bugs). Atelerix prefers elevations at or beneath 2000 meters and require areas with dry soils; they aren’t encountered in marshes or dense forests. Essential habitat options embody a plethora of shelters to select from (they often change their resting web site every day), together with matted grass, leaf litter, rocky crevices, termitaries (termite mounds), or previously-dug burrows. They have a tendency to choose grassy areas with mild undergrowth.

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The four-toed hedgehog is solitary and solely comes along with conspecifics (animals of the identical species) in the course of the breeding season. These animals are territorial and can interact in aggressive conduct if their territory is encroached upon. In a territorial assault, the animal will erect the spines round its head and snort, grunt, hiss, and butt heads with the offending particular person. Spines are additionally used as a defensive mechanism when evading predators; the hedgehog’s first line of protection is to roll up right into a ball, spines erect at opposing angles forming a protecting barrier across the animal. Atelerix has been identified to assault predators by erecting its spines and lunging at its attacker.

African pygmy hedgehogs are primarily nocturnal however might be crepuscular (lively at daybreak and nightfall). Throughout excessive climate situations, they may aestivate (a type of summer season hibernation initiated by excessive warmth whereby they may go into hiding, decrease their metabolic fee, and subsist off of fats reserves till environmental situations enhance).

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Vocalizations embody a repertoire of snorts, hisses, grunts, and twitters. Throughout courtship, males serenade females with a birdlike name, and she is going to reply with hisses, snorts, and evasive actions.

Like all hedgehogs, the African pygmy reveals an fascinating conduct often called self-anointing. This curious conduct often happens when the animal encounters an irritating substance; the hedgehog forming a bubbly foam substance in its mouth and subsequently rubs the combination over its spines. One particular person was noticed chewing the parotid glands of a toad and self-anointing with the poisonous combination (maybe a protection in opposition to predators?). The true purpose for self-anointing remains to be unknown to scientists, but it surely has been hypothesized that it’s used to draw consideration, males from females and juveniles from their mom. Though its particular origin is unknown, scientists know that that is an innate (instinctual) conduct because it has been noticed in juveniles whose eyes haven’t but opened.

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African pygmy hedgehogs don’t have any obvious mating season and breed all year long. They turn out to be sexually mature at roughly one yr of age. Gestation lasts 30 to 40 days and litters vary in dimension from two to 10 younger with females usually having one litter per yr. Neonates (infants) are born blind and bare; white spines emerge after two to a few days. Between 8 and 18 days, the eyes will open and the white, toddler spines are shed and changed with spines of the grownup coloration. At 40 days the younger will accompany the mom on foraging journeys and can eat growing quantities of stable meals till they’re utterly weaned.

What’s on the menu for a hedgehog?

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The four-toed hedgehog is an insectivore and primarily eats bugs (termites, beetles) and different arthropods (spiders, scorpions, millipedes). They do devour a wide range of different meals as effectively, together with invertebrates (snails, earthworms, slugs, land crabs) small vertebrates (snakes, lizards, frogs, younger birds, and eggs) and plant materials (roots, fruits, fungi). Some have even been noticed consuming venomous snakes!

Prey is usually situated by sight, scent, and sound and might be situated so far as 4 cm deep within the soil. Stay prey is snapped up into the mouth and chewed noisily adopted by muzzle licking. Bigger dwell prey is shaken to demise earlier than consumption. Atelerix will readily devour carrion, and in suburban areas, they’ve been noticed scavenging street killed carcasses.

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Conservation Standing

The IUCN (Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature) lists the African pygmy hedgehog as “decrease risk-least concern.” These animals are widespread in areas of appropriate habitat however not typically seen as a result of their nocturnal habits.

Extra Sources

4-toed hedgehogs are widespread unique pets and are extensively bred in captivity. To be taught extra about this fascinating critter, we encourage you to take a look at the next hyperlink:

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