Ash Gourd (Winter Melon), the Cool Vegetable: Benefits & Recipes

Desk of Content1. Origin of Ash Gourd2. What’s Ash Gourd?3. What’s Ash Gourd known as in India?4. What does Ash Gourd Look Like?5. 4 Ash Gourd Advantages 5-1. Sharpness of Thoughts 5-2. Elevated Power 5-3. Constipation, Piles, Boils 5-4. Cooling Caution6. Extra Ash Gourd Well being Benefits7. Vitamin of Ash Gourd8. Style and Use9. Discovering and Selecting 10. Ash Gourd Juice Advantages – ER Nurse Discovers a Wholesome Power Boost11. 5 Ash Gourd Recipes 11-1. Ash Gourd Juice 11-2. Ash Gourd and Watermelon Smoothie 11-3. Ash Gourd Raita 11-4. Lime and Ash Gourd Cooler 11-5. Ash Gourd Halwa

Incorporating ash gourd or winter melon, into your food regimen is an easy method to beat the warmth, take pleasure in a robust power increase and add tasty selection to salads, juices, snacks and even sweets. This extremely versatile vegetable boasts a laundry checklist of advantages for well being and wellbeing. Be taught extra about these advantages and luxuriate in a big selection of delectable ash gourd recipes under.

Origin of Ash Gourd

Ash gourd’s historic roots make it troublesome to hint a exact origin, although botanists speculate that the gourd doubtless originated in Japan, Indonesia, China, or Indo-Malaysia. In all of those areas, ash gourd has been in use for hundreds of years. Descriptions of the gourd’s medicinal worth could be present in Chinese language texts from the Fifth-Sixth century AD.

Sadhguru describes a number of the lore surrounding ash gourd’s qualities and makes use of in Indian custom.

Sadhguru: They’ve informed you it is a very auspicious vegetable. If you happen to construct a brand new home, you dangle it in entrance of your own home. If you wish to do any ceremony, it comes into your own home. Historically it was fastened up like this, that even if you happen to occur to develop an ash gourd in personal home, you shouldn’t eat it. You could give it away as a dana to a Brahmin. If you happen to give it away to a Brahmin, you’re going to get punya someplace, however he’ll get good meals proper right here.

A shudra was not purported to eat ash gourd. If a shudra was discovered to consuming an ash gourd, he can be killed, as a result of they stated if an individual eats ash gourd, he’ll turn out to be articulate and sharp in his head. So a shudra shouldn’t be allowed to eat ash gourd. Immediately you don’t have any such issues. Everybody can select and eat what they need.

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Historically, this vegetable has been put to make use of in so some ways. One cause why it’s hung in entrance of latest houses is, once you enter a newly constructed constructing, generally sure damaging energies get trapped. In order that they suggested individuals to hold an ash gourd as a result of it creates a lot optimistic vibration that it clears the negativity. I believe it’s higher to place it into your physique. Now as an alternative of placing it in entrance of your own home, if you happen to put it into your abdomen, you’ll turn out to be a supply of excellent vibrations. Wherever you go, every part is ok with you.

What’s Ash Gourd?

Ash gourd or Benincasa hispida, is a novel melon eaten largely in India and China. It’s usually cubed and added to soups in Asian cooking. Nevertheless, the Yogis of India have lengthy regarded ash gourd as probably the most naturally energizing meals as a result of its excessive quotient of what Yogic science refers to as “prana”, or very important life power.

What’s Ash Gourd known as in India?


Ash Gourd Identify


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White gourd, Winter Melon, Wax gourd (denotes one sub-type of ash gourd)


Kushmanda, brihatphala, ghrinavasa, gramyakarkati, karkaru


Petha, pethakaddu






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Neer poosanikai




Boodida Gummadikaaya


Budekumbalakayi, boodu gumbala


Kumra, chalkumra

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What does Ash Gourd appear like?


Immature ash gourd is coated in wonderful hairs which disappear because the gourd ripens. The outside shade can fluctuate between darkish inexperienced to a pale grey. Mature gourds are coated in a particular white ash. This powdery coating is the place the melon derives its different widespread identify, “ash gourd”. The form of the gourd also can fluctuate between spherical and rectangular.

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4 Ash Gourd Advantages

#1 Sharpness of Thoughts

Sadhguru: Simply drink one glass of ash gourd juice within the morning and you will note super quantity of coolness within the physique, whereas on the similar time it brings alertness into you. Day by day consumption of ash gourd drastically enhances your mental capabilities. Particularly kids should drink ash gourd juice. If you happen to drink it for one week, you’ll discover a definite change within the sharpness of your thoughts. That is very extremely pranic. Day-after-day, if you happen to drink a glass of ash gourd juice within the morning, you will note it should do wonders on your mind. Your mind might be very sharp and it brings power with out agitation within the system. Day by day consumption of ash gourd will do miracles to you.

#2 Elevated Power

Sadhguru: Consumption of ash gourd brings an infinite quantity of power, on the similar time it retains your nerves very calm. If you happen to drink espresso, it provides you power with agitation. If you happen to drink a glass of ash gourd, it provides you monumental quantity of power, and nonetheless retains you calm.

#3 Constipation, Piles, Boils

Sadhguru: If you happen to eat slightly little bit of ash gourd juice, it cools down the system. That is helpful for individuals who extra warmth within the physique, which might produce issues like boils, piles (hemorrhoids) and constipation issues.

#4 Cooling Warning

Sadhguru: People who find themselves inclined to issues resembling colds, bronchial asthma, and sinusitis needs to be slightly cautious with ash gourd as a result of it creates an excessive amount of sheeta, or coolness, within the system. Such individuals ought to at all times combine it with honey or pepper and drink it, in order that the cooling impact is neutralized to some extent.

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Extra Ash Gourd Well being Advantages

  • In line with a 2001 research revealed within the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, ash gourd extracts inhibited the event of ulcers when examined in rats. The extracts have been additionally discovered to be unhazardous.
  • A 2005 research additionally revealed within the Journal of Ethnopharmacology signifies that ash gourd seed extracts illustrate anti-angiogenic qualities. Merely put, the plant inhibited the important provide of blood to cancerous tumors.
  • As per a 2000 preliminary research revealed in Fitoterapia, ash gourd juice considerably suppressed morphine withdrawal signs in rats. Thus, the juice holds the potential in treating sufferers with opioid habit.
  • A 1995 research revealed within the Jiangsu Journal of Agricultural Sciences discovered that compounds in ash gourd illustrated sturdy kidney safety advantages when examined in rats with kidney injury.
  • A 2005 research revealed within the Iranian Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics affirms ash gourd’s conventional use as an anti-diarrheal agent.
  • In line with a 2010 research revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Pharmacology, methanolic extracts of ash gourd seeds confirmed sturdy anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential.
  • A 2003 research outlined within the Korean Journal of Vitamin affirmed ash gourd’s conventional use as an anti-diabetic agent: when measured in rats, the vegetable’s powder positively affected glucose, insulin, ldl cholesterol, free fatty acid, and HDL-cholesterol ranges.
  • In line with a 2003 research revealed within the Indian Journal of Pharmacology, ash gourd extracts illustrated anti-depressant actions in rats.

Vitamin of Ash Gourd

Whereas ash gourd consists primarily of water (about 96%), it additionally boasts a wide range of helpful nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with vitamin C and B-complex nutritional vitamins resembling niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. Ash gourd can also be a useful supply of minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, calcium and magnesium. The gourd additionally supplies quantity of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Dietary worth per 100 grams

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