Best portable bluetooth speakers with subwoofer for basss in 2023

In this post, we’re breaking down the five best base Bluetooth speakers in 2021. I’ve included options for every type of consumer. So whether you’re looking for a budget option that gives you the key features, a Bluetooth speaker for your home or a higher-end speaker with built-in LEDs and a karaoke mode for parties, all of the product for you. If you want more information on the best and most up-to-date pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description below. 


Voonex Sound ArcWave

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Not everyone wants to or can’t afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for a good base Bluetooth speaker. The Voonex Sound Arcwave punches above its price class and will not break the bank. The Voonex Sound Arcwave is a solid base heavy Bluetooth speaker that presents excellent value at sixty-five dollars. You get a portable and durable design, solid volume levels that can easily fill your room and an impressively balanced sound escape and a base boost mode.

The Arcwave comes with 230 watts speakers that gives an impressive maximum volume level so it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s lightweight weighing around three pounds and has an IPX five waterproof rating. Although it cannot be fully submerged, you won’t have to worry about unexpected rain showers or poolside splashes. You get a solid 6,600 MAH lithium ion battery that should give you up to 15 hours of play time on lower volumes and around 8 hours at high volume. It fast charges via USB-C and takes approximately 3 hours for a full charge. The Arcwave utilizes a max DSP audio processing chip that delivers a balanced and distortion free soundscape with crisp eyes, clear mids, and thumping base at most volumes.

You also get three sound modes which includes pop mode, vocal mode, and base boost to enhance low end frequencies. The Stan out feature to point out is that it also has an integrated microphone so you can take calls or access your voice assistant directly from the speaker for added convenience. There’s only six buttons so it’s easy to use and pairs easily to your device. I like that it has Bluetooth 5.00 connectivity that delivers stronger and more consistent connections with a maximum range of up to 100 feet. You can also use the TWS feature which allows you to pair two Arcwave speakers together for stereo output. There’s even a three and a half millimeter headphone jack and an SD card slot giving you added versatility. The Voonex Sound Arcwave is the best base Bluetooth speaker for the money because it gives you performance that’s comparable to higher end products for less than seventy dollars. It’s also very portable, easy to use, and the Bluetooth 5.00 connection is strong. I think you’ll be impressed with it and it’s perfect for anyone who wants quality base sound without breaking the bank.

Sony SRS-XB43 Extra Bass Speaker

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Next up, if you’re looking for something with great quality that delivers substantial base and a compact design, the Sony SRS XB43 is a solid portable Bluetooth speaker that kicks out some impressive base that you can easily take anywhere. It cost around 200 you get a durable, loud base oriented speaker with some excellent features and customization options. It comes with dual 0.8 inch tweeters and dual 2.5 by 2.88 inch subwoofers with large passive radiators on either side of the speaker. You also get a frequency response range of twenty hertz to 20 thousand hertz that delivers a base forward sound signature with a solid high and mid-range presence.

Although the robust bass response might be too powerful for purist looking for an accurate audio portrayal. While the base isn’t sub-based level, it still has respectable depth considering it’s portable size. You also get access to the Sony Music Center app which gives you a user adjustable equalizer to customize your sound escape along with some sound effects. It has built-in LED lighting with a variety of color schemes that are also accessible from the app. Overall, the build is durable and has an impressive IP sixty-seven waterproof rating so you won’t have to worry if it gets accidentally knocked into the pool. It has Bluetooth 5.00 compatibility and supports AAC and SBC Bluetooth code X but unfortunately, not Apt X. The control strip houses most of the buttons including the Bluetooth pairing and volume controls. Battery life is quite impressive and gives you up to 24 hours of play time. It has a party connect feature where you can sync up to 100 speakers to provide a much broader sound performance and like the arc wave, you also get a speaker phone function that allows you to respond to calls hands free and the mic quality is decent.

The Sony SRS XB43 is an impressive portable Bluetooth speaker. It delivers powerful sound with strong, low-end response and sculpted highs, has built-in LED lighting and a range of customizable settings from the app. This is a good choice for anyone who wants a base heavy sound in a compact design.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II

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If you enjoy listening to your music outdoors, you’re going to want a Bluetooth speaker that can deliver solid sound without thinning out regardless of where you are relative to your speaker. Like the Bose SoundLink Revolve+II which has true 360 sound for consistent uniform coverage from a Bluetooth speaker. The $300 Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus two delivers well balanced audio performance, some versatile connectivity options, and a great 360 sound stage. I think the build quality and design is solid with a perforated aluminum grill that protects the drivers along with silicone-coated ends that can withstand some punishment. Plus, there’s a fabric handle to increase portability. It also comes with an IP fifty-five waterproof rating so it can endure some splashes or unexpected rain showers.

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The controls are housed at the top and they include volume controls, Bluetooth pairing, and a multi-functional button that can control playback, skip tracks, and activate your phone’s voice assistant. You get an impressive Bluetooth range of around thirty feet and around 17 hours of battery life and a full charge takes about four hours. One convenient feature is that the speaker will inform you of the level via a voice prompt or with a battery indicator light when powered on. The Bose SoundLink Revolve+II comes with one main downward facing transducer with a deflector that delivers a 360 sound stage with exceptional directivity. Overall, the sound quality is balanced and while the base response might be weak for some genres, it provides a nice mid-range presence that excels with dialogue centric audio.

Though some compression artifacts might be heard at higher volumes, it can get respectively loud and will remain distortion freak regardless of your distance. While I would have like to see a customizable EQ, the app gives you many useful features such as the ability to pair another speaker to create a more immersive stereo experience or the party mode which allows you to connect additional speakers to efficiently fill larger spaces with quality sound. The Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus two is a great speaker because of its durability, the admirable audio performance, the solid Bluetooth range, and the 360掳 soundscape that can be paired with other speakers. I think it’s perfect for outdoor or poolside use.

Sonos Move

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Up next, we have the Sonos Move which can be used outdoors too but the powerful high-end speaker really Excels has a Bluetooth speaker for home use especially with its automatic room calibration to optimize audio performance based on your environment. It retails around $400 and comes with both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options. The Sonos Move is rated IP 56 waterproof and has a sturdy and robust build with a mesh metal grill, a plastic top, back and bottom, and rubberized feet for added grip. While it’s a bit heavy, it comes with a handle for better portability. I think you’ll appreciate the intuitive control scheme which gives you four touch sensitive buttons for volume control to control play back and to mute the microphone. Plus a physical power button and a button to toggle between Bluetooth and WiFi.

The battery life is also solid and will give you around 11 hours of playback. I think the WiFi compatibility is a key feature and it can pull content straight from the internet without needing your smartphone. It can easily be integrated into a pre-existing Sonos ecosystem and it has a longer range than other connections. The move also boasts Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and while voice assistant control isn’t enabled in Bluetooth mode, you can pair multiple devices simultaneously which can be useful. Another technology that analyzes the environmental factors and the output from the speaker to automatically adjust to optimize the sound and it has a built-in accelerometer that triggers calibration when it detects movement.

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Despite the limiting mono design, I believe you’ll find the sound stage to be rich and vibrant with plenty of base presence and an outstanding mid response. It can also get loud that you may notice base artifacts. You get bass and trouble sliders via the companion app which also gives you the option to pair another speaker for stereo listening. The Sonos Move speaker’s perfect for the home of its broad sound stage. It’s true play technology and intuitive room correction along with its compatibility with WiFi and Bluetooth.

I would recommend this for anyone living in a Sonos Ecosystem or for anyone with a flexible budget. JBL speakers are known for their great sound and there are plenty of models that’s great for get togethers.

JBL PartyBox 310

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 if you’re throwing a party, you’re going to want an excellent Bluetooth speaker that can pump out heavy base and is geared for parties like the JBL PartyBox 310. It goes for around $500 and you get an impressive maximum volume and IPX four waterproof rating mic phone and guitar inputs and a powerful bass boost feature to further enhance the sound. The build quality is solid with a plastic body and metal grill along with built-in wheels and a telescopic handle for improved mobility. It also has a groove on the top to hold your device while in use which I think adds some convenience. You get intuitive controls which includes a button to enable bass boost along with volume adjustments and playback control among others. You even get some voice controls for karaoke mode including adjustable bass, treble, and echo levels. It also features guitar and microphone inputs, a volume knob, and Gain knobs so it’s even suitable for musicians. It has a strong Bluetooth connection and you compare multiple devices to it concurrently which is great for parties and groups. Y

ou get an impressive 17 hour battery life and a full charge takes just three hours. I also like that it enters standby mode after 20 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life. This speaker boasts an exceptional frequency response accuracy and you get a base heavy sound stage that can be enhanced with three base boost levels along with solid mids which makes it suitable for parties or DJing. It also delivers plenty of volume with outstanding dynamics though with some compression artifacts.

The built-in RGB lighting is customizable with the companion app and gives this speaker a party flare. Unfortunately, the app lacks a comprehensive adjustable EQ but let’s you pair the speaker with another unit or to link multiple units together for better space coverage. The JBL PartyBox 310 is the best base heavy Bluetooth speaker for parties. It gives you impressive volume, thumping bass, and clear mids, customizable lighting, and a karaoke mode for added entertainment. This is a solid choice for DJs, musicians, speech parties, or even smaller get together.

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