Best Bass Lures for Summer Night Fishing

Video Best Bass Lures for Summer Night Fishing

In comparison with the spring or fall, bass fishing on a scorching summer season day can typically be a grind. Along with coping with intense warmth, bass aren’t as energetic throughout daytime. However as soon as the solar goes down these torpid fish out of the blue spring to life—making issues far more thrilling for you.

As an angler, having extra success underneath the quilt of darkness boils all the way down to lure choice. Listed here are some sure-fire bass fishing lures that can allow you to catch extra fish all evening lengthy.

Nighttime Bass Fishing Suggestions

Versus the daytime, when fishing at evening you must rely nearly fully on the texture of the bait fairly than seeing line motion within the water. That’s why it’s greatest to make use of a non-stretch fluorocarbon line that means that you can really feel each fish strikes and backside constructions equally.

When selecting a fishing lure, darker colours like black, blue and june bug stand out higher at evening as a result of they forged a extra outlined underwater silhouette.

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Very like anglers at the hours of darkness, fish rely extra on senses aside from sight, so the extra water disturbance that your lure creates, the higher your luck might be.


Spinnerbaits are perfect nighttime bass lures due to the thump, flash, and motion they create within the water. When utilizing a spinnerbait at evening just like the RS Spin, goal the identical common cowl areas that you’d in the course of the day, together with vegetation traces, docks, and laydowns.

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Fishing close to a well-lit dock is all the time a very good technique as a result of bass oftentimes get fooled into pondering that it’s nonetheless daylight, in order that they maintain tight to the construction. Merely sluggish roll your spinnerbait across the dock’s edges till you’re feeling a tug.

As soon as evening falls, the RS Bow Spin can also be a first-rate spinnerbait selection due to its distinctive coloration sample, together with the truth that its blade flutters in a short time whereas falling within the water.

Topwater Poppers

Nighttime fishing is all about getting your lure seen and heard, and that’s the place a topwater popper is available in. Topwater lures just like the Castaic Strong Leg Frog Popper additionally carry out effectively at evening as a result of their legs lengthen and retract in the course of the retrieval, identical to the actual factor.

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Usually, you’ll have higher outcomes with a popper throughout full moon phases as the intense gentle displays off the bait. After casting out the lure, use a sluggish retrieval to twitch the popper again to your boat, and make sure you let it float idly for a couple of seconds between pops. That method you’ll give curious bass sufficient time to find the lure at the hours of darkness.


Identical to in the course of the day bass, change their strike zone areas at evening. Once they’re resting on the underside, among the best lures is a giant, cumbersome jig as a result of it creates loads of “noise” inside a couple of ft of your prey.

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A high-performing combo is a heavier jig like the three/4 oz. or larger Kitana Stagger Scrounger Jig paired with a tender plastic craw or frog trailer that has life-like, flapping appendages. When you’ve forged it out, give the lure some stable “ticks” together with your rod tip and prepare for some motion.

The entrance blade on a Stagger Scrounger Jighead displaces loads of water, which supplies foraging bass one thing to hone in on. Its distinctive design, impressed by three-time FLW bass fishing champion Jason Lambert, additionally permits it to maneuver practically effortlessly by way of weeds which are tougher to see at evening.


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Topwater lures that trigger loads of commotion on the water’s floor are all the time lethal at evening, and buzzbaits are not any exception. That’s as a result of bass can’t see very effectively at evening, in order that they must depend on different senses when foraging for meals.

Rigging up a lure just like the Castaic Atlas Buzzbait or Response RS Buzz to a heavier, 65-pound braided line will hold your boat’s livewell stuffed evening after productive evening.

Massive Ribbon Tailed Worms

For years, the ribbon tailed worm was a staple of any skilled angler’s sort out field, however then they began fading away. Massive worms (10” to fifteen”) will nonetheless land picture-worthy fish all summer season lengthy, however they actually stand out towards different tender plastic baits at the hours of darkness.

Pairing your ribbon tailed worm with a razor-sharp Kitana hook after which dragging the bait throughout the underside close to grass flats, creek channels, and factors will yield loads of hook-ups. Attempt utilizing a fan casting sample throughout massive areas the place bass are likely to congregate till you begin feeling some hits in your line.

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Pairing a large ribbon tailed worm with a Texas rig, Florida rig, or Carolina rig can even yield larger bass that’ll make your mates flip envious. A tournament-tested lure just like the Kitana Stagger Scrounger Jighead with a plastic worm can also be a formidable combo. Utilizing a sluggish stop-and-go retrieve works greatest with ribbon tailed worms, however you too can snag large fish through the use of a sluggish and regular swimming retrieve.

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