Review Top 5++ best budget 3d printer for cosplay in 2023

You’re looking for fast cure times and excellent print performance or a budget 3D printer that’s easy to use out of the box but still delivers all of the product for you. If you want more information on the best and most up to date pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description below.


Anycubic Photon Mono

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This is best budget resin 3D printer under 300 dollars. The Anycubic Photon Mono is one of the cheapest and most popular resin 3D printers and retails for about 250 dollars. It has a number of upgrades over the previous photon models including being quieter. So it’s less disruptive to run at night. The Anycubic Photon Mono has the dual Z axis slider that notably improves the performance and stability of the Z axis giving it a 0.01 millimeter accuracy.

Making layer lines even harder to spot and creating smoother surface finishes. It also prints faster than previous photon models at a rate of a to 50 millimeters per hour. There’s also a 6.08 inch 2K monochrome LCD that cures the resin in only one and a half seconds per layer and is a great addition because it lasts up to four times longer than the typical RGB LCD screen.

You’ll like that it’s simple to get set up so you’ll be ready to print quickly without a lot of assembly getting in the way. It also includes a one piece FEP making it easier to replace. It has a print volume of 5.11 x 3.14 x 6.49 inches which is really good if you enjoy printing tabletop again characters, miniatures, or other small prints.

With the transparent lid, you can safely watch your prints being made as it blocks up to 99.95% of UV rays. Another safety feature you’ll appreciate is that you can set the printer to immediately stop printing if the cover is removed. Anycubic offers a 1 month free return or exchange on their printers as well as a 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support. Making it easy to try out without risk. The Anycubic Photon Mono is the best budget resin 3D printer under $300 offering multiple upgrades over previous photo models, extremely accurate prints, it’s easy to set up and runs quietly. It for anyone who wants to make detailed character figures or is a really good place to start if you’re new to 3D printing.

Creality Ender 3 V2

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This is best budget FDM 3D printer. The Creality Ender 3 V2 is another popular printer that’s easy to use and comes ready out of the box with minimal setup. Price at around 280 dollars, it gives you good print volume, high quality print build, and there’s even an active on community which is especially helpful if you’re new to 3D printing.

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The heated print bed can reach temperatures up to 110° Celsius so you can print models using ABS and other thermoplastics. The textured glass bed also keeps prints in place when hot and makes it easier to remove your prints from the build surface when cool. Minimizing any chance of the plastic warping or being uneven as you lift it off. The printer has a build volume of 220 x  220 x 250 millimeters which is a good size and the MK ten filament extruder is able to heat up to 225° Celsius which reduces the risk of filament jamming.

There’s also a pause and resume function which is especially useful if the power supply is interrupted. The Creality Ender 3 V2 is built with a 32bit main board and silent stepper motor drivers within an attractively designed frame. There’s also the option for offline printing with micro SD cards and the display screen used to operate the printer uses a scroll wheel to navigate the UI rather than a touchscreen.

The popularity of the Creality Ender 3 V2 means that there’s an active online community willing to help you find tips, tricks, and suggestions for getting the most out of your 3D printer. That’s a big plus especially if you’re new to 3D printing and will be a good guide to help you learn quickly. The Creality Ender 3 V2 is the best budget FDM 3D printer with a professional design, easy-to-use setup, and active online community to back up its popularity. It’s a strong choice if you want hands-on experience learning about 3D printing or if you want a machine to tinker with.

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro

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This is a great budget resin 3D printer. At a price of about the ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro will let you print smaller objects in very high detail and the CNC machined aluminum body makes it a sturdy machine. It has a 120 x 68 x 155 millimeter build volume which is a good size and the minimum XY accuracy it will achieve is 47 microns making it extremely precise.

It also comes with a cheetah box slicer which is made specifically for resin printing. The sandblasted build plate provides stronger adherence while the linear guideway prints with a steady and accurate motion. Meaning your prints will come out smooth. The large hexagon socket screw helps with stable leveling making it easy to set up a print job.

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The case has a built-in rubber seal to keep the resin odors contained and a carbon box in the base absorbs and filters the resin odor. You’ll find the USB port useful especially now that it’s been moved to the front of the printer. Letting you print from a USB stick with ease. You’ll like that the 6.08 inches monochrome LCD with 2000 resolution only takes 2 seconds per layer exposure to cure the resin making the printer efficient.

Like with the any cubic photon mono, the monochrome LCD has a much lifespan than an RGB display. It also gives you more stable performance during prints that take a long time. Reducing the risk of mistakes and wasting resin. The improved light source structure provides a more even UV light distribution that works to further increase the precision and accuracy when printing fine details. The ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro is a great budget resin threeD printer with a good build volume, USB port, and fast cure times. All while eliminating the resin smell to keep your work space clean. The precision of the prints you’ll get make this perfect for tabletop character creation letting your designs roo come to life.

Creality Ender 5 Pro

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This is best overall budget 3D printer. The Creality Ender 5 Pro is a great 3D printer that runs quietly and has excellent performance for a price tag of about 400 dollars. To make setup easy, the Creality Ender 5 Pro comes in a few partially assembled kits. With the main three simply screwing into the upright beams of the frame. It not only makes it easy to put together but it will also help you better understand how 3D printers are built and how the components fit together. You’ll find the printer runs quite thanks to the upgraded V4.2.2 silent main board with TMC 2208 drivers which also give more precise printing performance.

It also has a metal wear resistant extruder which pushes the filament into the printing nozzle with stronger pressure to improve printing quality and avoid clogging and also gives you more stable feeding for better print precision. The hot bed heats up to 110° Celsius in 5 minutes and the printer can continue printing from the last layer if you lose power in the middle of a print job. It’s also built with Capricorn Premium XS Bowden tubing which has high temperature resistance and provides smooth feeding of the filament through the tube adding better printing texture for your more detailed prints. You’ll find the quality of your prints will be great especially with the level of surface detail that this printer can accomplish. Like the Creality Ender 3 V2, the Creality Ender 5 Pro has a screen display with a knob to navigate the UI which is intuitive and easy to use. From here, you can start a print job or adjust settings like nozzle temperature, bed temperature, speed, and more.

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Which can be manually adjusted while printing as well. The Creality Ender 5 Pro is The best overall budget 3D printer. It’s easy to assemble, has an upgraded main board for precise and quiet performance and prints very detailed models.


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This is best double extruder budget 3D printer. The QIDI TECH X-Pro can connect to your WiFi for wireless print jobs and has an enclosed build space that regulates temperatures for better printing results. At around 470 dollars, this double extruder 3D printer also allows you to use two filaments at the same time so you can print models in two cup With a build volume of 230 x 150 x 150 millimeters, you get a really good amount of space for your prints and the curved aluminum print plate makes it easier to remove your finished models.

The design of the plate is a great feature because easier removal means less scarring to your print when scraping it off the build platform and leaves your model with a better surface quality. The build surface can also be heated up to 120° Celsius and can even be removed from the printer. Further helping you extract your print from the plate. The metal platform support rod has been upgraded to 12 millimeters to more sturdy and other upgraded parts like the motor, main board, and mechanical structure ensure more stable printing and quieter performance.

The double extruder is already installed within the unit making it easier to set up and get right to printing. The printing area is fully enclosed allowing for far better temperature regulation while printing and by keeping the heat in, it prevents parts from cooling too quickly. This means way less chance of your print to warping or cracking and makes for far better ABS and nylon printing. The large 4.3 inches touchscreen makes navigating printing options and using the printer seamless. Seek easily adjust your settings for each project. There’s a WiFi connection option as well as a USB port so you can start your prints wirelessly or offline. The QIDI TECH X-Pro is the best double extruder budget 3D printer that gives you detailed printing in two colors, quiet and accurate performance and has a cover over the print bed. See your prints can cure and be removed with minimal chance of damage.

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