Best Colors for Bass Lures (Every Season, Bait-Type, etc.)

Video Best Colors for Bass Lures (Every Season, Bait-Type, etc.)

Understanding the very best colours to pick out for bass fishing is usually a quite simple factor. Seasonal impacts do play an element, however the two largest elements are water readability and daylight circumstances. When water is obvious, fish with pure “ghost” colours which can be translucent and can resemble baitfish in that clear well-lit water. As water visibility is lowered, go together with stable patterns and fewer flash. In murkier water, go together with white or chartreuse colours that will likely be seen to bass and draw massive bites.

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For an entire breakdown of catching bass at night time, please take a look at this beneficial article I wrote. It covers all the pieces from greatest colours, seasons, circumstances, and tricks to catch extra bass after darkish.

Finest Bass Fishing Colours

Nearly any coloration lure will catch bass however I favor to interrupt them into 3 classes: pure, stable, and daring. All the time begin with pure “ghost” colours, then strive stable colours, after which whites or chartreuse if the water is stained they usually aren’t responding to the primary two coloration classes.

When I’m speaking about pure coloration, I’m seeking to trick fish. I need probably the most pure wanting presentation I can discover. Ghost colours are the very best. These are these translucent “see by” colours that actually do mimic a baitfish in clear water.

When fishing in clear water, bass will research your bait. That is very true in finesse baits. You need to trick them into believing your bait is the true factor. Stable colours are your colours the place there isn’t a ton of dimension to the bait. You’ve these stable blues, greens, blacks however they aren’t “ghost”. You possibly can’t see by them.

These baits don’t look lifelike to your bare eye however they may present a definite form for fish to see in additional stained water or below cloudy circumstances. Stable coloured baits work greatest for bass when water readability is lowered within the lake and they’re now not hitting ghost patterns. When water readability actually peters out in stained or dirtier water, go together with white or chartreuse.

These colours will likely be simpler for bass to see in stained water. One thing like a chartreuse shad coloration is right. Horny shad, which seems fairly lifelike however has a easy chartreuse lateral line might be nice for clear water with a bit little bit of tint.

Practical vs. Daring

Practical lures work greatest if you find yourself attempting to trick a fish into biting. Your aim is to current a coloured bait that appears and strikes identical to the true factor. Pure colours like greens, watermelon, and translucent ghost colours are prime examples of pure colours.

These lifelike colours can catch a ton of bass, particularly in clear water or when finesse fishing. Finesse fishing particularly requires a pure look as a result of bass have a ton of time to check a bait earlier than biting. Daring colours are your brighter colours. I’m speaking about oranges, chartreuses, whites, and pinks.

Many of those colours aren’t present in any pure bait however nonetheless draw bites. These bolder colours actually can stand out in stained or muddy water and in addition on cloudy days. Extra importantly, these colours can be utilized to incite strikes from bass. Use daring colours on response baits like jerkbaits as they get a bass’s consideration and will help draw out that assault intuition from the varsity.

Bass don’t have arms so once they see these weirdly coloured baits, they’re curious however their greatest means of determining the bizarre bait is through the use of their mouths. Now if you find yourself speaking about reds and a few oranges, these are crawfish colours.

These might be actually lifelike if the crimson or darkish brown is “ghost” with element or might be bolder like a firehouse crimson or orange. The latter works nice in murkier water however when bass are actually focusing on crawfish, particularly early spring earlier than the bass shift focus to highschool baitfish.

Situations: Finest Colours for Bass

Water Readability

Water readability is a very powerful issue in the case of coloration choice. Typically talking, clear water is greatest fished with pure “ghost” colours, stained or water with lowered visibility is best with stable colours, and whites/chartreuse colours work greatest for restricted visibility water. Now, keep in mind that water readability is relative.

If you’re fishing on a waterway that has water usually within the 1-2 foot visibility-range, then ghost colours can work very well even for those who can’t hardly see your bait proper beneath the water’s floor. Fish adapt to their regular circumstances and they’ll react to that baseline water readability situation.


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Daylight does play some affect on the colour of bait you choose. When you have been to look at baitfish swim underwater on a sunny day, you’ll discover a very good quantity of sunshine reflecting off these fish, particularly shad, shiners, and silver-sides. Alternatively, below cloudy skies, you’ll discover little or no if any flash coming off.

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Bass are positively not dumb. They are going to be on the lookout for these tell-tale indicators the bait is legit, particularly on lakes that get loads of fishing strain. On vivid sunny days, you need to toss something that places off flash. American shad, for instance, is a wonderful jerkbait coloration.

If you’re fishing with delicate plastics, search for flakes and iridescent coloration that can postpone some sparkle and imitate pure fish. Now in the case of bladed baits, you should watch out.

A bit little bit of flash goes a good distance. Use silver blades in clear water and gold blades are higher for stained or muddy water. In clear water with a vivid solar overhead, a giant blade can postpone means an excessive amount of flash and switch fish off. As a substitute, begin fishing first with smaller blades and up-sizing if you should. A bit flash is pure, and swimming LED gentle shouldn’t be.

Find out how to Select the Proper Shade

There are some attractive colours available on the market amongst crankbaits, jerkbaits, and spoons. There are additionally some goofy wanting ones. However the reality is with so many numerous colours and paint jobs on the market, deciding on the best coloration can appear daunting.

If you get on the water, examine water readability first and the obtainable daylight second. If the water is crystal clear, go together with extra pure colours that intently mimic pure meals and baitfish. If the water is stained or readability is less-than-perfect, go together with stable colours that can higher present as much as bass.

Chartreuse and white are two colours nice for stained or muddy water the place bass have a tough time seeing prey. On sunny days, go for baits with a little bit of flash as that daylight will mirror off baitfish simply the identical. On cloudy or overcast days, flash is ineffective and will look unnatural.

Match the Hatch

It is very important match no matter it’s bass are naturally feeding on. Most lakes and ponds have some dominant baitfish species like shad, ciscos, shiners, fathead minnows, or pin minnows. There may be crappie, bluegill, carp, and perch.

In lots of western lakes and reservoirs stocked with trout or kokanee, these will likely be big bass producing baits. Bass develop big feeding on trout and kokanee. After all, frogs and crawfish are at all times going to be good bass baits no matter physique of water.

If you’re fishing on clear days and going for that lifelike chunk, you should match what bass are feeding on. When you’re going extra for that response chunk, typically going daring with extra unnatural “jarring” colours might be what it takes.

Shade Classes

Pure & Ghost

Pure colours are my favourite to fish with. I really like tricking bass into biting. When fishing with premium onerous baits like jerkbaits, crankbaits, and lipless baits, you will discover some $100 paint jobs on baits costing lower than $15. They give the impression of being good.

Go for ghost translucent colours, the place in water, you’ll be able to think about the true define of the bait can be more durable to make out. That’s precisely how baitfish look in clear water below sunny skies. Paint jobs out of Japan are particularly placing and lifelike.

Search for coloration names like ITO Wakasagi and Wabi-Sabi. These paint jobs look unimaginable. It is possible for you to to idiot fish with these premium paint jobs but in addition draw that response chunk for those who work the bait proper. With delicate plastics, pure colours like pumpkin, watermelon crimson flake, and shad colours work very well in clear water.

Stable Shade

Stable colours are nice for bass when fishing in murkier water or below lower than vivid daylight. Stable colours present up loads higher to bass in dirtier water. I’m not speaking about lowered visibility, not essentially soiled water.

Similar to a shad or minnow reveals up translucent wanting in clear sun-coated water, those self same baitfish present up extra stable with outlined outlines in murkier water or on cloudier days. These fish are additionally loads simpler for bass to see and hunt.

Some actually stable colours embody browns, inexperienced, blue, and black. You could possibly additionally go together with pure colours like watermelon however attempt to keep away from baits with a ton of flake which mirror gentle. Additionally attempt to keep away from ghost coloured baits which can be partially see-through. It gained’t present up as effectively and gained’t look almost as pure.

White & Chartreuse

When the water has lowered visibility, it could be time to change to a white or chartreuse coloured bait. Chartreuse is just a flowery phrase for greenish yellow coloration that’s usually simply yellow wanting however anglers get bent off form for those who name it yellow.

It’s a coloration that reveals up very well in darker water, in muddier water, or when the clouds are out. It additionally catches a ton of fish. One among my favourite bait colours is the attractive shad which is a pure stable wanting grey with a skinny chartreuse lateral line. It seems nice within the water and is a bit little bit of chartreuse daring with loads of pure shad coloration.

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Craw coloration work effectively in any water readability degree and below any gentle situation so long as bass are feeding on or close to crawfish. Crawfish are one of many best possible bass colours. Interval.

Just about any crimson, brown, pumpkin, watermelon, or orange coloration is patterned after crawfish. The final rule of thumb is to throw pure ghost craw patterns in clear water and bolder oranges or firehouse crimson colours in muddier water. Late winter and early spring is the very best time of yr to fish for bass with craw patterns.

The very best recommendation I may give you is to throw ghost craw colours which can be extra translucent in winter and into very early spring. There’ll come a time when bass will swap off that ghost craw sample and chunk closely on orange or vivid stable reds. You’ll discover the change.

Bass will hold hammering craw patterns till the shad and different baitfish begin getting corralled into trap-zones by colleges of bass and the bass shift their focus onto shad. As soon as this occurs, cease throwing craws and begin throwing shad baits.

For an entire article on how and when to throw craw patterns for large bass, this text I wrote will actually open your eyes. Now one bonus tip for you. If bass are pinning shad in opposition to a rock bluff or rip-rap, there are nonetheless crawfish there. A crimson craw sample can draw massive bites from bass even when they’re targeted on shad or shiners.

Particular Bait Shade Information


Bass chunk plastic worms as a result of they appear to be baitfish mostly. Typically they chunk them as a result of they appear to be a small trout, small bass, or bluegill. Now clearly to the human eye, a plastic worm seems completely nothing like a deep-bodied bluegill however you aren’t a bass wanting objects in 15-feet of water.

Your aim is to imitate no matter fish it’s that bass are feeding on together with your worm. The final coloration guidelines do nonetheless apply. Go together with pure colours on sunny days and in clear water. Go together with stable daring colours in lowered visibility and overcast circumstances. I really like watermelon crimson flake, inexperienced pumpkin, and emerald shad coloration in clear water and purple or morning daybreak in murkier water.

Tender Plastics

The above guidelines actually apply to all delicate plastics however they’ve some particular caveats. Creature baits are any form of loopy floppy, dense, or tentacle-y bait that mimics some form of water creature on the underside.

Mostly, they mimic crawfish. Deal with them like crawfish. I virtually at all times advocate fishing watermelon crimson flake or inexperienced pumpkin in clear water and in murky water, go together with a delicate plastic that has watermelon crimson flake combined with darkish blue.

The much less visibility, the extra I need you to place that blue facet going through upwards in direction of the bass. You possibly can dropshot or ned rig creature baits however my favourite means is on the trailer of a jig. If you go this method, you’re going full-blown craw sample and bass will hammer them.

Swimbaits & Glide Baits

These are the large bass catchers. On this class you’ll be able to have lifelike and daring. Daring is there to attract a response from bass and lifelike is there solely to trick bass. I favor fishing lifelike baits for bass as a result of you’ll be able to normally goal the most important females.

If you’re fishing on a transparent reservoir out west that has trout or kokanee, that’s the coloration sample you should go together with. In case your lake will get rainbow trout stocked in it often, go together with a darker trout. In the event that they don’t inventory the lake usually, a lighter trout is best.

But when your lake has kokanee and trout, fish with a kokanee sample. When you reside elsewhere and don’t have trout in your lake, you most likely have bluegill and a few kind of baitfish like shad or shiners. I do know shiners are the baitfish for bass in Florida.

Match no matter it’s your bass like consuming. If you find yourself speaking about delicate swimbaits like a Keitech, I like to recommend going pure in clear water and bolder in muddy water. Professional Blue Pink Pearl or Pure Shad are nice pure colours and there are a selection of Chartreuse colours that work nice when the water visibility is down.

Blade Baits

Noticed bass hammer craw patterns & bladed baits in early spring.

For bladed baits, be sure you match the water readability of the water with the colour of the particular bait. I’ve lined that loads by now so I need to deal with the blade itself. Match the blade dimension with the daylight publicity.

If the solar is vivid overhead, go together with a smaller blade. I’ve discovered poor outcomes fishing with giant silver blades on sunny days. I believe it’s simply too flash and spooks bass. Dial down the dimensions of the blade till bass begin smoking that bait.

Now on cloudier days, you’ll be able to upsize your blade a bit. I favor silver blades over coloured blades and golden blades more often than not. Golden blades can work higher than silver blades in muddy water although. I don’t take care of coloured blades until they’re crimson and also you throwing a craw sample spinnerbait.

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Frogs & Topwater

If you’re fishing topwater baits mimicking shad breaking the floor, go together with a white, black, or pure coloration. Don’t waste your time throwing ghost colours. As a substitute, choose stable grays, whites, or blacks. Frog colours are actually solely essential whenever you’re referring to the stomach coloration.

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Bass don’t get an incredible take a look at the physique of a frog however they do see that stomach. For me, it’s a white-bellied, yellow-bellied, or black frog. I favor white-bellied frogs however loads of bass anglers declare {that a} pure black frog works greatest within the lifeless of summer season. Experiment for your self.

Finest Shade for Cloudy & Overcast Days

The very best coloration for cloudy or overcast day bass fishing can be a extra stable coloration like black, grey, white, or chartreuse. These colours will actually stand out in opposition to the backdrop and even in restricted visibility water, bass will discover them.

Translucent ghost colours work nice on sunny days in clear water however go for stable colours in cloudy circumstances. Personally, I’d nonetheless stick to extra pure colours like inexperienced pumpkin or watermelon crimson flake however I’d keep away from ghost colours or something with a ton of flash.

Finest Shade for Nighttime Bass Fishing

For night time fishing, I like darkish blue or black. I’ve heard of different colours working, however for delicate plastic worms or jigs, nothing beats a blue and black coloration. At night time, you actually shouldn’t be fishing any shifting baits.

It’s essential to decelerate and go finesse so the bass can discover the bait. The one shifting bait I like to recommend can be a chatterbait or buzzbait as a result of the pulsations and noise can draw bass in and provides them sufficient to find the bait. I nonetheless advocate worms or jigs in blue or black 100%.

Seasonal Information: Bass Lure Colours


I like to interrupt spring down into 3 time home windows: early spring, pre-spawn, and spawn. In early spring, bass are doubtless nonetheless in deeper water keying in on crawfish. Throughout early-early spring, you ought to be throwing translucent ghost craw reds or browns.

As spring progresses, bass will flip a swap and begin hitting bolder oranges or firehouse crimson patterns higher than the pure ghost reds. Bass will start education up and pushing baitfish into bottlenecks whether or not that be in opposition to ledges, into deep coves, or into the backs of shallow bays the place they will dismantle the faculties and feed.

As soon as this occurs in the course of the pre-spawn, go together with the baitfish colours like pure shad, attractive shad, or emerald shiner. In the course of the spawn in late spring, bass will likely be in shallow water and can reply greatest to mattress robbers.

Bluegills, crawfish, and salamanders are the first culprits that bass need to kill. My favourite sample is a bluegill sample. Both go together with a bluegill coloured jig or a bluegill coloured swimbait and creep that factor into the mattress. The aggressive male would be the first one to chunk the bait however you’re actually after that massive feminine that can take a bit further convincing.

Summer time

As soon as the spawn has ended, bass will do certainly one of two issues. Some will department off and head deep. The remaining will stay shallow and keep there all summer season. Bass that head deep will likely be feeding on shad, trout, and kokanee.

Fish these bass with massive swimbaits in early spring after which deep diving crankbaits, flutter spoons, or swimbaits the remainder of summer season. I favor to fish these bass with pure patterns which have lifelike paint jobs.

For the bass that stay shallow, take into consideration what different bait stays shallow. I believe primarily bluegill, crappie, crawfish, and frogs. These are the patterns I like to recommend you throw at them. These colours will likely be superior all summer season lengthy.


Throughout fall, bass are consuming principally education baitfish. Now let me say this, in early fall some bass will key in on crawfish. However most bass will likely be feeding closely on shad and different education baitfish as quickly as that fall transition occurs all the way in which till the top of autumn.

Go together with pure ghost shad colours. Additionally, throw some bigger jerkbaits and flukes. I like to recommend Smoking Shad in case you are fishing with Zoom Tremendous Flukes.


Throughout winter, you need to gradual means down and fish finesse. I actually like fishing with ned rigs and blade baits. For ned rigs, go together with morning daybreak, inexperienced pumpkin, black, and translucent shad relying on the water readability and daylight circumstances.

For blade baits, go together with gold or chartreuse in muddy water and pure baitfish colours in clear water. That must be the sample you comply with many of the winter. As soon as February rolls round, begin tossing craw patterns. Go together with pure ghost reds and browns to catch these bass feeding on craws.

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If you wish to study extra about bass fishing, remember to go to They’re an authority on bass fishing and must be a prime vacation spot for any suggestions or suggestions on bass fishing ways or merchandise.

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