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Greatest Cordless Compact Miter Noticed Head To Head

Best Compact Sliding Miter Saw

For this installment of our “Head-to-Head” collection, we took a take a look at compact cordless miter saws. These saws vary from a tiny 6-1/2″ to 8-1/2″ with the bulk falling into 7-1/4″. We’ve given these saws thorough testing, taking a look at a wide range of standards that can assist you resolve which compact miter noticed will work finest on your wants.

Compact saws are an ideal possibility for small outlets, householders, and carpenter’s with restricted house. A compact sliding miter noticed can have a horizontal minimize capability that rivals that of full dimension 12″ saws! Don’t be fooled by their dimension, these saws can maintain their very own and make many of the cuts {that a} skilled must make frequently. Between their spectacular capability, smaller dimension, and considerably decrease weight these saws are positively price a glance.

Greatest Compact Sliding Miter Noticed Analysis Format

As soon as once more our workforce has put some critical effort and time into our Greatest Compact Cordless Miter Noticed analysis to deliver you probably the most complete data out there. For this analysis, we broke issues into a number of classes together with Precision & Accuracy, Efficiency (pace/energy), Options, Ergonomics, Mud Assortment, Decibels, and Worth. For every of those classes, we are going to rank the saws, and ultimately, we are going to identify the Greatest Compact Cordless Miter Noticed based mostly on the mixed outcomes.

  • Precision, and Accuracy – On this class, we evaluated the accuracy of the miter saws out of the field and the way straightforward it’s to make changes.
  • Efficiency [Power / Speed Test] -We checked out slicing pace as an indicator of noticed motor efficiency.
  • Run-time – Plenty of Professionals assume run-time is vital. The efficiency analysis took a really deep dive into the ability of the noticed motors and the way properly the saws managed repetitive slicing of framing lumber.
  • Options – An general comparability of options and specs.
  • Ergonomics – Ergonomics are actually vital to customers and an vital class to think about when buying any energy device. Along with conventional ergonomics, we additionally included performance on this class.
  • Mud Assortment – Building is a messy enterprise and dirt is among the greatest hazards in our business.
  • Decibels – We evaluated the sound degree in decibels
  • Worth – Worth is all the time an vital think about figuring out which noticed is finest for a consumer. We’ve included the present pricing discovered on-line for every of the saws “as-tested,” on the time of publication.
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Compact Sliding Miter Noticed Specs

Under is a listing of normal specs that relate to every noticed

Bosch GCM18V-08N14

  • Blade Measurement: 8-1/2″
  • RPM: 4500
  • Weight: 31.5 lb
  • Max Angle Reduce: 0-45 L/R
  • Max Bevel Reduce: 0-45 Left Solely
  • Vertical Capability: 2-3/4″
  • Horizontal Capability: 10-5/8″
  • Laser /Gentle: Laser
  • Battery Voltage: 18V
  • Battery Ah: 8.0 Ah

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Craftsman CMCS714M1

  • Blade Measurement: 7-1/4″
  • RPM: 3800
  • Weight: 21 lb
  • Max Angle Reduce: 0-47 L/R
  • Max Bevel Reduce: 0-47 Left Solely
  • Vertical Capability: 3-1/2″”
  • Horizontal Capability: 8″
  • Laser /Gentle: Gentle
  • Battery Voltage: 18v [20 volt max]
  • Battery Ah: 4.0 Ah


  • Blade Measurement: 7-1/4″
  • RPM: 4100
  • Weight: 31.6 lb
  • Max Angle Reduce: 0-48 L/R
  • Max Bevel Reduce: -1-46 Left
  • Vertical Capability: 3-1/2″”
  • Horizontal Capability: 8″
  • Laser /Gentle: Gentle with Shadowline
  • Battery Voltage: 18v [20 volt max]
  • Battery Ah: 4.0 Ah

Kobalt KMS 0724B-03

  • Blade Measurement: 7-1/4″
  • RPM: 5100
  • Weight: 31 lb
  • Max Angle Reduce: 0-48 L/R
  • Max Bevel Reduce: 0-48 L
  • Vertical Capability: 2-1/4″
  • Horizontal Capability: 9-3/8″
  • Laser /Gentle: Gentle
  • Battery Voltage: 21.6V (24 volt max)
  • Battery Ah: 6.0 Ah

Metabo HPT C3607DRAQ4

  • Blade Measurement: 7-1/4″
  • RPM: 4000
  • Weight: 34 lb
  • Max Angle Reduce: 0-45 L/R
  • Max Bevel Reduce: 0-47 L / 57 R
  • Vertical Capability: 3-1/3″
  • Horizontal Capability: 12-13/64″
  • Laser /Gentle: Laser
  • Battery Voltage: 36V
  • Battery Ah: 2.5 Ah (at 36V)
  • AC / DC succesful with accent

Makita XSL02

  • Blade Measurement: 7-1/2″
  • RPM: 5700
  • Weight:
  • Weight 28.9 lb
  • Max Angle Reduce: 0-47 Left and o-57 Proper
  • Max Bevel Reduce: 0-45 Proper and 0-5 Left
  • Vertical Capability: 2-1/16” x 11-3/4”
  • Horizontal Capability: 12-1/4″”
  • Battery Voltage: 36V (operating two 18V packs at identical time)
  • Battery Ah: 5.0 Ah

Milwaukee 2733-20

  • Blade Measurement: 7-1/4″
  • RPM: 5000
  • Weight: 28 lb [w/ battery]
  • Max Angle Reduce: 0-45 L/R
  • Max Bevel Reduce: 0-48 L
  • Vertical Capability: 3-1/2″
  • Horizontal Capability: 8″
  • Laser /Gentle: Gentle
  • Battery Voltage: 18V
  • Battery Ah: 5.0 Ah

Miter Noticed Accuracy and Precision

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To be constant, all of the saws, when in a position, had been outfitted with a Milwaukee 60-tooth blade.

Many customers that purchase a miter noticed will open the delivery field and start to make use of the noticed proper out of the field. Framers or different craftsmen that aren’t too involved with the best accuracy come to thoughts. Nonetheless, different customers will care loads concerning the accuracy of their new noticed and need to tune it to as close to excellent as might be achieved. For a end carpenter, or woodworker a miter noticed’s skill to make an correct minimize have to be routinely checked and maintained as a result of a bit misalignment may cause compounding errors on a venture.

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We checked the calibration of the saws out of the field, recorded our findings, after which calibrated the saws, noting the extent of problem to get them tuned up. Miter noticed calibration is a essential step as a result of a distinction as small as 1° over a 1-in. span will lead to a 1/64-in. the hole within the completed miter joint. Equally, 3° over 5-in. span provides you a 9/32-in. hole.

Compact Cordless Miter Noticed Accuracy Testing Winner Craftsman

The TBB crew needed to present the readers an thought of how properly the saws scored on accuracy proper out of the field. We seemed on the following areas:

  • Desk flatness
  • Fence flatness
  • Bevel accuracy when set to 0 levels
  • Miter accuracy when set to 45 levels.
  • Crosscut accuracy when set to 90 levels

The Craftsman confirmed up on this out of the field testing with a first-place rating of 9 factors. With exception of its 45-degree accuracy, it scored tops in each class. Bosch was second with 13-points, Makita had 14-points and Milwaukee 15-points.

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Desk Flatness – For desk flatness, we used a Bridge Metropolis Software Works 24 inch chrome steel flat edge. We positioned the flat edge onto the desk and first seemed for any gentle that would shine between the desk floor and the stainless flat edge. The place the sunshine shone by way of, we took a set of machinist feeler gauges and decided the scale of the hole beneath the flat edge. We recorded the information and proceeded to verify the fence’s accuracy. We turned the Bridge Metropolis flat edge and held it as much as the decrease a part of every saws’ fence. A number of the saws have a single piece decrease fence and others have a two-part decrease fence. We measured any hole between the fence and the flat edge and famous the utmost studying from the feeler gauges.

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0-Diploma Bevel – For 90-degree bevel accuracy, we adjusted the saws to contact the manufacturing unit setting for a 90-degree vertical minimize. Then we used a Wixey digital gauge to measure the levels between the desk of the noticed and the physique of the blade. The Wixey gauge might be set to zero out any inclination within the noticed because it sits on a bench. This allows the consumer to learn the correct relative distinction in inclination between the desk and the blade. We zeroed out the gauge every time we took a studying. 45-Diploma Miter – Chopping 45-degree miters is a essential perform of these kinds of miter saws. We measured the manufacturing unit 45-degree cuts by setting the noticed to its 45-degree setting. We made a minimize into 2×4 lumber and browse the precise minimize with a digital T-Bevel gauge. For every minimize, we zeroed the gauge. Then we took the studying and recorded the information. One of these gauge is correct to one-tenth of a level.

90-Diploma Cross Reduce – For this check, we set the noticed to the manufacturing unit 90-degree setting for a cross-cut. We crosscut a bit of plywood that had one edge squared with a monitor noticed. We took the ‘cut-off’ piece and flipped it 180 levels alongside the lengthy axis. We lined up the 2 items in opposition to a straight edge and famous if there have been a spot between the 2 halves alongside the minimize edge. If we noticed a spot, we measured this hole with feeler gauges. Flipping one of many items 180 levels, meant that any deviation from a 90-degree minimize would present twice the error than simply measuring one facet by itself.

Miter Noticed Efficiency

For the efficiency part, we examined the run-time and pace of minimize with the battery bought with the noticed in a kitted kind.

Energy Take a look at – Winner Makita

The Energy Take a look at is an efficient indication of what the noticed and blade configuration can minimize. We made 5 timed cuts in 7-1/4″ LVL lumber and recorded the common time. This can be a easy check with some uncontrolled variables, however our strategies had been honest.

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