Top 5++ best electronic reading devices for outdoor use for 2023

If you’re looking for a Kindle to read articles, novels, magazines, or listen to audio books from Amazon’s library or an e-reader that’s more versatile with overdrive integration giving you access to digital titles at your local library, I’ll have the product for you. If you want more information on the best and most up-to-date pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description below. 


Amazon Kindle

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The fifth product on our list is the Amazon Kindle. This is our best budget e-reader. The Amazon Kindle is a popular and affordable choice for those that love reading and want to enjoy the latest articles, novels, magazines, or audio books when commuting or just hanging out in your hammock for about ninety dollars. It’s a no-nonsense e-book reader but nevertheless, it’s still a Kindle.

So despite being an entry-level e-reader, you still have access to Amazon’s vast library of books, comics, periodicals, and audio books. Amazon makes it extremely easy and convenient to download and consume all their content. Plus, you’ll also all the same benefits of the Amazon cloud storage regardless of which Kindle model you have. Just keep in mind that Kindles are ad supported and although it doesn’t take away from the reading experience, it may be annoying for some.

But at least Amazon does give you the option to remove the ads for $20 more. The six inch Kindle is light and compact so it’s easy to hold even with one hand. And if you’re into audio books, the Kindle also has Bluetooth built in so you can listen to your audible content wirelessly and be able to seamlessly switch between reading and listening without losing your place and with eight gigabytes of storage, you’ll have plenty to read and listen to especially with up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The glare-free display is pretty bright and reads like paper even in direct sunlight with the adjustable front light. It’s comfortable to read even at night without adding strain to your eyes. Although the screen resolution isn’t as high as the higher-ended Kindles, the 167 PPI is more than adequate for reading text-based Ebooks. The Amazon Kindle is an affordable option for anyone looking for a budget Ebook reader to enjoy content from Amazon’s more than impressive library

Kobo Clara HD

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The fourth product on our list is the Kobo Clara HD. This is best for library and third party Ebook reading. While the Kindles are incredibly popular, not everyone is so eager to jump into the Amazon ecosystem. That’s why the $120 KoboClera HD is one of the best alternatives since it can also natively read a wide variety of different Ebook formats and allows you to check out Ebooks from the library. The price point is also great since it’s priced below the Kindle Paper White even though they have similar specs and features.

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Plus, you don’t get a all the ads. I also really like how much lighter the Clara HD is than the paper white. At less than six ounces, it’s much more comfortable holding it in one hand for the longer reads although the plastic design doesn’t quite feel premium like the higher-ended Kindle Oasis. The back is oddly textured but it makes it easy to grip. Lending to more function than form. The 6 inches Carta E ink display makes reading really enjoyable.

Especially with the 300 DPI so the text is noticeably sharper and clearer than the regular Kindle. Kobo has its own Ebook store with over 6 million titles and since Kobo’s Ebook reader isn’t subsidized with ads, the books on Kobo tend to cost slightly more than on Amazon but you don’t always have to buy your books with Kobo. The Claire HD comes with overdrive integration which I think a lot of people will like.

It lets you sign up with your local library to check out digital titles and works in about twelve different countries worldwide as well. It supports over fourteen file formats natively but the only drawback of the Kobo is that it doesn’t support audiobooks which maybe a deal breaker for some. The Kobo Clara HD is one of the best alternatives to Kindles for those that don’t want to dive into the Amazon ecosystem and want an e-book reader capable of reading a variety of different formats at an affordable price.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

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The third product on our list is the Amazon Kindle PaperWhite. This is our best e-reader for most people. The Kindle PaperWhite is another great E-reader from Amazon offering a better reading experience than the entry level Kindle by offering many of the great features found on the premium Kindle Oasis but at a more affordable price around $130 which I think will appeal to most people looking for an E-reader.

It’s extremely thin and light with a sleek flash front and even has an IPX8 waterproof rating. So now you can read or listen worry free in the bath, poolside, or on the beach since the glare-free screen reads like real paper even in sunlight. The adjustable front light is nice and a little bright with five LEDs versus just four on the Kindle for better reading and low light. Plus you also get a longer battery life with up to 21 hours on a single charge.

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The paper white almost doubles the pixels per inch than the Kindle and matches the oasis. So text looks crisper and closer to how it would appear printed on paper on the six inch 300 PPI display. If you’re a fan of audiobooks, you can switch seamlessly between reading and listening via Bluetooth enabled speakers or headphones like the Kindle.

The internal storage on the base model of the PaperWhite is also the same. However, you can upgrade to the thirty-two gigabytes storage model but since you get free cloud storage for all Amazon content, the 8 gigabytes may be a better option and you can instead use the extra cash to remove the ads. You also have the option of getting the regular WiFi model or the WiFi plus free cellular version and the best part is that Amazon picks up the tab for the cellular data so there are no monthly fees or commitments.

The Amazon Kindle PaperWhite delivers more bang for the money than the original Kindle with a better display, longer battery life, and some great premium features making it the best Kindle for most people.

Kobo Libra H2O

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The second product on our list is the Kobo Libra H2O. This is our best Kindle alternative E reader. Retailing for about 175 dollars, the Kobo Libra H2O is a popular choice for those looking for a higher-end Ebook reader without paying the Kindle Oasis premium price or just want to skip the Amazon ecosystem all together. Despite being cheaper than the Oasis, Kobo Libra H2O is feature packed and offers most of the same features.

You get the same 300DPI 7 inches screen with HDE ink technology to reduce glare, IPX8 waterproof rating, front lit screen, and similar battery performance. But when it comes to the build quality, the Kobo’s plastic build doesn’t hold up to the high quality feel of the Oasis’ aluminum chassis. Although it only comes in an 8 gigabyte model, it should be okay for most people since Ebooks aren’t generally large files and you probably won’t be storing audio books since the Kobo Libra H2O doesn’t support them.

Of course, one of the main reasons why Kobo Libra H2O is so popular is it’s versatile support for multiple open file formats including graphic novels and comics. Like the Claire HD, Kobo Libra H2O has access to all the titles on the Kobo e-bookstore as well as having overdrive integration to borrow books from public libraries around the world.

The other thing I like about the Kobo is the physical page turn buttons so I can flip the page intuitively without taking my eyes off the page and losing the flow of what I’m reading with just one hand. It also has a gyroscope that will go 360 so you can read in landscape mode or have the page turn buttons on whichever side you prefer. The buttons have a nice click and feedback although not as smooth as the buttons on the Oasis. Kobo Libra H2O is a great Ebook reader that’s feature rich and has a great display making it an affordable alternative for the premium priced Kindle Oasis for those that don’t want to be limited to the Amazon ecosystem.

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Amazon Oasis

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The first product on our list is the Amazon Oasis. This is our best premium e-reader. The Amazon Kindle Oasis is packed with all the bells and whistles you would expect from Amazon’s premium $280 Ebook reader including better build, performance, and features not found on other Kindles or even most Ebook readers.

Holding the Oasis in your hand, you immediately know this is like no other Kindle. Looking very sleek and super smooth to the touch, more in the line of high-ended tablets as opposed to an E reader and the aluminum chassis clearly feels more premium. The overall design with the physical padded turn buttons is similar to the previous Kobo Libra H2O which other Kindles lack making the Oasis a great upgrade option for one-handed reading.

If you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem the Oasis also shares the same screen specs as the Kobo Libra H2O including the anti-glare 7 inches front lit display 1680 x 1264 resolution and 300 PPI but the Oasis is a little brighter with twenty-five LED lights while the Kobo has only 19 of the 25 LEDs you get twelve white and 13 amber and I like how I can adjust the tone incrementally from cool to warm to better suit day or night reading.

Plus, the additional lights help distribute light more evenly on the screen. The Oasis also has an IPX8 waterproof rating. So you can read worry free by the pool or while soaking in the tub and like the paper white, you can get the eight gigabyte or thirty-two gigabyte model for storage. Now, although the Kobo Libra H2O is comparable on many levels, the main features missing from the Kobo is the ability to listen to audio books.

Like the paper white, the Oasis also features whisper sync so you can seamlessly switch between reading and listening to your audible library without losing your place. The Amazon Kindle Oasis is no doubt a premium e-reader and a worthy investment for anyone that wants the best reading or audiobook listening experience and is willing to pay a little more to get it. 

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