Top 5 ++ best metal detectors for less than $100 in 2023

If you’re looking for an entry level metal detector to start your new hobby or a more advanced option for those that take it more seriously with professional level settings features and 35 frequencies, all of the product for you. If you want more information on the best and most up to date pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description below. 


Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector

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The fifth product on our list is the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 metal detector. This is our best budget metal detector. Getting into treasure hunting is easy. Thanks to the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector which can be picked up for around 100 dollars. It comes with simple to use settings so that you can get adventuring quickly. It’s light, easy to use, and is the perfect companion for beginners or those looking for an inexpensive metal detector.

At just 3.7 pounds, the Tracker 4 is an easy to carry device that’s still built to withstand the occasional accidental drop. It’s even more comfortable to carry thanks to its padded armrest and cushion hand grip. While comfortable to use, it’s also easy to operate. A simplistic interface allows you to adjust the sensitivity and item discrimination with just simple knob controls and I really like that switching between discrimination all metal and two-tone modes is done with just the flip of a toggle.

The Tracker four can help you find iron relics, coins, household items, and precious metals during your hunts. Thanks to its eight inch coil. This coil is capable of working when completely submerged but only in shallow water. So looking for objects along beach shores is perfect. Coin size targets can be detected at depths of about six inches while larger targets can be detected up to two feet deep. The mode allows you to bypass many of the uninspiring metal finds so that you can focus on the real treasures out there.

Making best use of this feature is done with headphones so that you can really focus on what the detectors pointing out. A quarter inch headphone jack is present on the main interface so getting set up is quick and easy. The Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 is a fantastic budget buy if you’re looking to start metal detecting. A quick and simple setup combined with an easy to carry design and simple controls means you’ll be digging up great finds in no time.

Fisher F22

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The fourth product on our list is the Fisher F22. This is our best entry level metal detector. For around 220 dollars, the Fisher F22 sits at the top of its class with four modes of operation, a rugged weatherproof design, and controls that put you in control of your searches. With 22 to 30 hours of battery life, you’ll be up and running for a long time. This battery life is partnered with a design that can handle the elements keeping you searching regardless of the weather.

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A cushion handle and armrest contribute to an easy to carry device that weighs just three pounds. A narrow nine inch search coils included with purchase that provides more precise readings thanks to its smaller size but there are also seven inch and eleven inch coils that are available to help you search the way you want. The Fisher comes with personalized searches including jewelry, coin, and artifact modes as presets with a fourth custom mode available.

Using adjustable iron audio helps to dampen the sounds of standard iron items so that clarity can be increased on your desired targets. The inclusion of a large two digit screen provides easy to view information and a non-volatile memory saves your settings so your next hunt is good to go from the moment you turn the F22 on. The pinpoint discrimination sensitivity and notch features provide improved accuracy helping your searches be as efficient as possible, depth and accuracy readings combined for informed decisions while hunting.

Four different audio tones give feedback while the device is in use so that you have all the details before you start digging. Entering a new hobby can be daunting but the entry level Fisher F22 reduces the intimidation factor. Thanks to its easy to operate design and powerful detection. And with customizable settings, there’s room to learn and grow alongside this weather proof all-purpose metal detector.

Garrett AT Pro

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The third product on our list is the Garrett AT Pro. This is a great metal detector for the money. The Garrett AT Pro provides great value bundling exceptional waterproof capabilities, headphones, and powerful performance into a $550 package that is ideal for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of metal detection. My favorite part of this detector is the proportional audio feature that discerns between nearby items with proportional sounds that you have a better idea of the depth and size of individual targets. Without this feature, item close to one another might register as one larger item instead.

The AT Pro knows that this isn’t always the best way to use a detector so three other standard audio modes are included to provide simpler feedback. Using the included headphones with the AT Pro lets you have the best audio experience possible while hunting as other sounds are blocked out in favor of your searching queues. Other comfort and ease of use features like fast track ground balance which quickly balances the detector in mineralized soil conditions, forty levels of iron discrimination, digital target ID that shows target conductivity, and electronic pinpointing combined to produce an impressive product.

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The eight and a half by eleven inch search coil that’s included let’s you leverage the detectors six search modes to identify targets over a wide area. Making covering a large area an easier job. The AT Pro helps you search even water covered areas as it’s waterproof up to ten feet in both fresh and salt water. At three pounds, it’s light enough to use for long periods of time and has sufficient battery life to get you through plenty of hunts. The AT Pro is prepared for all kinds of terrains. Thanks to its durable design and includes fast recovery speed letting you continue hunting no matter where your adventures take you. Pro features alongside this level of power make the Garrett AT Pro among the best buys in its class for the money.

Minelab Equinox 800

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The second product on our list is the Minelab Equinox 800. This is our best metal detector for intermediate hunters. Stepping your metal detecting game up to another level is easy with the Minelab Equinox 800 that boasts insane levels of treasure seeking intelligence. At around 950 dollars, you’ll be hard pressed to beat this detectors prowess. While the battery life on this machine is a little lower than we seen from some others at twelve hours. It’s capable of lasting through a days worth of adventuring and you’ll likely be spending less time per hunt.

Thanks to the multi EQ technology that Mind Lab has put together. Multi EQ lets the Equinox 800 leverage the seeking capabilities of multiple frequencies at once so that you’re able to uncover all kinds of treasure no matter the soil conditions. With park, field, beach, and gold detection modes available, this detector comes equipped with all of the necessary tools to discover interesting finds no matter where you are and with ten feet of waterproof usability you can even take it swimming.

Fast and accurate target IDs are delivered to the LCD interface so that you can focus on finding treasure while avoiding trash. What really separates the Equinox 800 apart from the previous detectors is it’s customizable settings that best use the intelligence of this detector. Each of the park, field, beach, and gold detection modes has two custom search profiles so that your favorite settings are available in moments keeping you hunting instead of fiddling with settings.

My favorite part of this detector is it’s ability to combine all of the features and intelligence to provide an results fast. It’s got all the bells and whistles that you expect from a premium metal detector and it’s combined into a build that’s durable but weighs in under three pounds making the Mind Lab detectors such a good buy. If you’re getting more serious about your metal detecting, then there aren’t too many detectors better than the Mind Lab Equinox eight hundred. The multi-IQ technology, eight saveable search settings and intuitive results work wonders for treasure hunters that want to take hunting up a notch or two.

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The first product on our list is the XP DEUS . This is our best overall metal detector. The XP DEUS is a great feat of engineering and we think is the best overall metal detector for around 1,300 dollars. It’s entirely wireless and boast several expert level functionalities geared towards those that are a little more serious on their hunts. The build and design of the XP DEUS is completely different from the previous detectors we’ve looked at as it features no wires at all and can be folded to an easily packable size quickly.

This is on top of it being lightweight and having cushion handling components that contribute to some referring to this as the Rolls Royce of metal detectors. It comes with an eleven inch waterproof search coil that will help you with all of your finds. Thanks to the 35 frequencies that it can produce. These frequencies are partnered alongside audio response, iron level, multi-tone, notch, discrimination, ground balance, motion, and four non-motion modes.

All of these expert level settings can be adjusted and eight can be saved via the headphones that come with the detector for future use. With up to 27 hours of battery life available, those saved settings can be used for hours of searching on a single charge. I think it’s great that the battery lasts this long because it means the extra power sensitivity of the XP DEUS is what you can focus on. The large variety of frequencies mentioned earlier are able to detect even thin or alloyed treasures alongside your typical finds but at greater depths and with more precision.

The expert level adjustments that you can make with this metal detector are truly impressive and you should be able to continue making these adjustments for a long time. XP frequently updates its software and allows owners to download these updates for free. For life. With the future proofing, available features, and excellent design, we think this makes the XP DEUS the best metal detector available and worth the investment. 

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