Best compact fridge with ice makers in 2022

You’re looking for an affordable option with solid storage capacity that delivers decent portability or a spacious high-end fridge with a dedicated freezer and comprehensive temperature controls. If you want more information on the best and most up-to-date pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description below.


Cooluli 4L Mini Electric Cooler and Warmer

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Not everyone needs a spacious mini fridge. So if you’re looking for something that’s more compact or portable, the Cooluli 4L Mini Electric Cooler and Warmer might be worth considering it fits just about anywhere and you can get it for an affordable $40 price you get a solid and quiet fridge that’s exceptionally portable lightweight and only weighs 4.75 pounds plus it comes with a molded inset top handle that makes it easily portable it also comes with a useful semi conductor feature for some added versatility both AC and DC power cords are included for indoor and outdoor use and it comes with a USB port that’s designed to work with power banks so it remains functional wherever you take it.

It’s capable of holding around six cans or about four liters of food which is enough to store most snacks, baby formulas, medicine, and even beauty and makeup. I really appreciate that it comes with an environmentally friendly, high-capacity cooling chip and it’s a solid, energy-efficient option that uses no harmful chemicals like refrigerants or Freons plus it runs exceptionally quiet at just twenty-eight decibels.

The unique semi-conductor feature switches the fridge to a warmer in case you need to keep some items or food at higher temperatures. It boasts a solid warming capacity and can heat up to a 149° Fahrenheit along with a cooling capacity that’s capable of reaching 40° Fahrenheit below ambient temperature. Unfortunately, there are only two thermostat levels that toggle between warm and cold. So it lacks refined thermostat control and it’s also prone to ice build up. The price and features, it’s easy to overlook.

The Cooluli 4L Mini Electric Cooler and Warmer an affordable, compact, and energy efficient option that’s very portable. Plus, the semi-conductor feature keeps items warm. This for anyone who’s on the go or is looking for a versatile and light weight fridge while shopping on a budget.

Midea Compact Single Reversible

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If you’re looking for an affordable mini fridge, the Midea Compact Single Reversible door refrigerator is worth considering if you want something that gives you the best performance while remaining budget friendly. For around 130 dollars, you get a quiet device with an adjustable thermostat and a reversible hinge door.

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It comes in a small compact and modern looking cube shape design with 1.6 cubic feet of storage although you can get some larger models for a greater price. This should be perfect for one person and while I would have preferred multiple shelves, you only get a single wire rack that can be easy removed for cleaning and a relatively spacious interior for an economical price.

The reversible hinge door can open either left or right and it also employs adjustable legs for a versatile fit in various environments including offices, dorm rooms, and small apartments. It comes with a convenient small freezer and a flap-style door to keep the interior cold but it’s not suitable for storing frozen food or making ice cubes.

You get eco-friendly technology with the advanced compressor which boasts an energy star rating and will keep your fridge running efficiently without consuming too much electricity. This also keeps it running at forty-two decibels so it won’t produce enough ambient noise to be disruptive. You get a mechanically adjustable thermostat to optimize performance and preserve your items with a temperature range from 28.4° to 35.6° Fahrenheit. This makes it an adequate choice to store a range of snacks or beverages and it’ll consistently and effectively cool most things hassle free although it tends to frost up relatively quickly.

The Midea Compact Single Reversible door refrigerator is a solid budget friendly option. You get respectable storage capacity and advanced to deliver efficient power consumption and mechanically adjustable temperature. This is a solid bet for college students or anyone looking to save money without drastically sacrificing performance.

RCA RFR322-B Single Door Mini Fridge

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Up next, we have the RCA RFR322-B Single Door Mini Fridge which gives you the best blend between quality of life features and affordability. Making it the best mini fridge for the money. The $175 RCA delivers plenty of storage space in incrementally adjustable thermostat and adjustable glass shelves. It has a flashback design and invisible door handle which gives it a sleek and modern style that can blend with most decorating decors. You get a choice of eight different colors to match your aesthetic.

Although some colors cost more than others. You get 3.2 cubic feet of storage capacity along with a standard enclosed full width ice box, two tempered glass shelves, and various rack slots to make the interior more adaptable than many other competitors. I like that the glass shelves are removable so cleaning the fridge is headache free. The door has two interior bins for additional storage including a rolling soda rack that can store up to six cans and a full length compartment that can store a two liter bottle. It weighs a fifty pounds and you even get a reversible door and adjustable legs that allow it to fit just about anywhere even in limited spaces.

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Another key feature here is the incrementally adjustable thermostat. You get seven different levels to choose from to give you more adaptability to ambient temperatures and to keep your items in optimal conditions. It also boasts innovative cooling technology and uses compressor cooling for respectable performance even in warmer environments and this helps it run quietly. The RCA RFR322-B the mini fridge that gives you the best price to performance ratio. You get incremental temperature adjustments, a generous amount of storage within a streamline design and environmentally friendly power consumption. This is suitable for most uses including for dorm rooms and recreation rooms and provides tremendous value at a reasonable cost. Not everyone needs a mini fridge with comprehensive cooling capabilities for food.

HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator

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If you’re looking for something that excels with keeping your beverages chilled, the HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator is one of the best options available. The $380 HomeLabs offers you a refrigerator that weighs around 68 pounds and is less than 34 inches tall so it can comfortably fit into most spaces though it does need some ventilation space and lacks reversible door. You get 3.2 cubic feet of storage which can impressively hold up to 120 standardized cans. The three chrome shelves are removable for hassle-free cleaning and it delivers five versatile rack slots to fit a variety of beverages including wine bottles. It comes with a transparent glass door with a stainless steel frame so you can easily monitor your beverages along with a white LED light to illuminate the interior in darker settings.

You’ll find that the cooling technology is environmental friendly and the compressor will keep your annual energy bill reasonable and your unit running quietly. This also works in tandem with a small convection fan that delivers consistent airflow to maintain an evenly distributed interior temperature. I like that it gives you touch-based advanced temperature controls and a digital display with accurate readings. It also delivers a cooling capacity of 34° Fahrenheit along with a useful auto defrosting feature that utilizes a separate sensor to prevent frost build up for added convenience.

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It’s also nice that you get a memory function that retains your settings which is useful in the event of power outages or an accidental unplugging. Unfortunately, while it’s not suitable to store fresh foods or produce, the temperature settings deliver enhanced versatility and can store most beverages effectively. The HomeLab’s beverage, refrigerator, and cooler is perfect for you.

Midea Compact Refrigerator

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If you want a fridge that can reliably keep your beverages frosty. It comes with ample storage space, a convenient, transparent glass door, and many useful quality of life features. Last on our list is the Midea Compact Refrigerator which earns the title of best overall mini fridge and delivers excellent performance and excels at nearly every you’d reasonably want a mini fridge to do.

It carries an expensive $250 price tag but you get a dedicated freezer, plenty of storage capacity, and a separate vegetable crisper drawer. It comes in three different finishes including a stainless steel option that matches most modern appliances. It weighs 52 pounds and is larger than many many fridges while being more compact than traditional fridges plus it comes with reversible hinge doors and adjustable legs to fit comfortably within most spaces.

You get 3.1 cubic feet of storage capacity to keep your food fresh along with a generous amount of storage to hold your soda cans in small bottles. The main difference compared to most mini fridges is the dedicated freezer compartment which is a solid 0.9 cubic feet capacity and can be used separately from the fridge. It comes with an adjustable temperature range of negative 11.2 to 5° Fahrenheit so it can reliably store frozen food and produce ice.

You also get a separate thermostat for the fridge compartment which boasts the temperature range from thirty-two to 50° Fahrenheit to preserve your food. While the temperature at the back of the unit generally gets colder than the front which makes it prone to ice build up, it with a partial automatic defrost function to combat this. I like that you get a separate transparent fruit and vegetable crisper to keep the interior organized into optimize shelf space. It boost a five-star energy rating and the advanced compressor technology delivers environmentally friendly, whisper quiet, and efficient performance. The Midea Compact Refrigerator is the best overall mini fridge and it provides plenty of convenient features. You get a fruit and vegetable crisper to optimize storage space, a freezer compartment, and impressive energy efficiency. This for various uses including as a patio or in an office. 

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