Best razer mouse for office work in 2022

Razer DeathAdder V2

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If you’re looking for a really solid razor mouse that’s still rather affordable and has some of the best performance per dollar that you can find, the Razer DeathAdder V2 is easily worn of the best gaming mice for the money. The Razer DeathAdder V2 is a fast and reliable mouse with an optical sensor that boasts industry leading precision. This is a great all-around gaming mouse at an affordable price of about 50 dollars.

Built with a Focus Plus 20.000DPI optical sensors very fast and with a 650 IPS rating, it’s also very accurate and incredibly responsive to your movements. It auto calibrates across the mouse pad to increase accuracy and it reduces cursor drift from lifting and replacing the mouse on the pad to maintain precision while gaming. Razors optically switches have a solid 70 million click durability and I like that they’re three times faster than traditional mechanical switches.

Thanks to using light beam based actuation. So your button presses are registered at the speed of light. At 82 grams, this mouse is light making it easy to move. And the Speed Flex cable eliminates the need for mouse bungees with its drag-free cord that’s engineered for smooth performance that can even rival some wireless mice. However, if you prefer having a wireless option, you can upgrade to the pro wireless model for about $80 more. There’s eight programmable buttons that let you remap button commands and assigned complex macro functions through Razor Synapse three.

You can also store up to five button profiles with the on-board memory letting you take your personalized settings wherever you go. The two thumb buttons are well placed being positioned right above a comfortable side grip that will help you avoid accidental button presses. Add that to its ergonomic form factor and this is among the best shaped mice available. Being perfect for any grip style from claw to palm. RGB lighting is also included powered by razor chroma. It supports 16.8 million different colors with preset profile options and even with game play and other razor chroma enabled products.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is the best razor mouse for the money. It has a very fast, precise, and responsive sensor that auto calibrates so gamers will feel confident in their movements and the comfortable shape will keep you playing for hours.

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Razer Viper

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Unfortunately, for left-handed gamers, the choices for gaming mice is limited. That’s why we think the Razer Viper is an excellent wired gaming mouse option for its ambidextrous design. It’s designed with performance in mind from its lightweight shell to the exceptionally fast click speed making it especially good for competitive gamers as a price of about sixty-five dollars. This mouse was designed and built in collaboration with Esports players which is how Razer Viper was able to get the weight down to an impressive sixty-nine grams without needing to put any holes in the mouse shell.

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That means movement is amazing and you love how effortlessly you’ll be able to maneuver the mouse. The 5G 16.000DPI optical sensor gives you high precision movements with optical mouse switches to match with the same 70 million click durability and lightning fast click speed you’d get with the DeathAdder V2. It’s ambidextrous design is created to fit comfortably in the grasp of both left and right-handed players and includes a rubberized comfort grip on both sides of the shell made of tiny hexagons that add a lot of grip. There are eight programmable buttons for custom inputs with two on each side to accommodate whichever hand you use.

The buttons are matte which will help give you a tactile, comfortable hold when you position your fingers on them. The scroll wheel is ridged and rubberized to offer extra control when you need it for precise commands and I like that the button to change DPI settings is located on the bottom of the mouse to avoid accidental presses in the heat of when you need the sensitivity most. The Viper also comes with RZR’s signature chroma RGB customization features as well as a drag-free speed flex cord to get maximum movement and performance from a wired mouse. The Razer Viper is the best wired ambidextrous razor mouse with a universal design that accounts for grip and buttons on both sides of the mouse.

The performance is amazing with impressively fast click speeds and a high maximum DPI that makes the Viper a standout choice for competitive gamers and eSports players.

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Razer Basilisk Ultimate

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Next up, if you’re looking to cut the cord when it comes to your gaming mouse, the wireless razor basilisque ultimate is well worth its price. With an amazing battery life included charging dock and the same high DPI and fast performance you’d expect from any wired mouse while giving you untethered freedom. The $100 Razor Basilisk Ultimate weighs 107 grams and boasts optical mouse switches and a 20.000DPI focus plus optical sensor. This mouse has very fast responses for a wireless mouse.

The connectivity is also great with hyper speed wireless technology that lets you switch seamlessly between frequencies to maintain optimal stability and environment with a lot of wireless signals. This interference reduction in the X low latency sensors combined to make the Basilisk ultimate 25% faster than competing wireless mice. This mouse also has a fantastic battery with up to 100 hours on a single charge.

That’s especially impressive given the additional features this mouse has like smart tracking technology, motion sync, and seamless lift off detection to reduce cursor drift while repositioning your mouse. It has eleven programmable buttons including a multi-function paddle which can be programmed in a multitude of ways. You can press and hold to change the DPI to a lower setting when aiming to snipe in first person tutor games then release to shift back to your default setting, assign press and hold functions like charging a special attack or to heal in game and do a whole lot more.

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You can even alter the scroll wheel resistance allowing you to make it as smooth or tactile as you want to help you select weapons or execute other wheel functions exactly how you want. The mouse also holds five on-board button profiles so you can game anywhere with your settings intact. It’s also razor chroma RGB enabled and the level of detail you can customize it with is impressive with fourteen lighting zones that can each be individually programmed in chromosome The Razor Basilis Ultimate is the best wireless razor mouse with an amazing battery life and that does not sacrifice performance. It’s a great mouse for all kinds of gaming thanks to the customizable buttons that stand out especially for first person shooters.

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Razer Naga Pro

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If you enjoy playing different types of games but don’t want to juggle between different gaming mice, the Razer Naga Pro gives you the versatility to customize to suit your gaming needs. The Razer Naga Pro comes in at about $150 and has an incredible level of customization with interchangeable side panels that let you choose how many buttons you want and can be use both wirelessly or with a cord to suit your needs. This 117 grams super accurate mouse has an IPS of up to 650 and a Focus Plus 20.000DPI optical sensor with buttons placed below the scroll wheel for on the fly DPI adjustment. If you prefer, the DPI buttons can also be remapped giving two extra buttons to play with. The three interchangeable side panels are easy to remove and let you control how many buttons you have at your command.

The plates have two, six, and twelve button configurations which are perfect for any kind of game you play. Whether it’s first person shooters, battle or Royales, MMOs, or more. You’ll always have enough buttons to map all your key functions too. You even have options when it comes to how you connect the Naga Pro to your PC with both wireless and wired options. I like that the wireless option allows you to use Razer’s hyper speed wireless for ultimate connection stability for up to 100 hours or you can use a Bluetooth connection for up to 150 hours of battery life. The wired connection is great too with a speed flex cable reducing any drag for amazing movement. The charging dock has a magnet to ensure the mouse stays securely in place and anti-slip gecko feet to keep the dock firmly on your and has full chroma RGB integration to let you know when your mouse is fully charged. Of course, the RGB extends to the mouse as well so you can customize the lighting to match your entire setup and sync with other chroma compatible gear. The Razer Naga Pro is the most versatile razor mouse with connectivity options to suit your style as well as an amazing amount of button customization. Thanks to the three different side plates. This mouse will suit most gamers even if you like to switch between genres.

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Razer Viper Ultimate

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Last up, we’ve got the Razer Viper Ultimate, a top-notch gaming mouse with a nice design and high-end performance. It’s the title of the best Razer mouse with an IPS of 650 and a 20.000DPI optical sensor for incredible speed and accuracy. The Razer Viper Ultimate is a lightweight wireless mouse with an ambidextrous design that offers the best all around experience for only about 120 dollars. It weighs only seventy-four grams combining the performance and lightweight maneuverability seen in other razor mice.

The optical mouse switch has a lightning fast response time of 0.2 milliseconds which is amazing for a wireless mouse. Because the sensor doesn’t need traditional physical contact to register inputs, it removes the bounce delay and never triggers unintended clicks letting you game with more precision and control. That control extends to the build of the mouse feet which are made of 100% PPFE material so that the mouse moves across any surface smoothly. It also supports an ambidextrous design with two fully programmable buttons on each side with a comfortable grip to rest your thumb on and help you keep control while gaming. There are eight programmable buttons in total. Enough to fit the needs of most players and you still get to save up to five button profiles directly to the mouse.

The battery life of this wireless mouse might not seem as incredible as the Naga Pros but it’s 70 hours you still only need to charge the Viper Ultimate once a week to get 10 hours of game play per day. You don’t get as much Razer customization on the Viper Ultimate as you do on the Basilis Ultimate but it’s still there on the Razer logo and the dock also has chroma RGB integration on top of its sleek minimalist design. Which will help tie the lighting into your gaming setup. The Razer Viper Ultimate is the best overall razor mouse with an ambidextrous design, customizable buttons, and wireless performance that’s exceptionally fast and accurate. It’s a fantastic choice for any gamer that needs a mouse that can keep up with the speed of their Twitch reflexes.

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