Review Top 5+ best sewing machines for new sewers in 2022

If you’re looking for a computerized sewing machine with a large selection of general and decorative stitches or heavy duty machine that can easily deal with leather, denim, and canvas, all of the product for you. If you want more information on the best and most up to date pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description below.


Brother XM2701

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The fifth product on our list is the Brother XM2701. This is our best budget sewing machine. Brother is a leading name in sewing machines and the Brother XM2701 oh one model delivers everything you need at a budget price of around $140 with built-in stitches and the accessories to handle everything from button holes to zippers.

This sewing machine comes well equipped and is also great for beginners this machine is perfect for the occasional hem or quick repairs there are plenty of machines out there that have more advanced features and with that a higher price so if you really don’t have a need for 100 variations on a zigzag stitch. You’re going to want something that can do the basic sewing tasks you need to get done and do it affordably and that’s what this machine does if you need to work with heavier materials like leather then Stay tuned for the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 coming up next.

The Brother XM2701 makes it easy with instructions printed on top of the machine that direct you on how to route the thread, drop in the bobbin, and thread the needle. The top drop in bobbin is easy to load and an automatic needle threader takes away all the frustration of having to thread the needle yourself. And when you’re ready to start sewing, the work area is nicely illuminated by a bright LED light. There’s also a free arm for sewing sleeves and skirts adding a lot of additional value to the Brother XM2701.

The Brother XM2701 built-in stitches include choices for everyday sewing hems, quilting, and decorative stitches. The full list of the available stitches is printed on the machine with corresponding numbers on the dial. Selecting your stitches is easy as turning the dial to the number that matches up with the stitch number. Accessories includes six quick change presser feet, a three-piece needle set, a twin needle, four bobbins, an instructional DVD, and more. If you’re looking for a sewing machine that can easily handle everyday sewing tasks on a budget, the Brother XM2701 is a solid option that’s incredibly easy to use.

Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

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The fourth product on our list is the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine. This is our best heavy duty sewing machine. If your sewing projects involve heavier materials like leather, denim, canvas, or vinyl. Singer’s heavy duty 4452 sewing machine can tackle thicker fabrics and while it’s considered to be one of the best heavy duty sewing machines on the market, it also does a great job with regular, more lightweight fabrics too. Price at around 220 dollars, the 4452 has a chunky, industrial look that backs up its heavy duty assertion.

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The controls are pretty basic but it has all the features you’ll need. Getting set up is simple. Thanks to the printed graphics on the enclosure that walk you through the entire procedure and the built-in needle makes life a little easier. Installing the drop-in bobbin is also quite easy, making it pretty quick to get ready for sewing especially if you change thread colors often when working on your projects and the clear bobbin cover will let you know when you’re getting low on thread.

The base plate is stainless steel and in addition to being really durable, it gives your work surface a slick feel where the fabric glides and moves easily. For working easily with trouser legs, cuffs, or sleeves, the singer has a nicely sized free arm. It has thirty-two built-in stitches that can all be adjusted using the stitch width wheel above it and for creating button holes, there’s an automatic buttonhole routine and a foot that uses one of the buttons to automatically size the hole. Lock the buttonhole foot down, place the fabric where you want the buttonhole to start and begin sewing. If you’re looking for a sewing machine that can handle heavy fabrics or multiple layers, the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 might be exactly what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have a lot of extra bells and whistles but it has the power to take on a heavy workload and the durability to last for years to come.

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

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The third product on our list is the Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine. This is our best sewing and quilting sewing machine. The Brother HC1850 gives you a 100 built-in stitches, several buttonhole types, and is one of the best sewing and quilting machines available and can even be used for basic monogramming. Retailing for around 320 dollars, this computerized machine has several beginner friendly features like automatic needle threading, a quick set, top drop in bobbin, and an automatic drop feed.

Accessories include a three-piece needle set, three bobbins, an eyelet punch, and an oversize detachable wide table for larger projects and quilting. Setting the stitch in its length and width are all defined using the backlit LCD display and once you make your selection, the HC1850 will prompt you with a recommendation for which of the eight included presser feet to use for your stitch selection which is incredibly helpful for beginners.

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Each presser foot is identified with a letter and when selecting a stitch on the machine, the LCD display will display a letter that corresponds to the correct presser foot which you simply pop in. In all, there are 130 built-in stitches including eight styles of automatic one-step buttonhole stitches that will give you tons of options for your sewing and quilting projects as well as decorative sewing, heirloom sewing, and garment construction so there’s no shortage of versatility.

For quilting, the over se wide table is a nice perk and the included spring action quilting foot gives you free motion quilting and thanks to the countless quilting friendly stitches, you’ll be able to piece together quilt pieces and add decorative stitching as well. The HC1850 has one built-in lettering font with fifty-five alpha numeric stitches available for basic monogramming. All letters, numbers zero through nine, and punctuation marks and specialty symbols are included.

The Brother HC1850 is a good sewing machine that has several features that you might not find in other sewing machines at this price point and it’s versatility will let you sew, quilt, and you can do some basic monogramming.

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960

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The second product on our list is the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960. This is our best overall computerized sewing machine. The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 really stands out from the pack with noticeably fast sewing speeds and extensive stitch pattern selection, automatic tension control, and thread cutting. Price at around 400 dollars. The 9960 is one of the best overall computerized sewing machines you can get.

The 9960 is a computerized sewing machine that gives you a huge range of features that includes 600 stitches, five alphabet stitches, a needle threader, and a whole lot more. While it’s doubtful that you’ll need that many stitches, having them available just for fun or experimentation is a nice benefit especially if you do a lot of decorative stitching.

For alphabet stitching, you also get a nice variety of styles to choose from. An LCD computer screen displays stitch patterns in their width and length. It also displays information about your project and any error messages. For controlling the machine, you can either use the foot controller or the panel mounted start and stop buttons that give you finer control over the speed of the machine. To simplify use, there’s a drop in bobbin that you literally drop into its compartment and the cover is transparent. Can monitor how much thread you have left.

As an added convenience, your entire work area is illuminated with an LED lamp. If you like to create your own clothing, you can choose from thirteen different buttonhole styles and there are twin needle capabilities that will let you create completely uniform hemlines. You can also adjust the machine for free arm sewing and the 9960 has adjustable feed dogs that you can drop and sew in any direction without restrictions which makes this machine great for quilting too.

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The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960’s intuitive design makes it a great choice if you’re a beginner and if you’re more experienced, you’ll really like the advanced Phoebe that will help you complete your most intricate projects.

Brother SE625 Combination

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The first product on our list is the Brother SE625 combination. This is our best sewing and embroidery machine. The Brother SE625 combination isn’t a jack of all trades but it is versatile when it comes to sewing and embroidery and this combo machine priced around $750 is a great tool for sewers and embroideries who need or want to do both.

If you’re an embroidery enthusiast, the first thing you’ll be interested in is the work area. At four by four inches, the hoop is a good size and while other machines that are exclusively made for embroidery will out the SE625 with larger hoops. However, four by four is actually pretty good for most projects. With the SE six twenty-five, you get a total of 280 designs.

Eighty of those designs are built into the memory of the machine with the remaining 200 that are ready to use on the included CD. There’s a lot of variety from decorative alphabet characters to designs that reflect nature, holidays, sports, floral designs, and more. You can also download more designs from Brothers official online repository.

For general sewing, you’ll get an automatic threader, 103 stitches that include a variety of decorative stitches and eight styles of step automatic button holes which is a pretty good mix between general, decorative, and embroidery stitches for a combination machine and for cuffs, sleeves, baby clothes, or other circular pieces, the convertible free arm option makes sewing small and tricky areas a lot easier. Some of the machines computerized functions include an automatic stop when you’re low on bobbin thread and it will let you know how much time you have left til you run out of it completely. Also, once you’re done for the day, the SE625 will memorize your settings so you can easily pick up from where you left off. Embroideryers will really enjoy working on the Brother SC625 con Even with the four by four hoop, it gives you tons of options. More importantly, the stitch quality is very smooth and even so you’ll get good results with almost any project. 

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