Top 5++ best spinning reels under $40 in 2023

If you’re looking for an affordable spinning reel for fishing from a dock on your lake, or a more premium option with unmatched drag power and increased casting power for saltwater fishing.


KastKing Centron 2000

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The KastKing Centron 2000 is a solid reel and I think many of the features outperformance value making it a great budget spinning reel for around 27 dollars. Despite its price, you’ll be impressed with the drag system which gives you a solid 12 pounds of stopping power. The system uses a hardened metal main shaft so it can hold its own even against some fairly large fish. It also handles quite smoothly and it features an instantaneous anti-reverse system that keeps your fishing line tangle free while back reeling which is especially helpful when catching smaller fish.

The Centron Casting performance is good and consistently helps to make casting easier. The bale roller is also effective and has great oscillation to keep your line in place while you reel. This reel is made from graphite and is very lightweight weighing just nine ounces. The anodized aluminum spool has a capacity of 235 yards of eight pound test monofilament which is decent when compared to competitors.

It retrieves 24.4 inches of line per turn of the handle which is impressive. The handle is quiet and has nine ball bearings suspending it is smooth. The 5-2-1 gear ratio shield gives it solid power. The materials and construction is a little better than you’d expect at this price point but it also requires more care when filling the spool as it’s susceptible to tangles near the top.

Overall, this reel is more than adequate, very portable, and I don’t think you’ll find a better performing reel that’s this budget friendly. For people on a budget who still want a good performing fishing reel, the KastKing Centron 2000 is solid. This lightweight reel offers you respectable drag power, a decent spool capacity, an impressive bale roller, and smooth action in the handle. Considering the economical I think you’ll be impressed with how well it performs.

Pflueger President 35x

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The fourth product on list is the Pflueger President 35x. This is best lake spinning reel for the money. The Pflueger President 35x is an affordable lake spinning reel for around $65 and gives anglers good performance and it outperforms expectations given the price. This versatile reel performs well casting from the shore or from a boat. It has ten corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings and the handle is made from aircraft grade aluminum so it spins very smoothly. The casting is solid and the knob is ergonomic. It also has an instant anti-reverse feature which is great.

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The graphite body and rotor are also lightweight weighing in at 10.7 ounces. So it won’t tire your wrists out. The Pfluger gives you a braid ready spool so the braid can be directly tied to the spool using a series of rubber grommets to ensure that the braid stays grip. It’s capacity is decent at 225 yards of 6 pounds test monofilament.

The components aren’t sealed so it’s susceptible to damage if you’re using it in salt water. The drag system is solid giving you twelve pounds of fighting power and the drag is so you shouldn’t worry about too much line breakage. It features slow oscillation gearing so it’ll help your line lay and combat against line twisting. The Sure Click Bale System is effective and made from aluminum so it’s durability is solid. Plus, it’s sealed so it stays lubricated, handled smoothly, and offers good range considering the price. While the amount of drag the Pfluger gives you is adequate, it can be a little difficult to dial in and isn’t optimal for game fish. The Pflueger President 35x is a solid choice if you’re looking for a fresh water reel that gives you great value for the price and it offers you a durable reel with a decent drag system and easy casting.

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

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This is a great surf fishing spinning reel. If you’re an angler looking for a great surf fishing spinning reel, the Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel is a durable, high-range workhorse that has great line capacity and can take on salt water game fish for around 150 dollars. The Penn Battle II is corrosion resistant and designed for salt water use.

With a full metal body, side plate, and a high quality aluminum bale wire, durability isn’t a concern. The rotor is technobaum making retrieval smoother. The handle has six sealed stainless steel ball bearings to protect against long-term salt water exposure which keeps the performance high. The handle is comfortable, turns smoothly, and it gives you an instant anti-reverse bearing.

The large line capacity ring is solid at 225 yards of twelve pound test microfilament. The Battle II’s gear ratio 5-6-1 is a good balance of speed and power to help you conquer larger fish. A braid ready spool made from anodized aluminum uses rubber to prevent line slippage with concentric rings marking how much line you have it’s a little heavier than most reels as a result of its durable build. The HT 100 drag system really makes this reel stand out which substitutes felt washers with carbon fiber to give you 20% extra drag pressure and 25 pounds of maximum power.

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This upgrade lengthens the lifespan of the reel and gives you a non-jerky drag especially while handling larger fish. The aluminum bale wire is strong and durable ensuring continually solid line management. You’ll also find this to be a great reel when using braided line because of the braid ready spool. The pen battle to a saw and a great choice for a surf fishing reel. The innovative HT 100 drag system, high quality aluminum bale, and the overall impressive durability makes it one of the best for surf fishing around especially at this price.

Daiwa BG 3000 Spinning Reel (size 6500)

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This is best ultralight spinning reel. For anglers searching for an impressive ultralight spinning reel, the Daiwa BG 3000 Spinning Reel is an excellent option. It’s a little more expensive at about $170 but this high performance reel gives you a ton of useful features and I think it’s one of the best on the market. This reel is fantastic in salt water because of its body which is made from an innovative and corrosion resistant black anodized machined aluminum housing. 

So it won’t chip or peel like a painted surface plus it’s also scratch resistant. The action is smooth featuring seven protected stainless steel ball bearings and the infinite dual anti-reversal system improves your line lay. The Daiwa is also slippage proof so your line stays in place. An oversized digit gear system allows for a smoother retrieval, more torque, and more durability. Daiwa’s dynamic cut aluminum ABS spool gives you 100% usable line and prevents wind knots from forming.

By substituting a regular rotor with an air rotor, the reel weighs 15% less than ordinary rotor designs and evenly distributes stress to maximize power. The line capacity is also fantastic. At 370 yards for twenty pounds test microfilament. The drag system on this reel is top tier and it uses a waterproof carbon ATD tournament system made from cross cut carbon fiber washers to give you unmatched smoothness in your drag.

The 33 pounds fighting power is excellent and capable of conquering large fish. The drag dial is also easy to use and provides great spool support .The line retrieval of 48.7 inches per handle turn is impressive. Which helps to optimize the reel’s cranking ability. Although the Daiwa BG 3000 is a little more expensive, it’s the best ultralight spinning reel that’s engineered for efficiency and the high quality performance justifies the cost.

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Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel (size 10500)

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This is best salt water spinner reel. The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel (size 10500) is an excellent salt water spinner reel for enthusiasts and even expert anglers for around $250 with high quality construction and unmatched drag power. The reel’s quality is top notch and uses CNC gear technology to keep gears well lubricated and precise.

The gears are made of brass giving you excellent strength and incredible durability while battling. The Penn’s IPX5 sealed body and increase durability by keeping unwanted debris and salt out. The Fortified metal body keeps the gears aligned and sturdy against large fish. You’ll find the Super Line Spool outstanding. It holds your line in place and you can cast up to 100 miles before it wears out.

The action is smooth with six stainless steel ball bearings which are sealed for added protection. It also has a friction trip ramp preventing the bale from tripping prematurely to increase its casting power. The line capacity is incredible at 435 yards of 30 pounds test microfilament and the line capacity rings allow you to easily see how much of your line is left. Another area I think sets this Bin Fisher six apart is the sealed HT 100 carbon fiber drag system offering you a phenomenal fifty pounds of fighting power which is perfect against larger salt water fish.

The line retrieval per handle turn is also impressive at 42 inches. This reel also gives you a manual bale trip which further improves durability. And like the other reels mentioned earlier, it also has an infinite anti-reverse. When your day is finished, you can just spray your reel down with a hose and the seal will prevent salt, sand, or debris from getting into the gears. It also keeps the reel away from any salt water corrosion For serious salt water anglers looking for a powerful reel, look no further than the Penn Spinfisher VI with exceptional build quality and it gives you phenomenal drag power. 

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