Best Water Filter Pitcher For Lead Removal: Our Top Picks

Greater than 15% of properties in the USA have lead publicity above really helpful ranges, in line with U.S. Environmental Safety Company (EPA). Because of this water filtration is crucial to each family, and water filter pitchers supply environment friendly filtration and comfort.

Brita Pitchers with the Longlast+ filter have the best lead discount price at 99.5%. The EpicWater filter pitchers (Pure and Nano) and the Clearly-Filtered water filter pitcher have equally excessive lead discount charges of 99.4% and 99.3%, respectively. Water filters pitchers are an environment friendly and handy technique for lead elimination in water.

This text will discover seven of one of the best water filter pitchers for lead elimination. We will even cowl how lead enters the water provide, its adverse well being results, and the right way to detect and check for lead.

Lead is a contaminant hardly ever discovered naturally in water.

Lead in your consuming water usually comes from corroded pipes and plumbing fixtures. Lead alloys and lead solder utilized in pipes and fixtures can leech into your consuming water.

The supply of the lead contamination could also be from the municipal supply system, service traces in buildings constructed earlier than the 1980’s, or from family plumbing and fixtures together with these on nicely water.

Personal nicely house owners can also have lead contaminated water from the lead in pump fixtures and packer parts used above the nicely water display screen stage. Elevated lead concentrations in nicely water can be frequent if the water stays within the nicely for longer time period, and if the water is barely acidic as this will increase corrosion.

Lead is poisonous to human well being. Lead publicity happens when an individual ingests, inhales, or comes into contact with lead through the pores and skin (dermus).

Lead publicity can have an effect on virtually each organ within the physique in addition to the nervous system.

There aren’t any acceptable ranges of lead consumption in line with the EPA.

Pregnant ladies might run the chance of spontaneous miscarriage from publicity to guide.

Infants who’s pregnant moms ingested lead-contaminated water can have decreased bone and muscle progress. Their well being could be compromised from lead inflicting:

  • Injury to the nervous system
  • Irregular or broken kidney perform
  • Blood anemia
  • Seizures (uncommon)
  • Coma (uncommon)
  • Loss of life (uncommon)

Infants and kids uncovered to guide can harm the mind, leading to:

  • Decrease IQ
  • Studying disabilities
  • Behavioral issues.

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Kids uncovered to guide can have extra extreme and life-altering well being issues than adults.

Adults uncovered to guide threat growing psychological well being points together with:

  • Reminiscence loss
  • Poor focus
  • Melancholy.

In adults, there may be additionally an elevated threat of cardiovascular-related points like hypertension and fatigue, and muscle ache. Publicity to guide also can trigger nervous system harm like ache in extremities and numbness.

Males are prone to expertise reproductive system issues, reminiscent of:

  • Decreased intercourse drive
  • Low sperm rely.
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Detecting lead within the water provide with bodily inspection is nearly not possible since you can not scent, style, or see lead when it’s dissolved in water.

One of the best methods to detect lead publicity in faucet water to do the next:

Request A Client Confidence Report

This may be requested through your water utility supplier in case your water comes from a group water system, because the EPA requires all communities to conduct a yearly water high quality check and put together a report. Additionally, ask your water supplier if the service line main water to your own home is a lead service line; if that’s the case, request to have it changed with a safer various.

Take a look at For Lead Your self

You probably have issues about lead ranges in your water, one of many quickest and best issues to do is to order a Water Utility Take a look at package from from Faucet Rating.

They’ve three varieties of Metropolis Water Take a look at kits out there, together with the Important, Superior, and Prolonged. Should you’re primarily involved about lead, you then actually solely want the Important Metropolis Water Take a look at, which can be the most affordable possibility.

The good thing about these assessments over what you typically get on Amazon or in Walmart is that they check your water in a laboratory – so, you’ll be able to really belief these outcomes. You may even communicate with somebody on the cellphone about your outcomes – in truth they encourage it!

For extra data on these quick and dependable dwelling consuming water check kits for lead, click on the picture under:

For personal nicely house owners, you’ll need to often check your water for lead as ranges can differ 12 months to 12 months and between seasons. Click on the hyperlink under for extra data on Faucet Rating’s nicely water testing kits:

Take a look at Your Nicely Water Right now!

Firms that make water filters pitchers can CHOOSE to get licensed underneath the Requirements for Water Remedy Methods (NSF). That’s proper, acquiring NSF certification is just not necessary.

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So, when purchasing for filter pitchers that take away lead, ensure that it has the NSF/ANSI 53 certification.

How the NSF/ANSI 53 check is run:

  1. Filters utilized in water pitchers are examined with water containing 150 ppb lead (or 0.15 mg/L)
  2. The utmost focus of lead that may come out the opposite finish is 5 ppb (or 0.005 mg/L)
  3. A FAILED check is when there may be lower than a 96.67% lead discount price.

Notice: the utmost allowable quantity of lead in filtered water was lowered in December 2020 from 10 ppb to five ppb (printed right here: NSF/ANSI 53: Ingesting Water Remedy Models – Well being Results).

Under is an inventory of high quality water filter pitchers that declare to take away lead.Their lead discount charges are introduced for assessments carried out at a pH of 6.5 (extra acidic) and eight.5 (extra fundamental), when out there. They’re out there throughout a number of web sites together with Amazon,, and

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1. EpicWater Filter Pitchers

EpicWater filter pitchers boast a powerful lead discount price of 99.4%, which is without doubt one of the highest of all filter pitchers that we in contrast. EpicWater filters are NSF/ANSI 53 licensed. EpicWater make two varieties of 10-cup filter pitchers, the Epic Nano and the Epic Pure.

The Epic Pure Water Filter Jug removes as much as 99.99% of all water contaminants, together with 99.4% lead discount. Filters lasts round 3-4 months and are able to purifying 150 gallons of water.

The Epic Nano Water filter Jug is actually the subsequent stage up. The epic Nano removes 99.9999% of over 200+ faucet water contaminants, together with viruses, micro organism, and cysts. This makes it excellent for nicely water or those who use tank water. It additionally lasts 3-4 months and purifies round 150 gallons (565 L) of water. The Epic Water nano water filter pitcher has been examined, and it exceeds NSF/ANSI Requirements 42, 53, 401, P473, & P23. It provides a 99.4% lead discount price and is priced at $54.95.

Should you want one thing slightly greater. You may get these identical nice filters in a handy 36-cup dispenser. We’ve teamed up with EpicWater, and by utilizing one the code ” WPG ” at checkout, now you can get 20% off the Epic Pure dispenser or the Epic Nano dispenser.

2. Clearly-Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

The Clearly-Filtered water filter pitcher has a lead discount price of 99.3% in water. It’s examined to satisfy the NSF/ANSI 53 requirements. The Clearly filtered pitcher provides a big 10- cup capability and is BPA-free.

3. Brita Water Pitcher with Longlast+ Filter

Brita Water Pitchers with the Longlast+ filter has a lead discount price of 99.5%, which is one of the best filter pitcher in our checklist. The Longlast+ filter because it’s the one Brita filter mannequin that gives lead discount. In different phrases, you need to get a pitcher that may take the Longlast+ filter if you wish to take away lead.

The Brita Longlast+ filter is NSF licensed to:

  • Take away 99.5% of lead in water at a pH of 6.5, or
  • Take away 99.6% of lead in water at a pH of 8.5.

The Brita Normal filters and Briat Bottle filters don’t take away lead from water.

4. PUR Water Filtration Pitcher

The PUR Water Filtration Pitcher together with the PUR PLUS filter is an inexpensive and environment friendly possibility that gives a lead discount price of a minimum of 98.5%. To take away lead out of your consuming water, ensure you purchase a PUR pitcher that takes the PUR PLUS filter.

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The PUR PLUS pitcher filter is NSF licensed to:

  • Take away 98.5% of lead in water at a pH of 6.5 (acidic), or
  • Take away 99.3% of lead in water at a pH of 8.5 (alkaline).
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5. ZeroWater Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater filter pitchers have a minimal 95.9% lead discount price. The is the simplest pitcher on our checklist at lowering lead in water. ZeroWater 10-cup pitchers are an inexpensive possibility at $24 on Amazon, and the 23-cup pitcher is ideal for household use and prices round $35 on Amazon.

The ZeroWater pitcher filter is NSF licensed to:

  • Take away 99.7% of lead in water at a pH of 6.5 (acidic), or
  • Take away 95.9% of lead in water at a pH of 8.5 (alkaline).

6. LifeStraw Residence Water Filter Pitcher

The LifeStraw Residence Water Filter Pitcher as a lead discount price over 95.49%. This makes making it not as environment friendly at eradicating lead from water as the opposite pitchers on the checklist. This LifeStraw pitcher is offered in a 7 or 10 cup capability.

The LifeStraw Residence Water Filter Pitcher is NSF licensed to:

  • Take away 96.35% of lead in water at a pH of 6.5 (acidic), or
  • Take away 95.49% of lead in water at a pH of 8.5 (alkaline).

This stage of lead discount appears good, however the LifeStraw Residence Water Filter Pitcher fails to satisfy the minimal 96.67% NSF/ANSI 53 Normal for lead discount.

7. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

Though the Nakii water filter pitcher seems good and the corporate claims to do an honest job of filtering different contaminants, it may not be essentially the most appropriate for lead discount.

Nakii does maintain an NSF/ANSI 372 certification for lead. Nonetheless, this NSF 372 commonplace solely signifies that the supplies used to make the filter and the pitcher are examined for lead content material – not the filtered water.

Nakii offers no testing to satisfy the NSF/ANSI 53 requirements. The precise quantity of lead the Nakii water filter pitcher can take away from water is unknown.


These pitcher filters are licensed by our bodies just like the NSF and WQA to scale back the lead amount in water.

ModelLead Elimination Charge (minimal)Filter Life (gal)Filter Life (months)99.5%99.4%99.3%98.5%95.9%95.49%Unknown

Notice: The lifespan of all filter sorts (gallons or months) relies on the water high quality of your property and the way typically you utilize it.

It’s vital to do not forget that no quantity of lead is protected in your consuming water.

Additionally, the NSF/ANSI 53 certification relies on NEW filters. In case your filter is outdated, it’s seemingly the quantity of lead being eliminated is lower than the chances said above. It’s all the time greatest to switch your water filters often.

Substitute Filters

Click on on the hyperlink under to to purchase a alternative filter in your pitcher:

Best water filters to remove lead for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.


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