Different Types of Miter Saws

Video Different Types of Miter Saws

Miter saws are one of the versatile energy instruments you’d come throughout in a house owner’s software assortment. A miter noticed is a robust woodworking software that’s specifically designed to make cuts at numerous angles. It normally has a blade mounted on a swing arm to pivot proper or left to make particular angle cuts.

Miter saws are helpful in house and yard tasks. Relying on the standard and kind of the miter noticed, it will probably make angle cuts on numerous supplies, together with hardwoods. It’s helpful in making cuts for door frames, window casing, crown molding, in addition to deck framing and decking.

One of many main challenges of householders is getting the correct miter noticed to swimsuit their wants. There are several types of miter saws from completely different producers. Buying one of the best miter noticed to fit your wants is important to get the specified outcomes.

Based mostly on my expertise as a trim carpenter, I’ll undergo the several types of miter saws, which of them I’ve used, and those I like to recommend both via private expertise or via different private reviewers. Hopefully this can help potential patrons to make one of the best resolution for their very own wants.

12″ Sliding Miter Noticed

Double Bevel Compound Miter Noticed: DEWALT DWS779

A 12″ sliding miter noticed is without doubt one of the largest miter saws available on the market. The sliding motion helps you to minimize larger, thicker wooden than common miter saws. The 12″ blade can even minimize the tallest wooden standing up towards the fence. DEWALT DWS779 is a superb miter noticed that means that you can deal with any mission you may throw at it.

That is my present miter noticed after I lastly determined to improve to a bigger sliding miter noticed. As a trim carpenter for a few years, I’ve gone via a number of several types of miter saws normally primarily based on finances on the time.

I’d solely suggest the sort of noticed if you happen to plan on doing a variety of DIY tasks round the home and yard. It’s huge, heavy to tote round, and the costliest noticed on this checklist however will final you a few years. I’ve used mine for baseboards, door trim, deck framing, slicing decking, slicing 4×4 and 4×6 posts.

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Twin bevel means you may swing the noticed on either side to chop at an angle. A single bevel noticed means you may solely swing the noticed in a single path. A single bevel could make issues difficult when you find yourself slicing crown molding since you’ll have to keep in mind which aspect you want the minimize when you flip the crown molding the other way up.

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The substantial measurement makes the noticed really feel hefty and in a position to minimize via hardwoods simply. I put in a small deck utilizing a tropical hardwood that had my round noticed stalling via barely in a position to minimize it. I used this miter noticed on the cumaru and it minimize like butter.

This DeWalt sliding noticed can minimize via a 2×16 thick piece of wooden at 90 levels and a 2×12 piece of wooden at 45 levels, in addition to 5.5 inch tall baseboard standing up. I like to recommend a superb set of sawhorses or stand for the sort of noticed. In the event you plan on doing a variety of tasks requiring slicing wooden, you may’t decide a greater noticed.

One other high model that has a an awesome 12″ sliding miter saws is Bosch.

10″ Sliding Miter Noticed

Kobalt 10″ Sliding Single Bevel Miter Noticed SM2517LW

In the event you’re searching for a lower cost and smaller sliding miter noticed, the Kobalt (Lowes Model) miter noticed is an effective purchase. This compact mannequin is a corded single-bevel sliding miter noticed with spectacular slicing potential, sturdiness, and effectivity.

It takes up much less area than the 12″ miter and is half the burden, making it simpler to maneuver round. It’s additionally half the value of the DeWalt. This was my first sliding miter noticed and made an enormous distinction going via larger materials than a daily miter noticed.

The Kobalt minimize capability is 2×12 at 90 levels, and a couple of×8 at 45 levels. Standing up, it will probably minimize 3.5 inch tall baseboard. The standing minimize capability was the most important purpose I moved from a ten″ slider to the 12″ slider. I exploit to put in tall baseboards on a regular basis and the 12″ slider made it a lot simpler however I miss the benefit of use of the Kobalt for every part else.

If you wish to keep below $300 for a ten″ sliding miter noticed, this Kobalt in addition to Ryobi and Craftsman make an honest noticed. In the event you’re going to spend $500+, I’d suggest going with a 12″ sliding miter noticed.

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12″ Twin Bevel Miter Noticed

Ridgid 12 in. Twin Bevel Miter Noticed R4123

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Ridgid R4123 is without doubt one of the most versatile miter noticed with it’s 12″ blade and twin bevel. I had this software in a house storage workshop, setup inside a big bench space. I selected this software over the DeWalt 12″ model as a result of it has twin bevel as an alternative of single bevel on the identical worth.

This Ridgid miter noticed mannequin has a robust 15amp motor to make it highly effective sufficient to chop via most any wooden attainable. The minimize capability is 2×8 or 4×6 at 90 levels, 2×6 at 45 levels and 4 inches vertically towards the fence. It delivers a no-load pace of 4000RPM on its 12″ blade.

The 43lbs mannequin has an adjustable stainless-steel miter detent with 16 optimistic stops that improve productiveness by growing its slicing accuracy and precision. At $250, it’s lower than a sliding miter noticed and greater than a ten″ non sliding miter noticed.

General, it affords sensible options to owners with numerous woodworking functions. This energy software comes with different equipment that improve its functionalities and efficiency. These equipment embody; mud bag, blade wrench, vertical clamp, snug aspect handles within the base and carbide blades.

10″ Single Bevel Miter Noticed

Compound Light-weight Miter Noticed: Metabo HPT C10FCGM

Metabo HPT C10FCGM is a light-weight miter noticed that’s most fitted for owners who need a primary miter noticed to deal with small DIY tasks. This was my very first miter noticed buy, although on the time it was referred to as Hitachi, not Metabo. Even for a newbie it should deal with every part you want it to do.

It has a robust 15-amp motor that delivers a no-load pace of 5000RPM on its 10” blade to make clean cuts even on the hardest supplies. At $100, it is without doubt one of the greatest saws you should buy for the cash, particularly if you happen to’re new to DIY.

It’s helpful for versatile functions due to its straightforward angle changes. It additionally consists of adjustable bevel stops that improve precision. The inclusion of a laser marker system improves the slicing potential of this energy software.

The 24lbs miter noticed is light-weight and simple to deal with. The combination of a horizontal vibration lowering deal with additional eases its straightforward and comfy use.

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Regularly Requested Questions

What to search for when selecting your miter noticed?

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The elements to look out for whereas selecting your miter noticed embody:

  • Reducing capability
  • Twin or Single Bevel
  • Weight
  • Sturdiness
  • Price

Which is best; 10” or 12” miter noticed?

The higher miter noticed between the ten″ and 12″ miter saws depends on the precise functions. The ten″ miter noticed is best for small to medium scale utility whereas the 12″miter noticed is best for extra rigorous and bigger functions.

How excessive ought to a miter noticed desk be?

The miter noticed desk’s top is dependent upon particular functions, and typically the choice of the consumer. On common, one of the best top for a miter noticed is about 30-34 inches.

Do I would like a stand for my miter noticed?

One of the best motion can be to optimize your miter noticed to fit your functions. The choice to make use of a stand to your miter noticed depends in your scale of utilization and wishes.

What’s the distinction between miter and bevel?

To be exact, a bevel is an angled minimize relative to the fabric’s face whereas a miter is an angled minimize relative to the sq. aspect of the fabric.

What are one of the best miter saws below $200?

One of the best miter noticed below $200 is the Metabo listed above.


Miter saws are one of the important house owner instruments for his or her DIY tasks. As you see from the checklist above, you will have primarily 4 completely different selections of miter saws. Which to decide on relies upon extremely in your expertise stage and finances.

I began small since I didn’t wish to spend some huge cash on a software that I’d use as soon as. That clearly wasn’t the case for me, however it could be for you. Why buy a $600 noticed that you simply not often use? Hopefully we’ve given you the data you have to buy your subsequent miter noticed.

Different Types of Miter Saws

Have you been searching for the Best sliding miter saw under $250 for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.

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