Dodge Journey: Bad Spark Plugs → Symptoms and Diagnosis

Video Dodge Journey: Bad Spark Plugs → Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of Bad Spark Plugs Dodge Journey

Unhealthy spark plugs could cause many issues together with your Dodge Journey. Unhealthy spark plug signs could also be refined, or extremely noticeable.

The essential design and activity of the spark plug has modified little over the past 100 years. They sit on prime of the combustion chamber and ignite the air/gasoline combination and begin the ability stroke of the engine.

One thing that has modified about fashionable spark plugs is that lots of them use iridium, don’t want gapped, and might final for 100k miles with little situation. That being mentioned, they nonetheless can go unhealthy. The excellent news is, that in case you do want change all of them, they’re very reasonably priced.

Widespread Unhealthy Spark Plug Signs: Dodge Journey

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There are plenty of potential signs associated to unhealthy spark plugs in your Journey. We at all times suggest utilizing an OBDII scanner to tug your hassle codes when you’ve got a verify ending gentle on. It could actually actually slender your search down. In the event you don’t have one, your native elements retailer will do that for you totally free.

It’s also value noting, that the signs of unhealthy spark plugs shall be nearly the identical as some other unhealthy half within the ignition course of. Because of this one thing comparable to unhealthy coil packs will produce the identical outcomes and really feel as unhealthy plugs.

Dodge Journey Bad Spark Plug Symptoms
On the left is a fouled spark plug. on the correct is the very same kind of plug new.

Test Engine Gentle

The verify engine gentle is likely one of the commonest signs of unhealthy spark plugs. Most of the time, your engines laptop will be capable to detect unhealthy spark plugs in your Journey.

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There are a number of misfire associated hassle codes.

  • P0300- this hassle code signifies that there’s a random misfire. A random misfire means is {that a} misfire is detected, however the ECM isn’t capable of decide which one it’s coming from, or the misfire is going on randomly.
  • P0301 via P0312- these hassle codes point out that there’s a misfire in a single particular cylinder. For instance, P0304 is for a misfire in cylinder 4 within the firing order. This makes diagnosing the misfire a bit extra easy.

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There are different misfire associated codes as nicely.

Accelerates Slower than Regular

As you ask your Journey for extra energy, the gasoline and ignition techniques reply. If acceleration has diminished, it needs to be felt. The much less cylinders that your engine has, the extra that one cylinder not firing correctly can have. When you have a number of unhealthy spark plugs, it’ll trigger the acceleration of the Journey to be weaker.

Gasoline Financial system

The much less environment friendly the combustion of your engine, the extra gasoline goes to be wasted. This results in a lower in gasoline financial system. While you take your car in for a tune up as a result of decreased gasoline financial system, checking the spark plugs (and ignition system basically) goes to be one of many very first locations {that a} mechanic goes to have a look at.


Misfiring is the most typical symptom of unhealthy spark plugs. All the different signs are a results of the misfiring itself. The actual query is, what’s inflicting the misfire? There may be extra to your Journey’s ignition system than simply the plugs. There’s additionally coil packs and spark plug wires.

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There are additionally non ignition associated circumstances that may trigger a misfire. That would come with lack of gasoline stress, unhealthy gasoline injectors, or perhaps a timing chain (or belt) that has jumped. Since there are such a lot of causes {that a} car can misfire, we suggest testing for hassle codes first.

Right here’s a great video from YouTube on figuring out a foul spark plug.

Tough Idling

When a spark plug is misfiring, it’s usually most pronounced at idle pace. It’s because when the engine turns slower, it’s simpler to detect. You’ll really feel a tough vibration.

Conclusion: Unhealthy Spark Plugs Dodge Journey

Bear in mind that the majority signs of a foul spark plug in your Journey is also different points with the ignition system as nicely. Good luck diagnosing the issue Be at liberty to depart a remark under if there may be something that you simply want to add.

Best spark plugs for dodge journey for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.


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