Dodge Journey bad spark plugs symptoms, causes, and diagnosis

Video Dodge Journey bad spark plugs symptoms, causes, and diagnosis

The spark plugs in Dodge Journey are chargeable for producing sparks that ignites the air/gas combination within the combustion chambers of the engine. Driving your Journey with unhealthy spark plugs can harm the engine or the catalytic converter, so you should act urgently to keep away from costlier repairs.

Dodge Journey
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The commonest indicators of unhealthy spark plugs in Dodge Journey are poor acceleration or hesitation, tough idle, engine misfires, poor gas financial system, examine engine mild illuminates, engine knocking noise, and typically arduous beginning. In worst case state of affairs, if the spark plugs are in actually unhealthy situation, the engine is not going to begin.


Test engine mild illuminates because of misfires

When a number of of the spark plugs begin to fail or has failed in your Journey, it can trigger the engine to misfire and the examine engine mild could illuminate within the instrument cluster. To carry out additional diagnostics, you’ll need to attach OBD2 scanner to your car. Should you see any error code from P0300 to P0312, it signifies that there are misfires within the engine. Nonetheless, it could possibly occur that there aren’t any error codes. In case of doubt, examine the situation of the spark plugs and substitute them if discovered faulty.

Poor acceleration

If the spark plugs aren’t producing sparks correctly, the engine will lose energy. Once you press the fuel pedal in your Journey, the car could hesitate to speed up and it’ll take longer to succeed in your required velocity.

Tough idle

One other indication of unhealthy spark plugs in Dodge Journey is tough idle. The engine is not going to run clean when idling, you might also really feel vibrations within the cabin.

Poor gas mileage

Extreme gas consumption is a typical signal of unhealthy spark plugs in Journey. In case your car is getting considerably decrease fuel mileage than common, its time to examine the situation of the spark plugs.

Exhausting beginning

When the spark plugs go unhealthy, it’ll take longer for the engine to show over and begin. The ignition system in your Journey must work rather a lot tougher to have the ability to ignite the air/gas combination within the combustion chambers.

No begin

Your Journey could not begin if the spark plugs have worn an excessive amount of, or if they’ve been contaminated because of improper combustion. For instance, a malfunctioning MAF sensor or O2 sensor could cause the engine to misfire or run wealthy that may trigger carbon fouling of the spark plugs.

What causes spark plugs to go unhealthy in Dodge Journey?

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A spark plug is sort of a canary in a coal mine for the engine. Inspecting the situation of the spark plugs in your Journey will help you identify the well being of the engine.

Regular put on

Changing spark plugs is a part of common upkeep since its a carrying half. If you don’t substitute the spark plugs in your Journey on the prescribed interval, they may put on out and cease producing sparks correctly. Learn the house owners guide or upkeep schedule of your car to know when to vary them.

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In case of regular put on, the top of the spark plug could have slight discoloration. Additionally, the middle electrode and/or floor electrode tip could have worn away, growing the hole between them.

Wealthy air-fuel combination / carbon fouling

If there’s an excessive amount of gas within the combustion chambers of the engine, it could possibly foul the spark plugs. When this occurs, the top of the spark plug could have dry layer of grey or matte black (sooty trying) carbon deposits evenly distributed over the electrode and the porcelain. Earlier than putting in new spark plugs in your Journey, you should repair the issue that’s inflicting the engine to run wealthy, in any other case your new spark plugs will get fouled once more.

Widespread causes of engine operating wealthy in Dodge Journey are faulty or soiled MAF sensor, unhealthy upstream O2 sensor, malfunctioning gas stress regulator, leaky injector and defective engine coolant temperature sensor.

Carbon fouling of the spark plugs can be attributable to steady low-speed driving and/or brief journeys, over-retarded ignition timing (plug ignites the gas too late) or because of unhealthy ignition coils/wires. Utilizing spark plugs with too chilly warmth vary can even trigger carbon fouling, on this case the firing finish doesn’t attain the self-cleaning temperature of roughly 450°C (842°F).

Engine oil leak

An oil leak within the combustion chambers of the engine could cause the spark plugs to foul up in Journey. When this occurs, the top of the spark plug could have moist oily or greasy trying gunk over the electrodes, and it’ll additionally scent of oil. Widespread causes of oil leak within the combustion chambers are worn piston rings or cylinder partitions, leaking valve stem seals and malfunctioning optimistic crankcase air flow system (PCV).

An oil leak within the spark plug effectively can even trigger the spark plug to cease working correctly because of contamination of ignition coil. This normally occurs because of a leak within the spark plug tube seal within the valve cowl.

Coolant leak

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Coolant leaking into the combustion chambers of the engine can even foul the spark plugs in Journey, which is usually attributable to a leaking head gasket or leaking consumption manifold gasket.

When coolant burns within the combustion chamber, it could possibly go away a grey or white ashy trying layer of silicates over the top of the spark plug. The looks can differ relying on the kind of coolant you’re utilizing in your car. Monitor the extent of the coolant in your Journey in the event you suspect a coolant leak.

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Gas components

Utilizing gas components like octane boosters or gas injector cleaners in your Dodge Journey can foul the spark plugs. On this case, there shall be orange or reddish brown coloured deposits distributed over the firing finish of the spark plugs.

This situation could cause the engine to misfire. Usually gas components are non-conductive; nevertheless some are, and so they can create an earth leakage path for the spark if extreme deposits construct up on the firing finish of the spark plug.


Repeated overheating of the spark plug tip could cause untimely failure. When a spark plug overheats, the floor on the firing finish turns into white and cinder-like deposits type spots on its floor. Electrode melting is a extra extreme situation of overheating when spark plug temperatures attain 800 levels Celsius (1,472°F) or extra. The firing finish of the plug could glow crimson sizzling from extreme warmth and induce irregular combustion previous to sparking (pre-ignition), which may harm the engine.

Causes of overheating embrace over superior ignition timing, excessively lean air-fuel combination, inadequate coolant or engine oil, extreme turbo pressures (in turbo geared up autos), gas octane score too low (inflicting engine knocking), insufficient gas high quality and inadequate plug tightening.

Learn how to substitute spark plugs in Journey

If the spark plugs go unhealthy in your Dodge Journey, you should substitute them with new ones. You don’t essentially have to go to a workshop to switch the spark plugs, you are able to do it at residence by following a number of easy steps. Earlier than you start, make certain the engine is chilly to forestall burn harm.

  1. Disconnect {the electrical} connectors from the ignition coils.
  2. Take away the ignition coils.
  3. Take away any filth or particles contained in the spark plug tubes utilizing compressed air.
  4. Unscrew the spark plugs utilizing a ratchet geared up with spark plug socket.
  5. Test the electrode hole on new spark plugs utilizing a spot gauge. Ensure the hole is based on the specs talked about within the house owners guide of your Dodge Journey.
  6. Screw within the new spark plugs by hand and tighten it up with a torque wrench.
  7. Reinstall the ignition coils and their electrical connectors.

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Which kind of spark plugs to make use of in Journey?

There are 4 important sorts of spark plugs: copper, platinum, double platinum and iridium. Typically all of the spark plugs have comparable kind of inside parts, however the place they differ is on the tip the place the spark occurs. Test the house owners guide of your Dodge Journey to see which kind of spark plug is really helpful in your engine, as it could possibly differ relying on the engine kind and mannequin yr of the car.

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You’ll be able to typically improve to greater high quality spark plugs. For instance, in case your house owners guide advocate platinum, you may improve to iridium spark plugs. However by no means downgrade to decrease high quality plugs.

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Copper: That is essentially the most primary and least costly spark plug. The tip is made from copper, which is extremely conductive, subsequently creating a powerful spark. However copper is a mushy steel and it erodes away rapidly, so it solely lasts about 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

Platinum: They’re slightly costlier than the copper plugs. On this case, because the identify suggests, the tip is made from platinum, which isn’t as conductive as copper however is tougher and extra immune to put on. Platinum plugs can final from 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Double Platinum: In such a spark plug, the middle electrode tip is made from platinum and there’s additionally one other piece of platinum on the bottom electrode. That is designed for wasted spark ignition system, so if the house owners guide of your car says double platinum, you should use such a spark plug.

Copper vs double platinum spark plug.

Iridium: That is the most costly kind of spark plug. The tip is made from fantastic iridium which is tougher and extra immune to put on as in comparison with platinum. Iridium has a melting level of as much as 4,471°F (2,466°C), which is nearly 3 times the melting level of copper. Iridium plugs can final 100,000 to 120,000 miles.

Use OBD2 scanner for analysis

Since Dodge Journey is supplied with on-board diagnostics (OBD), a fault analysis can present preliminary indications of the place the malfunction is positioned.

OBD2 scanners are actually out there in numerous designs. You should use a standalone diagnostic system (proven above) or get an OBD2 adapter that connects with a smartphone app through Bluetooth or WiFi.

To start troubleshooting, you should first join the diagnostic software to your Journey. The OBDII connector is normally positioned below the dashboard. With the software related, activate the ignition. Most diagnostic gadgets then ask for some details about the car. It will be important that you simply enter this 100% accurately, in any other case the results of the search could also be inaccurate. Along with the car make, mannequin, and engine kind, you normally additionally should kind within the Automobile Identification Quantity (VIN). Since some OBD codes are manufacturer-specific, the scanner will be capable to provide you with extra correct info in the event you enter extra particulars about your Journey.


Should you see noticeable lack of efficiency or engine hesitation with excessive gas consumption in your Dodge Journey, you must positively examine the situation of the spark plugs and ignition coils. However, it is suggested to strictly comply with the upkeep schedule of your car and substitute the spark plugs at prescribed intervals for optimum engine efficiency and gas effectivity. Don’t anticipate the spark plugs to go unhealthy earlier than changing them as it could possibly harm the engine or the catalytic converter.

In any case, it’s advisable for laypersons to go to a workshop. An expert mechanic can swiftly diagnose the issue for you.

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