Growing Ash Gourd Guide | How to Grow Ash Gourd

Rising Ash Gourd all year long is simple and enjoyable! Learn forward to be taught extra about this fascinating and rewarding plant!

Generally referred to as the Winter melon and Chinese language watermelon, Ash gourd is native to Japan is discovered generally all through India. When touched, the fruit leaves an ash-like residue on palms. That’s the rationale behind its fascinating title! Right here’s all it’s essential to learn about rising Ash gourd!

Botanical Identify: Benincasa hispida

USDA Zone: 2-11

Soil pH: 5-7.5

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How To Develop Ash Gourd

Growing Ash Gourd


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Ash gourd is propagated by way of seeds, in pots, floor, or seedling trays. Earlier than sowing, soaking them in a single day will improve the probabilities of profitable germination. When younger vegetation develop 5-6 leaves, skinny out the weak ones. Inside 2-3 weeks of sowing, they’ll be prepared for transplanting.

Local weather

It’s a warm-weather crop that thrives in tropical areas, the place the temperature ranges from 77-85 F (25-30C). It’ll additionally do nice in areas with heavy rainfall and humidity. Beware of utmost chilly and frost; Ash gourd is prone to wreck in such local weather. It’s advisable to convey the plant indoors to maintain it secure should you’re rising them in containers.

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Selecting a Container

Ash gourds are heavy feeders they usually want a lot of water. You will have a big, 16-20 inches pot, with drainage holes. Do ensure that it’s 10-12 inches deep. You’ll be able to develop 2 vegetation in a single container additionally.

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Necessities For Rising Ash Gourd


Whereas rising ash gourd, it’s finest to decide on a spot with full solar for optimum progress. In scorching summers shield the plant from the afternoon solar. Because it’s a vining plant, you’ll both have to offer sufficient area for it to sprawl or place it close to a fence or wall for help.


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Though it may do effectively in quite a lot of soil, well-drained, loamy soil is the most effective. For a bountiful harvest, enrich the soil with natural matter.


Within the preliminary progress stage, water each 3-4 days. When the plant begins to flower and fruit, improve the speed to each alternate day. Keep away from overwatering the plant as it could trigger root rot.


Being a vining plant, rising ash gourd will want help. Some folks permit it to sprawl on the bottom, however it has two disadvantages-Improper air circulation and wastage of area. Plus, it may trigger hurt to different low rising vegetation. Offering a help construction, comparable to a trellis, poles, or stake, close by the planting website, is advisable.

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Ash Gourd Plant Care

Growing Ash Gourd 2


Ash gourd isn’t a demanding plant and can do advantageous with out fertilizers. Nonetheless, if the soil lacks vitamins, you may apply an all-purpose fertilizer on the time of planting. If the plant reveals weak progress, fertilize once more.

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You may as well enrich the soil with compost or well-rotted aged manure. Common inputs of natural matter can be going to assist the plant.

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Pests and Illnesses

Crimson beetle, fruit fly, caterpillars, and aphids, could cause extreme hurt to plant. They are often taken care by spraying a jet of neem oil combination.

Additionally, whereas rising ash gourd, pay attention to the mosaic virus, powdery and downy mildew. Keep away from placing water on the leaves to avoid wasting the plant from these ailments. If affected, uproot it.


Inside 45 to 90 days, fruits will probably be prepared for harvest. The time could fluctuate barely relying on the variability and circumstances. The stem hooked up to the fruit is sort of thick, so take the assistance of clippers for harvest. When the fruit’s coating turns into waxy, it’s time to select them up! Wash the fruits correctly earlier than storing them.

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The best way to use Ash Gourd

They can be utilized in quite a lot of methods within the kitchen!

  • Take away the pores and skin and seeds of the gourd fully.
  • Solely the white flesh is edible, It may be sliced or cubed, relying in your necessities.
  • You’ll be able to steam, boil, simmer, parboil, or braise it earlier than cooking.
  • Ash Gourd soup is sort of a delicacy. It can be utilized in stir-fries, pickles, curries. You may as well eat it uncooked as effectively.
  • You may as well add it to yogurts, smoothies, and ice lotions.
  • The well-known Indian candy dish-‘Petha‘ can be made out of Ash gourds.

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