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HCG can be utilized for weight reduction as a part of Dr Simeons HCG Weight loss plan protocol and in addition to assist males improve their testosterone manufacturing in secondary hypogonadism. Each are mentioned beneath:

(1) HCG for Weight Loss

HCG has additionally been used for a few years as a part of an efficient but controversial weight reduction program. Fifty years in the past, a British physician with a clinic in Rome, Albert Theodore William (A.T.W.) Simeons, M.D., found that administration of small quantities of hCG coupled with the HCG weight-reduction plan (a really low calorie weight-reduction plan) over six-week cycles facilitated exceptional and speedy weight reduction. Dr. Simeons additional uncovered that utilizing hCG on this manner made calorie restriction weight-reduction plan very nicely tolerated by his sufferers who reported no complaints of starvation through the six week interval. He additionally discovered that utilizing hCG on this manner allowed for fats to be misplaced from onerous to entry fats storage areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks). With conventional calorie restriction diets, fats is commonly preferentially misplaced from extra important structural fats areas (joints, foot pads, face, beneath pores and skin).

HCG works to mobilize fats for the needs of weight reduction solely when there’s a important lower in energy and fats. A hunger state should exist for hCG to work on this method. Regardless of mainstream medication’s skepticism of the HCG weight-reduction plan we have now discovered this weight-reduction plan to be very efficient for weight reduction in resistant instances.

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For extra detailed data on HCG and the HCG weight-reduction plan for weight reduction click on right here Dr Simeons kilos and inches protocol.

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HCG for weight reduction could be administered by:

1. HCG Intramuscular injections (IM): doubtlessly one of many higher methods however it is usually probably the most painful and most harmful. HCG absorption is predictable. Solely a nurse or different healthcare supplier ought to administer IM injections.

2. HCG Subcutaneous injections (SQ): equally as efficient as IM injections nevertheless it doesn’t harm and isn’t harmful so that is thought-about the very best route of administration. HCG absorption is predictable. It may be injected by the affected person themselves utilizing an insulin syringe into the stomach fats after having been proven the right way to administer it. Needle-free injectors are actually obtainable which eliminates the usage of needles making it very straightforward to manage. For data on the needle-free injector click on right here.

3. HCG Nasal spray is the following finest. It’s straightforward and handy. The mucus membranes of the nasal passage and sublingual lining seem like extra permeable than pores and skin to permit the absorption of HCG. Very efficient.

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4. HCG Sublingual drops are widespread for these seeking to keep away from the expense and inconvenience of injections. HCG absorption is poor and unpredictable and therefore requires bigger doses in comparison with the above strategies.

5. Transdermal lotions/ointments are the least efficient of all administrative strategies as HCG, being a big protein, is simply too giant to move by the pores and skin. This route will not be really useful.

Our laboratory provides actual HCG subcutaneous injections, nasal sprays and sublingual drops for weight reduction. A prescription is required for all HCG merchandise as all of them include therapeutic doses of actual pharmaceutical grade HCG and aren’t homeopathic. We offer all the mandatory directions once you buy HCG. We’re concentrate on sterile compounding required to supply sterile nasal sprays. Contact us for particulars.

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Carnitine is commonly utilized in mixture with HCG for its fats burning results. Carnitine is obtainable right here.

Lipotropics are one other different or can be utilized along side HCG and carnitine for additional fats buring results. Click on right here for extra data on lipotropics.

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(2) HCG to Improve Testosterone in Males

The pure decline in male testosterone manufacturing that happens with growing older is attributed to a decline within the manufacturing of the pituitary hormone LH (Luteinizing hormone). LH is accountable for the stimulation of the male testes to supply testosterone and sperm. Subsequently declining ranges of LH causes a lower in testosterone manufacturing, sperm manufacturing and testicular atrophy.

The hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) is prescribed by main hormone consultants for males to stimulate their very own pure testosterone manufacturing as HCG stimulates the testes in a lot the identical manner as LH does. HCG hormone will not be a pure male hormone however mimics the pure hormone LH nearly identically. Consequently HCG stimulates the leydig cells of the testes, in the identical method as LH, growing testosterone manufacturing. The therapy goal of HCG is to stimulate the male testes to naturally produce extra testosterone and thus overcome any deficiency with out the necessity of utilizing testosterone itself.

It might even be utilized by males on testosterone remedy so as to overcome unwanted effects. Some males endure from the physique’s pure negative-feedback mechanism which causes the physique to close down its personal manufacturing of testosterone through the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. This causes testicular atrophy, amongst different issues. HCG can also be now getting used extra generally in these instances to take care of and restore testicular dimension in addition to regular testosterone manufacturing. Dr Crisler, a testosterone alternative professional, has this to say about HCG “Whereas HCG, as sole TRT, remains to be thought-about therapy of selection for hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism by many , my expertise is that it simply doesn’t convey the identical subjective advantages as pure testosterone supply programs do—even when comparable serum androgen ranges are produced from comparable baseline values. Nevertheless, supplementing the extra “conventional” TRT of transdermal, or injected, testosterone with HCG stabilizes serum ranges, prevents testicular atrophy, helps rebalance expression of different hormones, and brings stories of enormously elevated sense of well-being and libido. My sufferers completely adore it. As time goes on, we’re coming to understand HCG as a way more powerful-and wonderful-hormone than beforehand given credit score.”

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HCG is run as a subcutaneous injection utilizing an insulin syringe into your stomach fats. Our laboratory has developed a HCG Subcutaneous injection which could be administered with a needle-free injector for individuals who are needle phobic. Alternatively we additionally produce a nasal spray. Each strategies can ship pharmaceutical grade HCG into the physique with out the necessity for injections. Subsequently HCG can now be simply administered day by day. In case your physician is concerned about prescribing HCG Nasal Spray or SC injections for you’ve got them contact us for particulars.

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