How to clean headlights with WD-40

Headlights have superior from the 60’s inventory sealed glass beam to trendy halogen, HID, and LED polycarbonate plastic headlight lenses. This development is nice and cost-effective, however there’s a draw back. The chemical substances used within the manufacturing of those polycarbonate plastic lenses react to UV lights, moisture, solar rays, and warmth. With time, these reactions will trigger the automobile headlight to degrade and turn into foggy or yellowed in look.

Yellowish headlight discoloration may be irritating, particularly whenever you’ve simply paid the auto detailing man a $150 in your final automobile wash. This steady expense is inconvenient to most automobile house owners and has paved the best way for different DIY strategies to headlight restoration like WD-40. Earlier than we dive in on learn how to clear headlights with WD-40, let’s take an in depth take a look at WD-40 and see why we should always strive the product and if it’s good for our headlamps.


what can do with wd-40

The WD-40 model is understood for providing a really broad and various vary of companies which will assist to scrub foggy headlights. Available on the market, the product is fashionable and largely bought for its efficient headlamp restoration and anti-rust properties.

WD-40 stands for water displacement, fortieth components – signifying the fortieth time the product was tried within the lab earlier than success. It was initially developed to stop house missiles from rusting or corroding. However lately, the product has been discovered helpful on many different surfaces like steel, rubber, wooden, and plastic. It may be utilized to painted steel surfaces with out harming the paint.

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Though WD-40 is multi-purpose in its operate, others consider it’s best to make use of it alongside different actual lubricants like silicone, grease, Teflon, and even graphite. It’s stated that these mixtures can function a headlight lens restorer and successfully defog headlights.

Makes use of & options of WD-40

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WD-40 is likely one of the hottest abrasive merchandise for a fast repair that gives glowing outcomes on totally different surfaces. Hardy will go to a storage and never see a WD-40 product sitting within the nook. Aside from utilizing it to stop rusting, additionally it is very helpful for a wide range of functions and causes.

You should utilize it to lube nearly any floor together with farm implements like shovels, with an software of WD-40, it cleans all of the stuck-on soil proper off. It can be used to scrub tiles and provides it that glowing and shimmering look.

The take a look at of a superb product is in its potential to ship, and this product has confirmed to be efficient on a wide range of surfaces.

Can WD-40 be used to scrub foggy headlights?

first step to clean headlight with wd-40

In case you’ve got an upcoming automobile take a look at, and you might be questioning if you happen to can shortly defog your headlights for approval, the reply is sure! It may be used as a automobile headlight cleaner. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t make WD-40 a behavior on your headlight restoration because it may trigger extra hurt than good in the long term.

If used repeatedly, the oil can leak into your precise headlight bulb and trigger them to blur or burnout. This is the reason it’s advisable to clean off the lubricant with delicate automotive cleaning soap as quickly because the fog is gone.

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Tips on how to apply the WD-40 for automobile headlight restoration

first step to clean headlights with wd-40

To defog your headlights utilizing WD-40 as your headlight lens restorer, observe these simple steps:

  1. Get a bowl of water and cleaning soap useful
  2. Wash the headlight lens totally with the water and cleaning soap
  3. Shake up a can of WD-40
  4. Spray into the headlight lens ensuring to maintain the lubricant away from the metals on the automobile, spray solely on the lens
  5. Rigorously wipe off the lubricant with a clear rag.

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Nonetheless, like each different product ever available on the market, the Wd-40 has a number of sides its coin:


  • Efficient in eradicating dried stains on sure surfaces
  • Simply accessible
  • Comparatively reasonably priced
  • Can be utilized on extra surfaces than simply headlights
  • Straightforward to make use of.


  • Not an actual lubricant in a way.
  • It could solely be used on sure surfaces.
  • It could trigger everlasting injury if used wrongly.

As hinted earlier, regardless of the truth that WD-40 seems to be a fantastic headlight polisher, some critics assume in any other case.

Why is WD-40 not good for headlights?

Some would agree that utilizing WD-40 as a automobile headlight cleaner is the best methodology. Some would object to the declare. Nonetheless, after placing the WD-40 to the take a look at, we came upon that the most important draw back is on its sturdiness.

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After utilizing WD-40 to defog automobile headlights, the impact solely lasts for a few day or two, and your automobile headlights return to wanting cloudy. This momentary repair solely reveals that the WD-40 is principally a sharpening instrument reasonably than a headlight restoration product.

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However when utilized on different surfaces like tiles, steel, wooden, ceramic, and aluminum, the WD-40 may be very efficient and sturdy when used. This explains why the product is so simply accessible and fashionable out there as a result of it’s extra of a common product and may be simply utilized for different functions.


Though quite a few articles and movies are on the market explaining why WD-40 is a powerful product for cleansing foggy headlights, it’s best to use it rigorously.

If you will use the WD-40 for a fast repair and polish, you need to spray solely on the outer layer of your headlight lens. You mustn’t spray it contained in the headlight to keep away from everlasting injury to your automobile mild bulbs.

For a extra everlasting resolution, I’d advocate utilizing a headlight restoration equipment . Though not all garages supply to defog headlights, you should purchase a DIY automobile headlight restoration equipment and do it your self in the course of the weekend.

Most of those DIY automobile headlight restoration kits include a easy step-by-step instruction. The guidelines will information you from begin to end even if you happen to haven’t executed a headlight restoration earlier than.

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