How to fight Tree Spirit bosses in Elden Ring

Video How to fight Tree Spirit bosses in Elden Ring

This information will assist you discover ways to struggle Tree Spirit bosses in Elden Ring. All of them share the identical moveset and you may apply the identical technique to every one in every of them!

What are the Tree Spirits

Tree Spirits are intimidating mini bosses that seem in a number of places all through the Lands Between. They’re as huge as dragons, are likely to deal various harm, and ceaselessly writhe round in a chaotic vogue. Regardless of the concern they will instill, Tree Spirits aren’t all that completely different from different bosses.

On this information, I’ll be specializing in the Putrid Tree Spirit discovered on the finish of the Battle-Lifeless Catacombs in northeast Caelid.

This model of the boss appears to have a number of extra assaults than your typical Tree Spirit and is accessible lengthy earlier than you need to technically try and struggle it. Simply because you’ve gotten defeated Starscourge Radhan doesn’t essentially imply that you simply’re able to struggle the Putrid Tree Spirit.

This information remains to be relevant for different variations of the boss, although chances are you’ll not see the entire assaults that I point out. Particularly, the assaults that contain Scarlet Rot are more likely to be absent from different variations.

Tree Spirits Boss Mechanics and Technique

The signature traits of Tree Spirits are their chaotic writhing and quick motion. It may be fairly tough to inform when and the place it’s protected to be for attacking and flask consuming. Fortunately, the boss doesn’t deal harm with its physique more often than not, particularly if it’s not traversing the room. That is in stark distinction to a boss just like the Magma Wyrm the place you’ll typically take harm when you make direct contact with its physique.

Standing close to the top or tail are probably the most harmful positions. On the whole, in case you are in entrance of the boss, you need to most likely not be attacking except you understand you’ll be able to end your assault and dodge earlier than the Putrid Tree Spirit’s assault may presumably land. Because of the writhing, it’s fairly tough to see the telegraphs for the boss’ assaults.

It’s additionally fairly harmful to try to create distance from the Putrid Tree Spirit except it’s doing an assault with a really lengthy animation as a result of the boss can and can transfer extremely quick if it isn’t already within the midst of an assault. On this approach, it’s fairly much like how bears work.

It’s most secure to be extraordinarily near the facet of the boss. You’ll get moved round lots because the boss wiggles about, however lots of the Putrid Tree Spirit’s assaults simply don’t hit to its sides and sometimes the top and neck will truly deal harm in the event that they make contact.

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Now, the facet of the boss isn’t all the time protected. There are cases the place you’ll take harm when you keep to the facet. In these conditions, it’s greatest to run away and create distance. Each time it’s unsafe to be proper to the facet of the boss, it’s protected to be additional away.

Hold an eye fixed out for contorting, coiling, and when the boss intentionally strikes away from you. These are indicators that the boss is about to do an assault, although once more, it gained’t all the time imply that you must transfer away.

Head Slam

The boss will slam its head down at you. Usually, it’s going to do the assault twice in a row, particularly when sub-50% HP.

The important thing telegraph is that the boss will swing its head again like a whip after which rapidly swing it all the way down to the bottom the place you’re standing. In case you’re far sufficient away, you’ll be able to dodge again, however dodging to the best or left is the most secure. Don’t dodge ahead.

Fist Pound

The boss will clasp its claws collectively right into a fist and slam down in direction of you.

It’s going to all the time be protected to dodge to the left or proper, however you may also have the ability to dodge ahead or backward relying on how shut you might be to the boss. In case you dodge ahead, you’ll be able to most likely get a number of further hits in, however you must already be fairly near the boss to evade the assault.

Claw Swipe

This assault most likely has probably the most refined telegraph, the boss’ left arm principally comes out of nowhere.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to dodge on the final second. Ensure you’re not dodging to your left, however another route ought to work. In case you’re having to fret about this assault, you’re standing someplace that you simply shouldn’t be.

Tail Swipe

The boss has a tail swipe assault, it’s one of the telegraphed of the bodily assaults, but it surely has huge vary. Like different boss’s tail assaults, the Putrid Tree Spirit tends to solely do it to punish poor positioning or a mistake. In case you avoid its tail, the boss gained’t use this assault fairly often.

It’s greatest to dodge backwards or forwards relying on which route will transfer out out of vary of the swipe. In case you’re nearer to the boss, dodge ahead; when you’re additional away from the boss, dodge backward. The swipe itself is quick, so it’s greatest when you can simply make the most of the immunity frames you get from dodging.

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Head Swipe

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When doing a complete head swipe, the boss will type of roll onto its facet and recoil its entire physique to wind up the assault.

As you’ll be able to see from this picture, the boss contorts itself in such a approach that it’s exhausting to see what you’re taking a look at. That is the important thing indication that you simply’re in for a head swipe assault.

The entire head is definitely off the display. Your greatest guess to keep away from this assault is to dodge by means of the swipe or dash out of vary. You possible gained’t have the ability to dodge in another route with out counting on the immunity frames.

Scarlet Rot Downward Breath

This assault has an extremely lengthy animation and solely offers harm in a small space, making it probably the greatest alternatives to get some hits in.

The important thing telegraph is that the boss will coil up tightly like a cobra earlier than respiration down Scarlet Rot breath in direction of its tail. You’ll be able to inform that the boss gained’t be doing a tail assault as a result of your complete physique coils up, not simply the tail.

All you must do is run away from the Scarlet Rot breath after which go ham on the boss from a protected location. As a melee, you have to be protected anyplace that the boss’ physique blocks the breath.

Scarlet Rot Breath Assault

Typically, the Putrid Tree Spirit will breathe Scarlet Rot whereas charging.

You actually don’t should do something to keep away from it when you’re already to the facet of the boss and in my expertise, it appeared to cost previous you numerous the time. I believe this assault is extra simply one other punishment for being in entrance of or at vary from the boss. In case you stick with the facet it shouldn’t be a difficulty.

Eat Assault

The boss recoils again and opens its mouth extensive. It tends to truly transfer away from you earlier than starting the assault.

Then, it rapidly fees at you to the facet and makes an attempt to gobble you up.

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You have to dodge within the route that the boss just isn’t coming from or dash diagonally in direction of the boss and in the other way that the boss is charging from. I don’t assume you’ll be able to defend the assault as a result of it grabs you.

You’ll nearly definitely be defeated when you get hit by this assault as a result of it chews you up, applies Scarlet Rot (utterly fills up an empty bar) after which spits you out whereas respiration extra rot onto you. The one time I used to be capable of survive it’s once I had full well being and the Opaline Bubbletear lively. Even then, I solely barely survived and needed to instantly take a sip of my flask and eat Preserving Boluses to cleanse the Scarlet Rot.

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This assault remains to be current on different varieties of Tree Spirits, however with out the Scarlet Rot parts, making it a bit much less harmful.

Scarlet Rot Explosion

This assault is often accomplished when the boss has about 50% HP and marks a transition to section 2 the place the boss will passively emit Scarlet Rot. You don’t have to fret an excessive amount of concerning the Scarlet Rot buildup; you’ll most likely defeat the boss or be defeated earlier than it maxes out.

The explosion itself is large and offers a ton of injury, nearly a full well being bar. Fortunately, you’ve gotten numerous warning the place the boss will begin glowing crimson and hearth will spawn in numerous locations across the room.

While you see this, you must dash away. When you’re far sufficient away that you simply’re in entrance of all of the little fires on the bottom, you’re protected to make use of ranged assaults. Watch out that each one the fires are literally in entrance of you; when you can’t see your character due to a bizarre digital camera angle, you’ll be able to’t ensure. In contrast to another second section transitions, the Putrid Tree Spirit can do that assault once more when it’s under 50%.

After the explosion is completed, you’ll be able to cost again in and begin attacking till the boss begins its subsequent assault.

Battle-Lifeless Catacombs Putrid Tree Spirit Rewards

The Putrid Tree Spirit on the finish of the Battle-Lifeless Catacombs drops a Golden Seed, Redmane Knight Ogha Spirit Ashes, and 64,000 Runes.

Most Tree Spirits drop a Golden Seed when defeated. Since they’re thought of mini-bosses, they don’t drop as many Runes as you would possibly assume you’d deserve for taking down one in every of these tough foes. On the whole, Rune drops from bosses appear to scale extra with the perceived stature of the boss within the Lands Between than precise issue or degree requirement.

You will discover extra Boss Guides for Elden Ring right here on And if you wish to totally discover, we have now a rising assortment of guides that can assist you discover and acquire each precious merchandise within the Lands Between.

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