How to Pressure Wash Engine Bay Properly

Video How to Pressure Wash Engine Bay Properly

You wash your automotive exterior when it will get soiled, however do you ever wash its inside? I’m speaking concerning the engine bay. , it will get fairly soiled there too. Mud, grime, oil and dirt settles there over time. These items can impression the engine efficiency of your automotive.

A fast and efficient strategy to clear your engine bay is with a strain washer. To do that, it is advisable to cowl the automotive’s electrical parts, spray uncovered surfaces with an engine degreaser, scrub and agitate soiled areas, rinse with a strain washer at a low strain setting, after which let it dry. That’s it! It’s that straightforward.

If you happen to’re fascinated by strain washing your engine bay simply observe the essential steps I simply talked about. There’s a handful of different particulars that may enable you alongside the best way. So when you’re involved in these prepared on.

Fundamental Steps

There’s 5 primary steps to strain washing an engine bay correctly:

  1. Cowl electrical parts
  2. Spray on engine degreaser
  3. Scrub soiled areas
  4. Rinse with strain washer at a low strain setting
  5. Let engine bay dry

Step 1: Masking electrical parts

Earlier than the precise cleansing course of begins you must cowl any electrical parts and canopy them. Use plastic grocery baggage or saran wrap to cowl the spark plug, alternator, distributor cap, and alarm system and another electrical connections. Safe these coverings with tape or rubber bands so that they don’t fall off whereas washing.

Step 2: Spray on engine degreaser

Oil and grease are tough to wash, even with a strain washer. That’s why it’s a good suggestion to spray on engine degreaser to loosen up these soiled spots earlier than washing. It’ll make rinsing with pressurized water loads simpler and faster.

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Select a cleansing resolution that’s particularly made for engines. Watch out to choose one which’s water primarily based and biodegradable. You don’t need a cleansing resolution that’s corrosive to the metals and plastics within the engine bay.

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Spray on a layer of the degreaser that’s sufficient to cowl the areas with soiled buildup. No must saturate surfaces. Remember to get into all of the small crevices. Then give it a few minutes to do its work.

Step 3: Scrub soiled areas

After the engine degreaser has completed its job of loosening the oil and grease, you’ll want to wash down the engine bay with a stiff brush. Some individuals get by with a toothbrush. The comb will additional combine the degreaser in with the soiled areas and agitate the stains in order that they’ll come off simply.

Step 4: Rinse with strain washer

Whether or not you’re utilizing an electrical or fuel strain washer, it is advisable to spray utilizing low water strain. Making use of an excessive amount of water strain can harm components of your engine. Two strain washer configurations to concentrate to are the strain washer’s PSI and nozzle.

PSI choice

PSI stands for pounds-force per sq. inch. In layman’s phrases, this metric describes how highly effective the water strain is. So a washer with a excessive PSI choice can blast out a extremely pressurized stream of water, versus a washer with a low PSI choice.

A PSI setting between 1,000 and a pair of,000 PSI is a protected alternative for strain washing engines. I’d go along with one thing proper within the center like round 1,500 PSI.

Nozzle alternative

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Strain washer nozzles additionally play a job in regulating water strain. Some nozzles have massive orifices that put out large spray patterns and low water strain. Nozzles which have small orifices power water out of small openings. They’re water stream is extra concentrated and thus extra pressurized. As a result of their orifices are small, these nozzles produce slender spray patterns.

When strain washing an engine use a white or a inexperienced nozzle. Begin with the white nozzle. It produces a forty five diploma spray sample and sprays out comparatively average ranges of water strain. If you happen to really feel the white nozzle is missing, change to the inexperienced nozzle. It produces a 25 diploma spray sample and sprays out at barely extra water strain than the white nozzle. I wouldn’t go additional than that, like with a yellow nozzle. And I’d by no means use a purple 0 diploma nozzle.

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I’d say that for this job an electrical strain washer is ample. Gasoline powered washers are costly and too highly effective for this sort of job. Plus, there’s extra upkeep concerned with fuel washers.


As for the method it’s best to use when strain washing an engine I’d say there actually isn’t one. Simply use widespread sense. Don’t spray too near any specific space and keep away from electrical parts, regardless that they’re coated. Place the tip of the wand at the least a foot away from any floor when spraying.

Let engine dry

Take off the plastic coverings and use some towels and wipe down the engine. Previous shirts, rags, and microfiber towels are some recommendations. Some individuals use compressed air to dry laborious to achieve locations. You don’t should get it utterly dry. Simply dry sufficient in order that when the following time you drive out all moisture isn’t nonetheless there and selecting up mud whereas on the street.

Cleaning soap Software

After degreasing and rinsing, some individuals prefer to throw in one other step with cleaning soap utility. That is superb, if you wish to get a extremely good deep clear. You should use a automotive wash and wax cleaning soap cleaner or some individuals use dish cleaning soap. No matter works. Then you definitely would rinse off the cleaning soap such as you did with the strain washer.

Further Detailing

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Need that additional shine in spite of everything that work? Think about dressing up your engine with protectants in your plastics and metals. There are completely different sprays you may get. Simply apply and wipe down with a microfiber towel. You’re plastics may have an additional pop and your metals and added sheen.

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Is it Dangerous?

I’m positive this query has come to the minds of those that’ve by no means completed it earlier than. Engines are costly and complex. You don’t need to mess them up. Water, particularly pressurized water could cause severe harm.

There’s threat to every little thing and strain washing may be dangerous if not completed correctly. Fortunate for us, there’s just a few security measures that we should always take into accout to stop damage to us and harm to the engine. There’s actually nothing to be afraid of.

Expertise has superior fairly a bit, and engines of right now are nothing like they had been a decade in the past. For instance, automotive engines right now have extra plastic coverings and water-resistant connections than these of years in the past. That doesn’t imply you don’t take heed and canopy these parts which might be uncovered, however there’s actually much less to be frightened about.

Security Suggestions

Take into accout these security ideas as you’re strain washing your automotive’s engine bay.

  • Put on protecting coverings. Defend your eyes with security goggles and your toes with closed toe footwear.
  • Keep away from strain washing a sizzling engine bay. You may burn your self.
  • Disconnect your automotive’s battery terminals and canopy with a plastic bag.

Closing Ideas

We don’t wash our engine bays as a result of both it’s scary or as a result of we don’t give it some thought. Fact of the matter is, engines get soiled. Mud settles on it. Grease and oil spill out. Dust truffles over it. Regardless of the purpose, they must be cleaned to be able to keep correct engine efficiency.

The duty may appear extra like a labor intensive chore involving a lot of hand scrubbing. That doesn’t should be the case. Let pressurized water raise and wash away the soiled areas of your engine. It’s fast and straightforward.

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