How to Spool Your Baitcaster Reel

Video How to Spool Your Baitcaster Reel

When the fish are biting and the motion is continuous, one of many worst issues to happen for any fisherman is line hassle. Backlash, line twists and different fishing line dilemmas can put the brakes on any angler’s outing. Fortunately, plenty of these issues could be averted or lessened by correctly spooling your fishing reel upfront.

Spooling a baitcasting reel might sound intimidating at first, however through the use of these fishing Professional Ideas you’ll see that the method is nothing to worry.


To successfully add new line to your baitcasting reel, you’ll want a number of fishing provides:

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Monofilament fishing line
  • Pencil
  • One fellow fisherman
  • Braided fishing line (non-compulsory)

If you end up one fishing buddy shy of a full gear record, worry not. You possibly can at all times make use of a fishing line spooler to realize a full baitcasting reel.


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With provides in tow, now you can start to spool your baitcasting reel. DICK’S Sporting Items Affiliate Justin Lonchar states that step one on this course of must be to connect your reel to your fishing rod. “Subsequent, you’ll need to feed the road by the primary eyelet of the rod,” he says.

As soon as your fishing line is thru the primary eyelet, you’ll be able to then connect it to your reel spool. Lonchar notes that it is best to feed the road by the worm information on the entrance of the reel.

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Subsequent, you’ll need to wrap the road across the spool and tie an overhand knot round the principle line. End by tying an overhand knot on the tag finish and by pulling on the principle line till each knots tighten down on the spool. That is additionally known as an arbor knot.

After trimming the tag finish, you’ll be able to start spooling your reel. That is the place your good friend will are available in to assist. Take your pencil by the opening of the packaged filler spool and have them maintain your line vertically, like a tire on an axle. Place some rigidity on the road and start to reel and refill the spool. Should you don’t have a good friend out there, use your fishing line spooler to accommodate the filler spool as you reel.

To stop line twists and future casting issues, it is best to need your fishing line to come back off its filler spool the identical manner it goes onto your baitcaster reel. Since your reel spool feeds on the backside of its flip, you need your filler spool to feed off the highest. An excellent tip is to consider a cassette tape; as one reel loses tape, the opposite fills up.

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Proceed spooling your reel till it’s virtually filled with line.

“Ideally, you’ll need to go away one- eighth of an inch from the sting of the spool,” Lonchar says. “It will enable for easy casting.”

Lastly, trim your spooled line from its bundle spool and thread by the remaining eyelets in your rod.

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Braided fishing line is a well-liked possibility for fishermen as a result of its nearly stretch-free design and spectacular strength-to-diameter ratio. Braided line is slightly slick, nevertheless, which might result in drag issues, backlash and line slippage on the spool. To fight this, it’s advisable that you just use a monofilament backing previous to spooling your reel with braided line.

Start your backing by feeding monofilament fishing line by the worm information and tying it to the spool. Spool a few turns till you’ve gotten a clear layer throughout your spool. The mono helps in creating friction on the braided line, permitting for higher efficiency out of the reel.

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To mix your braided and mono strains, “Seize your braid and connect with the monofilament by double-uni knot,” says Lonchar.

For extra info on the best way to tie a double-uni knot, remember to take a look at these fishing Professional Ideas.

As soon as your strains are conjoined, start spooling your braided line onto your reel as regular, leaving roughly one-eighth of an inch earlier than the spool lip.

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Together with your baitcaster filled with recent fishing line and your setup able to go, all that’s left is to decide on your lure and head out to your favourite fishing spot. Use these angling Professional Tricks to spool your reel the precise manner and go away your fishing line complications on the dock.

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Best braided line for baitcasting reels for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.


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