Miter Saw: How to Choose the Right Features & Techniques

Video Miter Saw: How to Choose the Right Features & Techniques

An influence miter noticed is among the handiest instruments round. Nothing beats it for making completely correct 90-degree crosscuts, the commonest minimize. However it could possibly additionally pivot to make completely angled miter cuts, and a few fashions even tilt to make compound angle cuts.

Precision is what makes miter saws so indispensable. As a result of the blade is fastened to a sturdy arm on a heavy physique, cuts could be fine-tuned to the width of the blade. “You may shave off little bits till you get an ideal match,” says Tom Silva, This Outdated Home common contractor. That stability, together with built-in blade guards, additionally makes miter saws safer than different energy cutters.

There are some issues miter saws cannot do. They can not rip lumber to width or minimize very vast inventory, and lots of solely tilt a technique. However sliding arms can enhance reducing attain, and a few tilt two methods to make difficult cuts simpler. Needless to say with added options come extra weight and better price. On this article see which noticed has the options you need and Tom’s suggestions for utilizing miter saws accurately.

Miter Noticed Evaluations: Professionals & Cons

Makita Miter Saw Picture by John Kelsey

Fundamental Miter Noticed

Crosscuts and miters, however doesn’t tilt for bevel cuts.Professionals: Good primary job-site noticed. Comparatively cheap, light-weight for simple hauling and setup.Cons: Cannot minimize bevels. Width and depth of minimize are restricted to blade attain.Instance Mannequin: Makita LS1030N, approx. $180

Compound Miter Noticed

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Crosscuts, miters, and tilts to at least one facet to chop bevels. Some tilt each methods.Professionals: Makes all the essential cuts.Cons: Width and depth of minimize are restricted to blade attain. One-way tilt means it’s a must to make some bevel cuts with the workpiece the wrong way up.Instance Mannequin: Delta 36-255L TwinLaser, with double-laser information strains for correct cuts, approx. $350

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Sliding Compound Miter Noticed

Crosscuts, miters, tilts to at least one facet, and slides.Professionals: Makes all the essential cuts. Slide mechanism will increase reducing capability.Cons: One-way tilt means it’s a must to make some cuts with the workpiece the wrong way up.Instance Mannequin: Porter-Cable 3807, approx. $470

Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Noticed

Crosscuts, miters, bevels to each side, and slides.Professionals: Makes all straight, mitered, and beveled cuts. No want to show work the wrong way up.Cons: Quite a few changes to get proper; costlier.Instance Mannequin: Dewalt DW708, approx. $600

Cordless Sliding Compound Miter Noticed

Crosscuts, miters, bevels to at least one facet, and slides, all on battery energy.Professionals: Battery means it may be used on websites the place the electrical energy has not but been linked.Cons: Largest, 24-volt battery nonetheless may not be large enough for a full day’s work with out recharging.Instance Mannequin: Bosch 3924, approx. $350

Miter Noticed Stands

Delta Miter Saw Stand Picture by John Kelsey

Most lumber inventory is lengthy, which implies you’ll want to help the wooden’s ends when reducing with a miter noticed. Contemplate getting a bench or stand. The Delta Kickstand, above, folds to change into a wheeled cart.

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Another choice is to construct your personal infeed and outfeed tables with planks on sawhorses (see for Norm Abram’s “Chop-Noticed Station” plans); outriggers to catch the wooden should match the noticed desk peak or else the blade will bind or sit back. Whether or not or not you employ a stand, make sure to screw the noticed down tight to no matter floor it is on.

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Tom Silva’s Methods

Fundamental Use of Miter Noticed

  • Take a steady stance, and clear away scraps of wooden that might upset your footing.
  • Put on security glasses.
  • Maintain the fabric tight to the fence and down in opposition to the desk with one hand, and work the noticed with the opposite.
  • Push the noticed blade steadily down into the wooden.
  • With a noticed that slides, pull all of it the best way ahead earlier than you decrease it into the wooden and push to chop so the noticed’s power works with you to press the wooden in and down. By no means pull the blade via the wooden.

Slicing Extensive Boards

  • When the piece you are reducing is just too vast for the noticed however nonetheless lower than twice the width, you possibly can minimize it in two passes. Fastidiously minimize the piece so far as the blade will attain, then flip it over and repeat the minimize from the alternative edge.

Slicing A number of Items the Identical Size

  • For balusters, studs, and different lumber that needs to be minimize to equal lengths, fasten a cease block to the fence.
  • Safe the block to the fence with screws or, higher but, adjustable locking pliers, which tighten simply and maintain securely.
  • Place the cease block barely above the desk floor to make room for sawdust to flee. “In any other case, if it packs up in there, your cuts will not be correct,” Tom says.
  • Butt each bit of wooden in opposition to the block to chop uniform lengths. Make sure you maintain down the workpiece on the block facet of the blade, not on the opposite facet.
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Slicing Miters and Bevels

  • When reducing compound miters on crown molding, mark not solely the purpose of the miter (the place the wooden meets the nook) but in addition the route of the minimize.

“You do not have to put it out with a ruler, simply sketch a line exhibiting which method it goes,” Tom explains. Then, once you arrange for the minimize, even when it’s a must to flip the wooden the wrong way up, you may know what has to occur.

Porter-Cable Miter Saw Picture by John Kelsey

The place to Discover It

Prime — Delta MachineryDelta 36-255L TwinlaserDelta MachineryJackson, TN800-223-7278

Fundamental miter noticed

Makita LS1030NMakita USALa Mirada,

Compound miter noticed

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Delta 36-255L TwinlaserDelta Equipment

Sliding compound miter noticed

Porter-Cable 3807Porter-Cable CorporationJackson,

Double-bevel sliding compound miter noticed

Dewalt DW708DewaltHampstead,

Cordless sliding compound miter noticed

Bosch 3294Bosch Energy ToolsMt. Prospect,

Miter noticed stand

The Delta KickstandDelta Equipment

Please see more summary list Best sliding miter saw for homeowner for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.


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