Morton Tender Quick vs Insta Cure 1

Pink salt, or ought to we are saying salt for curing meat, may be very important in your kitchen.

Two aggressive substitutes/replacements for this important pink salt are Morton Tender Fast, Insta Remedy #1.

However right here is the issue.

Each of those do work nearly as good replacements for one another, however they can’t be interchanged.

If a recipe ebook specifies you to make use of Morton Tender Fast, you then can not use Insta treatment #1 there.

Why is that?

It sounds slightly weird.

Let me inform you, the primary distinction between the Morton Tender Fast and Insa Remedy #1 lies of their components.

Insta treatment #1 makes use of Sodium nitrite, whereas Morton Tender Fast makes use of each Sodium nitrite and Sodium nitrate.

Insta treatment #1 has a dye ingredient, that makes it pink.

However the Morton Tender Fast doesn’t have any DIY components.

There are additionally different main variations curing course of time and utilization.

We are going to discover out the distinction between the 2 on this small Morton Tender Fast vs Insta Remedy #1 information additional intimately.

About Morton Tender Fast

Morton Curing Salt, Tender Quick Home Meat Cure, 2 Pound - PACK OF 2

The Morton Tender Fast can’t be described as pink salt.

As a result of it has extra than simply pink salt in it.

The principle components within the Morton Tender Fast embrace salt, sugar, and anti-caking brokers.

It additionally contains sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.

The proportion of Sodium nitrate is 0.5% Sodium nitrate and for nitrite, it’s 0.5% Sodium nitrate.

This nitrate shouldn’t be current within the different alternative, Insta Remedy #1.

From the vastness of the ingredient, you’ll be able to simply guess that the Morton Tender Fast has much less salt density.

That’s true.

It’s considerably much less dense than different pink salt replacements, and it’s one among a form.

It makes use of each salt (Sodium nitrate and Sodium nitrite) and sugar as preservatives.

Then we’ve the anti-caking agent for enhancing the preservation of the salt and sugar.

You should utilize the Morton Tender Fast for dry preservation in addition to water remedy.

The required degree for Morton Tender Fast is as follows,

  • One tablespoon of Morton Tender Fast for one pound of meat
  • One cup of Morton Tender Fast for 4 cups of water (For making moist brine to water deal with the meat).

You should utilize the Morton Tender Fast for preserving and curing meat, fish, and different livestock.

How To Use Morton Tender Fast?

You should utilize Morton Tender fast curing by following methods:

For okayeeping poultry brine secure

Add 1 tablespoon of Tender Fast to every gallon of brine.

If you will smoke meat, it is very important forestall bacterial exercise.

Morton Tender Fast has executed this job completely.

Poultry additionally has nooks and crannies, so it may be within the hazard zone (between 40-140°F) for an prolonged interval.

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The Tender Fast additionally helps to forestall bacterial progress throughout that point.

Do-it-yourself Sausages curing

Take 2 teaspoons of Tender Fast and add to every pound of seasoned floor meat.

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Refrigerate the sausage for 3 days, and blended twice every day.

Then stuffed in casings and smoke, or course of it because the recipe requires.

Canadian Bacon recipe with Morton Tender fast

For making Canadian bacon, trim an entire pork loin.

Then take 1 tablespoon of Tender Fast and a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar per pound of meat.

Rub the Tender Fast correctly and pack the sugar across the loin.

Preserve it in a big freezer bag and refrigerate for six days.

With even curing, gently redistribute the sugar and Tender Fast two instances a day.

Take away the loin, rinse it correctly, and smoke at as much as 155°F. Let it relaxation 20 minutes earlier than retaining it within the fridge. It’s cooked utterly and serve.

You can even make a Hammy Turkey with tender fast. It’s best to use 2 cups Tender fast for a 2 gallons water turkey brine, and a couple of cups brown sugar.

You can even use Tender fast kind for curing giant cuts, like hams and pork picnics. It’s best to use an injection course of for them.

Test Out Right here Morton Tender Fast Substitute?

About Insta Remedy #1

Hoosier Hill Farm Prague Powder No.1 Pink Curing Salt, 2.5 Pound

Insta Remedy #1 is rather like your Himalayan Pink Salt.

It even sort of appears to be like like it’s pink.

Insta Remedy #1 may be very well-known and it goes by many different names.

One in every of them is Prague Powder #1.

So, if the shopkeeper says that they’ve Prague powder, consider it as Insta treatment #1.

Now for the components, the Insta Remedy #1 has fewer brokers.

The components embrace 92% Sodium chloride, 6.25% Sodium nitrite, one anti-caking agent.

There may be one different ingredient named the FD&C Purple No. 3.

It’s a pink dye colour to carry out that pink look of the salt.

This dye has no different performance than simply to differentiate the salt from different conventional salts in your kitchen.

As for the opposite components, you’ll be able to see that it has no sugar and Sodium nitrate compared to Morton Tender Fast.

However don’t let that alarm you.

Check out Insta Remedy #1’s required degree,

  • One tablespoon of Insta Remedy #1 for 5 kilos of meat
  • One cup of Insta Remedy #1 for 43 cups of water (For making moist brine)

As you’ll be able to see, Insta Remedy #1 can treatment 5 instances the quantity of meat than Morton Tender Fast for the precise quantity.

How To Use Insta Remedy # 1?

Making Ham and Bacon Brines

As talked about above you need to combine Insta treatment with water.

Use 3-4 oz Insta Remedy #1 with a cold-water resolution to every gallon of water. This resolution is called a brine which is used to Remedy entire muscle meats like Beef Brisket, Pork Shoulder, Ham, and naturally, Pork Stomach for Bacon.

The length and precise focus might fluctuate as per your recipe. However this brine will change your uncooked retail reduce right into a cured product It will likely be safer and scrumptious.

Making Smoked and Cooked Sausages & Meats

You’ll need Insta treatment #1 for Smoking Sausage.

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As you already know smoking is a gradual course of. However Insta treatment is crucial not simply because the temperature throughout smoking is normally ‘low’, however the casings entice air pockets within the sausage makes them presumably unsafe to eat with treating.

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You should utilize Insta Remedy # 1 as a primary treatment for all meats that require cooking, brining, smoking or canning.

You can even use it for poultry, fish, luncheon meats, corned beef, pates, and so on.

Comparability – Morton Tender Fast vs Insta Remedy #1

Though Insta Remedy #1 and Morton Tender shortly work as replacements for pink salt, they can’t be interchanged with one another.

On this a part of our Morton Tender Fast vs Insta Remedy #1 dialogue, we’ve talked concerning the distinction between the 2 so you’ll be able to perceive why they can’t be interchanged.


The principle distinction between the 2 lies of their components.

Insta treatment #1 makes use of Sodium nitrite, whereas Morton Tender Fast makes use of each Sodium nitrite and Sodium nitrate.

Insta treatment #1 has a dye ingredient, the FD&C Purple No. 3 for making it pink.

However the Morton Tender Fast doesn’t have any DIY components.

Insta treatment #1 has Sodium chloride in it, which is lacking in Morton Tender Fast.

However alternatively, Morton Tender Fast has sugar as a preservative.

This sugar is lacking in Insta Remedy #1.

However each of those replacements have one frequent anti-caking agent of their combine.

Salt density

The salt density of the 2 is a notable distinction to level out.

Insta Remedy #1 is denser with salt than Morton Tender Fast.

The combo of Insta treatment #1 has 92% Sodium Chloride and 6.25% Sodium Nitrite.

Then again, Morton Tender Fast has 0.5% of Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate.

Morton Tender Fast additionally has sugar as a preservative.

To make room for sugar, the quantity of salt needed to be decreased, which has diminished the density of the salt in it.

Purchase Insta Remedy #1 doesn’t have sugar.

It makes use of salt as its most important preservative.

Therefore the density of salt in Insta Remedy #1 is far increased.

Quantity wanted to treatment

As each of those pink salt replacements have a distinct density on their ingredient, the quantity wanted to treatment meat can be completely different.

One tablespoon of Insta Remedy #1 can dry treatment 5 kilos of meat.

However one tablespoon of Morton Tender Fast can solely dry treatment 1 pound of meat.

So, you want a little or no quantity of Insta Remedy #1 as compared with Morton Tender Fast.

The consequence stays the identical within the case of a moist brine treatment.

You should utilize one cup of Morton Tender Fast with 4 cups of water.

However with Insta Remedy #1, you’ll be able to combine one cup of it with 43 cups of water.

Pace of curing

There may be additionally a distinction of their pace for curing the meat.

You will have seen that salt dissolves faster than sugar.

Effectively, that’s what made the consequence completely different right here.

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Insta Remedy #1, true to its title, dissolves shortly and may immediately dry treatment the meat.

It’s so fast that you could instantly begin processing after dry curing the meat with Insta Remedy #1.

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Then again, Morton Tender Fast will take a while.

As a result of it has extra sugar and fewer salt, it can not dry treatment the meat immediately.

So clearly Insta Remedy #1 is the winner within the case of pace.


Insta Remedy #1 has a smooth and delicate pink colour in it.

However the Morton Tender Fast has no synthetic dye in it.

The pink colour in Insta Remedy #1 is the results of the FD&C Purple No. 3 ingredient.

This dye is what made the salt pink.

The rationale for doing so is to differentiate it from different salts within the kitchen so that you don’t mismatch Insta Remedy #1 with different salts.

Package deal

Lastly, we’ve the package deal.

Insta Remedy #1 is available in a transparent glass jar, which lets you see the pink salt inside and decide how a lot is left.

However alternatively, Morton Tender Fast is available in a tetra pack.

So, I’d say that Insta Remedy #1 has higher packaging.

Steadily Requested Questions

Are you able to treatment meat with out curing salt?

Sure, you’ll be able to treatment meat with out curing salt. Some world-class hams like Italian prosciutto and Spanish Jamon Iberico are cured with solely sea salt (sodium chloride) and air.

You treatment meat with out including sodium nitrate in 3 ways i.e. dry curing, brine curing, and mixture curing.

How lengthy does curing salt final?

Truly, curing salt has no expiration date.

In case your curing salt accommodates solely salt and sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite, it’s good for a lifetime.

Typically, salt by no means goes unhealthy, but yellowing and different discoloration are frequent.

But when your curing salt smells rancid, throw it out and purchase a contemporary bottle.

Ultimate Ideas

So, we’ve reached the top of our Morton Tender Fast vs Insta Remedy #1 dialogue.

Why can not we exchange Insta Remedy #1 with Morton Tender Fast?

It’s due to the components in them.

Insta Remedy #1 is all salt with an anti-caking agent.

Purchase Morton Tender Fast has salt and sugar in it.

Additionally, the density of salt is far decrease in Morton Tender Fast.

Moreover, the quantity wanted you will want is far decrease for Insta Remedy #1 compared to Morton Tender Fast.

So, you can not decide the right amount you will want to make use of in the event you interchange them.

Due to all these variations, you can not exchange Insta Remedy #1 with Morton Tender Fast.


Taking the Cure: Of Nitrites, Prague Powder, and Other Curing Salts


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