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Smallmouth bass choose clear water, however they do thrive in loads of murky water lakes and rivers. Since visibility is far much less, smallmouth bass use noise much more to assist them discover meals to eat. Utilizing noisier lures is among the best methods to do higher when fishing stained waters. Utilizing brighter lures and fishing slower also can assist you catch extra bass in murky water.

Fish Shallower

These fish are going to be present in shallower water more often than not in comparison with clear water lakes. For instance, if it’s the spring time, chances are you’ll discover smallmouth bass in 3 to 12 ft of water on a transparent lake once they transfer in to spawn, however they might be present in good numbers in 3 to six ft of water in murkier water.

As soon as the water temperatures heat up in the summertime time, they’re nonetheless going to be present in deeper water, however it is probably not as deep as it will be in clear water. As a substitute of fishing 20 to 30 ft down, chances are you’ll find yourself discovering the faculties of larger smallmouth bass in 12 to twenty ft of water. As a rule, fish shallower in murky water after which make the mandatory changes in line with how the chunk is on that particular day.

Fish Slower

There are all the time occasions that fishing quick will work in clear or darkish water. Nonetheless, in murky water, slowing down is an effective way to provide the bass an opportunity to seek out and eat your bait.

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Use Noisy Lures

Smallmouth bass love noisy lures, so use lures which have a rattle or a whole lot of vibration. This may assist the bass discover your baits. Should you’re fishing with smooth plastics, use the jighead or drop shot weight to tick the underside. That noise will normally assist draw extra strikes, particularly in murky water.

Go Heavier with Your Deal with

You possibly can upsize your line a bit which is able to assist you get a few of these larger fish in a lot simpler than with the sunshine sort out that almost all anglers use for smallmouth bass in clear water. Go forward and upsize to 10 or 12 pound line and a medium and even medium heavy motion rod will do the trick relying on the lure dimension after all.

Brighten Up Your Lure Colours

You possibly can catch loads of smallmouth bass with darker lures in murky water, so don’t really feel like it’s a must to go tremendous flashy such as you would when fishing for northern pike. Nonetheless, including a bit coloration may help extra smallmouth bass discover your lures. Whether or not or not it’s crimson, orange, inexperienced, blue or a few of your different favorites colours, a bit additional coloration that may assist brighten up your baits may help a ton in murky water. Additionally, in case you are utilizing smooth plastics on some kind of jighead, attempt utilizing a brighter coloration jighead comparable to inexperienced or orange. A brown crayfish bait with some orange sparkles would stand out much more with an orange jighead. It might be the distinction in catching a pair extra fish every outing.

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Use Topwater Lures

Topwater lures are nice in murky water as a result of the noise of the baits will assist the bass discover your bait. From late spring via early fall, a superb topwater bait could make all of the distinction.

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