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As a result of variable rules round (de)registration of pesticides, your nationwide listing of registered pesticides or related authority ought to be consulted to find out which merchandise are legally allowed to be used in your nation when contemplating chemical management. Pesticides ought to at all times be utilized in a lawful method, per the product’s label.

Extra detailed info on prevention and management is supplied by ISSG (undated).

Bodily Management

Ferret management has historically been carried out by trapping in New Zealand, utilizing meat (e.g. rabbit) as a lure. Nonetheless, this may be labour-intensive, time-consuming and expensive (Spurr et al., 2005), and raises moral points (ISSG, undated); many kill traps are ineffective at killing animals shortly and humanely (Warburton and O’Connor, 2004). In contrast with kill or leg-hold traps, dwell traps have some great benefits of being extra humane (if checked frequently) and inflicting much less hurt to non-target species (Ragg, 2010).

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Traps will be baited with a man-made scent lure (Clapperton, 2001). Ferrets are recognized to be much less simply trapped in spring, and culling in autumn provides extra success than culling in spring (Barlow and Norbury, 2001). Landcare Analysis (2008) state that setting traps close to vegetation cowl, rabbit indicators or different animal tracks improved seize charges, whereas analysis cited by Clapperton (2001) discovered that ferrets had been most frequently caught in traps set near waterways.

Motion Management

In nations the place ferrets are invasive, ferret-free islands ought to be stored ferret-free. This may be carried out by public schooling and prohibiting the transport and switch of ferrets to those islands (King, 1994).

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Organic Management

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There’s some curiosity in creating the canine distemper virus as a possible type of organic management (Clapperton, 2001).

Chemical Management

There was analysis in New Zealand on chemical management of ferrets, however the pesticides used at the moment are banned or restricted by worldwide agreements.


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Ferret populations get well shortly from management operations, largely resulting from reinvasion from different areas. A discount in ferret numbers will even improve the survival possibilities of the remaining ferrets. Because of this ongoing management is required to take care of ferret numbers at a low stage to guard weak species (Landcare Analysis, 2008). Byrom (2002) means that the best time for ferret management is following dispersal of juveniles (late autumn in New Zealand). Younger ferrets have been noticed to maneuver as much as 45 km from their residence territory, and usually tend to colonise areas that had had predator management the earlier spring. It’s recommended that predator management ought to be carried out in autumn moderately than spring (Landcare Analysis, 2008).


Trials have been carried out in New Zealand to try to situation ferrets to keep away from some prey species, resembling native birds, however the preliminary outcomes had been disappointing (Parkes and Murphy, 2004).

Additionally in New Zealand, there have been makes an attempt to scale back the impacts of ferrets and different predators on threatened birds by modifying the habitat round chicken breeding websites. For instance, the Division of Conservation has planted buffer zones of lengthy grass round yellow-eyed penguin (Megadyptes antipodes) coastal grassland breeding areas and eliminated willows from braided riverbed habitat the place stilts (Himantopus) and dotterels nest. Habitat modification lowered the charges of predation within the braided riverbed habitat of the MacKenzie Basin however not the coastal grassland habitat of the Otago Peninsula. Habitat modification is believed to have very restricted applicability for farmland areas (Ragg, 2010).

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