Owning a Dog in Singapore (Complete Guide For First Timers)

First time proudly owning a canine or seeking to get that cute pet within the window?

You may need to take a while to learn this complete information that we’ve got put collectively earlier than you decide to proudly owning a canine.

There are many elements to consider if you need to get a canine. Along with this, there are some commitments different than simply your effort and time. A canine can reside for as much as about 13 years. By getting the correct weight-reduction plan, care, and veterinary consideration, a number of canine breeds could even transcend that and reside quite a bit longer.

What we will probably be overlaying on this submit:

  • How one can choose a canine that’s appropriate for you and your loved ones
  • Precise prices of getting a canine
  • Getting your property prepared on your new canine
  • Issues you must do as soon as your canine has settled down
  • Common upkeep on your canine

How To Choose A Canine That Is Appropriate For You And Your Household

To start with, it’s important so that you can scrutinize your current life-style in addition to contemplate the changes you may be able to make on your canine. Additionally, it’s essential to contemplate the wishes of your loved ones, particularly when you’ve kids and different pets. These individuals who like higher to have low-shedding canines or these with allergic reactions could need to contemplate having the hypoallergenic breed of canines.

Some Key Elements To Assume About When Selecting A Breed

Stage of Exercise

Every canine must have routine train, not contemplating its breed and measurement. Due to this fact make sure that you’ll be able to present this on your canine. If you’re not capable of decide to over 1-2 informal walks for every day, then you might be most likely are higher off getting your self a canine with decrease vitality.

Tip: To assist preserve your high-energy canine engaged all by way of the day, there are a number of coaching faculties that provide doggy daycare. The staffs are capable of develop your energetic canine’s vitality.


It will be significant so that you can acknowledge that small canines are weak and delicate. Being mishandled and even getting stepped on may cause them very severe accidents whereas massive canines require slightly extra space for them to maneuver round. The large, blissful canines with whip-like, lengthy tails require “wagging house” to assist keep away from tail damage and even harm to your family objects.

Tip: It’s essential so that you can take the scale of the canine into consideration along with the quantity of house you’ve in your dwelling space.

Fundamental Grooming

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All canines require primary grooming; nonetheless particular varieties of canines require extra relying on the sort of hair coat they’ve. Even then, there are a number of canine breeds that will want much more effort so far as grooming is worried. This is because of their lengthy or thick coats. Whenever you select to get a canine whose hair retains rising on a regular basis, then giving it superior common grooming is important. Nearly all of the smooth-coated, short-haired canines are sometimes main shedders. Because of this, you’ll want to be able to do just a few extra further cleansing up.

Tip: In Singapore, you’ll be able to simply discover skilled canine grooming providers and these come to you on the consolation of your own home to assist groom your canine.


All puppies want probably the most quantities of consideration and coaching and particularly over their first 12 months. Getting an grownup canine could also be a greater possibility in the event you want to get a good suggestion of their true vitality ranges, temperament, and perspective of the brand new canine. Selecting a senior canine could make a terrific companion for somebody who’s searching for a canine with decrease vitality.

Tip: Though puppies would be the cutest, senior canines could be the lapdog you would like for if you end up chilling in entrance of the TV after a busy day at work. Cleansing after spilled drinks and any unintentional poop will not be as cute in spite of everything.

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HDB Accredited Breeds

For somebody dwelling in public housing, you might want to make sure that the breed you select is permitted by HDB. In accordance with the Housing and Growth Board guidelines for Animal of 1989, HDB permits solely a single canine of the authorised small breed for every residential unit. Failing to abide by this laws could end in you being fined an quantity of about S$4,000 as soon as convicted.

Whereas in the event you reside in a non-public residence constructing, do make sure that the constructing administration permits canines.

Tip: If you find yourself renting your property as a substitute, it could be a good suggestion to verify along with your landlord first on whether or not he permits pet possession. A number of landlords could frown upon pets and will ask for a house cleansing deposit from you.

Precise Prices Of Having A Canine

Two Methods Of Buying A Canine In Singapore: Industrial Buy And Adoption

It’s comparatively cheap to undertake a canine from SPCA which stands at $180. For these canines over 7.5 years value $70, whereas the pedigrees, in addition to their crosses beneath 7.5 years, value $250. The grand factor relating to adopting is that the canines come already dewormed, sterilized, microchipped, vaccinated, licensed and registered, therefore you’ll save on almost all the upfront bills.

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Nonetheless, if you end up set on having a selected pure breed, be able to spend no less than $1000 and over on the pet outlets, breeders, and farms. As well as, additionally, you will must spend extra for microchipping, vaccinations, and the like.

Upfront Bills Earlier than Your Canine Might Get Settled Into Your Residence

  • Deworming – $50
  • Vaccination – $35 to $80
  • Microchipping – $50 – $80
  • Spraying/Neutering – $150 – $500
  • Leash/Collar – $10 – $50
  • Canine licensing – $70 when unsterilized, $14 for sterilized or beneath 5 months outdated*
  • Month’s meals provide – $40 – $200 this relies on the model and When you put together the meals your self

Recurring Bills Of Having A Canine

  • Meals: $40 – $200 per thirty days
  • Vaccinations: $35 – $80 every 1to3 years
  • Deworming – $50 as required
  • Licensing- $14 to $70 for annually Canine licenses are legitimate for a 12 months solely and must be renewed earlier than they expire. The renewal charges for sterilized canines are S$14 and S$70 for the unsterilized canines.
  • Canine shampoo- $10 to $20 every few months
  • Vet Visits + medicine: $40 – $100 when your canine will get sick
  • Grooming classes: $20 to $110

Getting Your Residence Prepared For Your Canine

The preliminary week you get to spend collectively along with your canine is thrilling, definitely, nonetheless, it’s additionally possible to be unsettling. To assist make the transition quite a bit simpler for you each, listed below are some issues that earlier than the arrival of your canine:

  • Set up an enclosed spot on your canine and guarantee it’s a well-aerated place with enough lighting. Be certain that it’s safely enclosed this fashion your canine gained’t bounce out or slip out of the spot. Ensure you give water, meals, a comfortable enclosure for him to nap in and bear in mind to incorporate appropriate toys. You could contemplate laying out quite a lot of newspaper for if you end up rest room coaching your canine. That is the preliminary spot your canine must be put in as quickly as he’s introduced residence.
  • Canines get pleasure from chewing crops and grass however a lot of households and decorative crops could also be dangerous to them. You’ll have to contemplate shifting the place of potted crops In case you have many inside your property, earlier than you bringing the brand new canine residence.
  • Ideally, you might want to contemplate taking some days to at least one week off from work to get your pet or canine settled-in in addition to begin home coaching them. It is going to additionally assist for the 2 of you to attach, which in itself could make the coaching a lot simpler.
  • It’s worthwhile to contemplate retaining all family chemical substances equivalent to bleach, pesticides, detergent, fertilizers and plant meals away out of your canines attain. This additionally applies to medicine. It’s worthwhile to bear in mind that canines are by nature curious and will deal with any cough combination bottle like a chew toy. Ingesting such chemical substances could trigger your new canine to get gravely sick and may even trigger loss of life.
  • Nuts, chocolate, onions, raisins, garlic, uncooked eggs, mushrooms, and totally different different widespread meals appropriate for human are harmful to all canines. Due to this fact clear off all leftovers as quickly as you might be completed along with your meals in any other case you might end up a frequent customer on the vets.
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Issues You Ought to Do As soon as Your Canine Has Settled Down

  • Start The Coaching

The earlier you begin, the better and quicker it’s to show your canine good manners and likewise the higher these classes will stick.

  • Set up A Routine

Having a routine aids in-house coaching and might be reassuring to your doggie. Provide you with a schedule for meals, walks, train and loo breaks, and try to comply with them.

  • Find A Vet

It’s significantly essential on your pet’s first go to to the vet to be an pleasing expertise. This fashion, your canine will get pleasure from taking journeys to the vet. Inquire round for referrals, after which schedule your first vet appointment. Your new canine would require a check-up and perhaps some vaccinations.

  • Decide A Common Groomer

Go searching for a wonderful groomer, one which your canine is calm with. The setting, the mannerism, and the prices are essential factors that you’ll want to take into issues. A variety of grooming corporations provide right-at-your-doorstep providers thus your pet gained’t must journey to unusual environs for grooming.

Common Upkeep For Your Canine

Grooming on your canine is a necessary a part of proudly owning a canine since it’s amongst your canine’s elementary wants. Grooming on your canine is regarding sustaining each the canine’s bodily well being and her look. To be able to do that, you need to start with coaching your canine to tolerate grooming beginning when she continues to be a pup. Whenever you select to attend too lengthy earlier than starting the grooming classes, your pup will not be as agreeable to the expertise afterward, and particularly when it issues nail clipping and ear cleansing.


The bulk canines will do superb by having a shower as soon as every month. Whenever you favor to wash your canine extra usually, that’s okay as properly. Just be sure you are utilizing a soap-free shampoo that’s supposed significantly for canines.

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You could comply with these simple steps to wash your canine efficiently:

  • Brush your canine earlier than bathing him to assist take away any mats or lifeless hair.
  • You could want to position a rubber tub mat within the tub to assist forestall your pooch from sliding and slipping. Make sure you use lukewarm water, after which filling the bathtub to an utmost 4 inches.
  • When the bathtub is outfitted with hand-held bathe head, you may use it to moisten your canine from its head to tail. Additionally watch out to not focus the nozzle straight into your canine’s ears, eyes or nostril. Whenever you don’t have the hand-held bathe head, you might use a big pitcher or perhaps a plastic container to clean him.
  • As soon as all moistened, lather within the canine shampoo throughout your canine’s coat.
  • Fastidiously rinse off the shampoo once more avoiding the eyes, ears, and nostril.
  • This can be the perfect time to verify your new canine’s ears for grime and odours. Use the vet-approved resolution and a cotton ball when cleansing your canine’s ears. DO NOT put the cotton into the ear canal.
  • As soon as completely rinsed you might use a big towel and, when wanted, a hairdryer positioned on low warmth to assist dry your canine. A whole lot of canines could need to sprint outdoors and wipe themselves all around the grass and even grime instantly after a shower. To be able to keep away from this, confining your canine to the home for some time will assist forestall having to do your entire course of once more.
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Don’t attempt to make use {of professional} grooming equipment in your canine in the event you aren’t educated to take action. It is because you might find yourself inflicting a foul damage to your canine. Giving your canine frequent haircuts is essential within the Singaporean humid climate. Thus sustaining the fur properly trimmed will assist forestall matted fur in addition to extreme pores and skin situations.

Coat Brushing

It’s important to brush your canine’s fur if you need for him to have a shiny, tangle-free coat. Ensure you choose the correct brush kind relying on the kind of your canine’s fur. Slicker brushes and wire-pin brushes work properly for the medium to long-haired varieties of canines. Mat breakers and rakes are good for brushing out extreme tangles and mats. Common brushing helps forestall extra shedding in addition to fur construct up. Not contemplating the breed of your canine, almost all canines get pleasure from having their coat brushed therefore you are able to do this as usually as you want. Additionally, take this event to make a connection along with your canine.

Dental Well being

A canine’s oral hygiene is a vital issue of their general well being, nonetheless, it’s largely ignored. Much like common grooming, your canine’s dental care must be one thing it involves count on daily.

  • Doggie Toothbrush

    Right here you might use a human toothbrush. However you’ll want to select one which is tender and a measurement to match the canine’s mouth. Canine toothbrushes are available fingertip type and are extra angled. These toothbrushes slip over your finger. You should definitely select the sort of toothbrush you each like.

  • Canine Toothpaste

    Your canine is unlikely to discover ways to spit, thus the necessity for a toothpaste that’s protected to swallow. This omits all human formulation, that comprise detergent and abrasives that your canine shouldn’t swallow. Plus, your canine will favor the seafood or poultry choices of the canine toothpaste.

  • Pads Or Wipes

    Wiping your canine’s enamel and gum may also help take away some meals and micro organism if you don’t have sufficient time for a full brushing session. You may use a dental pad for canines, which is obtainable at almost all pet shops, or wrapping a gauze pad round your finger may also do the job.

Nail Trimming

You should definitely first check the nail clippers to make sure that the blades are in good working order. Regardless of the clipper type, at all times use a agency grip after which use your fingers in separating the canine’s toes this additionally makes your entire course of simpler. When this course of appears intimidating, you might at all times have an expert groomer do it.


Undeniably, it may be laborious resisting these endearing pet eyes, that cute wagging tail and the enthusiastic bark that can greet you if you first meet your pooch. Nonetheless, you need to at all times do not forget that because the chosen or appointed human guardians of your canine, you’re the one with higher judgment regarding your choice and likewise actions. You’re the one answerable for the choice to have a canine in addition to answerable for the overall well-being of your canine as quickly as he’s underneath your care.

Through this article, we hope to help you understand more about Where to buy dogs in singapore for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.

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