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It’s Autumn. Meaning many Kiwis will likely be looking the bushes, banks, and gardens of Aotearoa within the hunt for psychedelic mushrooms, generally referred to as “Magic Mushrooms.”

Mushrooms are categorised as a Class A drug. Possession of mushrooms containing psilocybin and psilocin (the compounds which causes their psychedelic results) dangers six months in jail. Cultivating or supplying them is risking a lifetime imprisonment.

Regardless of this, eight p.c of New Zealanders have tried them. Most individuals know that mushrooms could be enjoyable, however they can be disagreeable and lethal.

In the event you have no idea the precise species of a mushroom with 100% certainty,


Significantly, when you get the incorrect mushroom, you’ll be fortunate when you get off with a case of diarrhea and/or vomiting. Worst case situation it should kill you stone lifeless, after a number of very disagreeable days.

We’d moderately you didn’t die, so we’ve compiled a number of bits and items that can assist you determine which the deadly ones are and hopefully dwell a bit longer.

Psilocybes and your mind. Collectively ultimately.

Psychedelic mushrooms comprise compounds referred to as psilocybin and psilocin.

When consumed, psilocybin is damaged down into psilocin throughout the physique. Psilocin is the energetic molecule which causes ‘a visit’.

It’s a structural analog of serotonin, and works by binding to, and activating the serotonin receptors within the mind. Serotonin impacts your sleeping, consuming, digestion, sexual perform, temper, and extra.

Due to this fact, taking psilocybin or psilocin could cause main modifications in feelings. There could be a non permanent lower or enhance in emotions of hysteria, disgrace, despair, guilt, worry, disappointment, satisfaction, pleasure, and sexual pleasure.

It will probably trigger visible and audio distortions, impair digestion, and trigger vomiting.

Due to the variability in emotional reactions when taking a psychedelic like mushrooms, three vital issues should be made previous to deciding to take them:, these are set, setting and substance.


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Your set is who you’re.

It’s your present emotional state, your psychological and bodily well being. Your preparations and expectations going into a visit. It’s your preconceptions, understanding and world view. Take into consideration whether or not you’re in a state proper now the place you’ll be able to address what mushrooms may do.


The setting is the environment wherein the journey happens.

Your bodily and social surroundings. Setting consists of the sounds or music which you’re listening to, the sights you’re seeing and the smells you’re smelling. It pertains to the folks it’s possible you’ll be with and your relationships with them. It’s in regards to the actions you intend to do whereas underneath the affect of psilocin. It pertains to the time of day you’re tripping, and the locations you’re going to be at the moment, and afterwards. Take into consideration whether or not you are feeling snug and protected the place you’re and with the folks round you.

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The substance is the drug you’re taking.

The place the drug is sourced from. The quantity you intend to eat to your desired results. Analysis any interactions along with your medicines and ask your physician. We strongly advise you not combine medication because of the potential for hurt attributable to damaging interactions. Mixture with some antidepressants dangers inflicting serotonin syndrome. Take into consideration what you understand about mushrooms and whether or not you’ll be able to take them with minimal threat.

Don’t cease taking your medicine to take mushrooms

It will probably result in unintended damaging results. Do your homework, analysis how mushrooms work together along with your meds if you wish to take each.

Going off your meds could make the signs that made you go on the medicine within the first place come again worse than ever.

If you wish to take mushrooms, it’s a good suggestion to speak to your physician or therapist about it first. Upon getting an thought of what may occur in your journey you’ll be able to put together for it.

Have I purchased the proper mushrooms?

In the event you get hold of mushrooms within the illicit market, you’re trusting that each single mushroom you purchase has been correctly recognized and safely dealt with and saved. That’s quite a lot of belief to place into somebody you don’t know.

In the event you select to do that, ensure you examine them, ask questions on which species, and test their ID options. Keep away from widespread avenue names – like ‘tub salts’, ‘blue meanies’ can imply various things to totally different folks – and that you must know what species you could have when you intend to stake your life on it.

Dangers Whereas Foraging

False associates

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There are literally thousands of fungal species in New Zealand, lots of which produce comparable trying mushrooms to those you’re looking for.

Pictured under is a collection of the widespread ‘lookalike’ mushrooms in New Zealand. These mushrooms are under no circumstances psychedelic nor fascinating for consumption. When foraging, concentrate on patches the place each the psychoactive mushrooms and the poisonous lookalike mushrooms develop aspect by aspect..

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Consumption of those lookalikes can result in critical well being issues and hospitalisation. It will probably even kill. It’s vital that you understand the precise species which you could have picked and examine each single mushroom.

Take a photograph of the mushrooms you’re planning on taking beforehand, these could be a useful reference when you by chance eat a mushroom from the incorrect species and poison your self.

If there’s even the slightest little bit of doubt in your thoughts about your mushroom’s ID, discuss to somebody who’s extra skilled. BEFORE you’re taking them. There are various on-line communities devoted to mushroom identification and hurt discount.

Psilocybe Weraroa, Clavogaster Virescens (poisonous), and Rossbeevera Pachydermis (poisonous)

All three fungi can look fairly much like an untrained eye as they’re totally enclosed and usually pale/blue in color.

Image, Clavogaster Virescens with cross-section of gleba (spore mass)
Clavogaster Virescens with cross-section of gleba (spore mass)

A cross part slicing could also be required to appropriately establish.

All 3 can have a fairly comparable color on the within however Clavogaster Virescens and Rossbeevera Pachydermis is not going to have gills. Rossbeevera Pachydermis has a spongy, spherical gleba (spore mass) as an alternative of a cap on the prime of the stalk. Clavogaster Virescens additionally has a gleba which may look barely spongy.

Image, Rossbeevera Pachydermis with cross section of gleba (spore mass)
Rossbeevera Pachydermis with cross part of gleba (spore mass)

It’s potential to come across these species in shut proximity as they thrive in the identical environments. In case you are trying to find Psilocybe Weraroa, take reference pictures of all three, with correct figuring out options.

Psilocybe Subaeruginosa, Galerina sp. (extremely poisonous), Hypholoma species(extremely poisonous), and Leratiomyces Ceres (extremely poisonous)

The amatoxins present in some Galerina, Hypholoma, and Leratiomyces species could make you sick, trigger liver failure, and even kill you. Amatoxins are a really particular sort of toxin discovered solely in fungi.

Image, underside of gallerina mushroom showing rusty brown gills
Gallerina species have rusty brown gills
Image of gallerina mushroom stalk with brown bruising
Gallerina species will bruise with a brown color

Go instantly to A&E when you or somebody you’re tripsitting

  • have extreme stomach ache,
  • are vomiting,
  • have diarrhea and dehydration
  • have convulsions
  • turn into delirious
  • lose consciousness
Image of hypholoma cluster
Hypholoma species develop in very shut clusters

These mushrooms can result in gastrointestinal bleeding, coma and demise.

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In the event you suppose you could have ingested any of those, go to A&E instantly, even when the mushrooms have been vomited again up. You’ll require liver assessments.

Usher in images of the mushrooms you could have consumed.

Image showing the reddish cap of Leratiomyces Ceres
Leratiomyces Ceres has a rust-coloured cap that’s nearer to crimson than brown.

Beware the blue spray

Some councils and property homeowners use deep-blue copper-based fungicides and weed sprays. This may be mistaken for blue bruising, resulting in you consuming a poison mushroom stained with toxic spray.

In the event you journey and forage, you’re a bloody fool

Tripping whereas foraging is a straight up silly thought. It will probably depart you in a susceptible place in an unfamiliar location. It distorts the best way you see issues, making it not possible to ID a mushroom with 100% certainty.

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When your fungus isn’t so enjoyable

You’ll be able to’t precisely measure the quantity of psilocybin in a mushroom, so watch out along with your dosing. The variability in efficiency between totally different patches of mushrooms, and even particular person mushrooms signifies that you must at all times put together for an intense, highly effective journey, even when you solely take a smaller dose.

Woodlovers Paralysis

Woodlover’s paralysis primarily happens to folks consuming mushrooms in New Zealand and Australia. It seems to be triggered solely by psychedelic mushroom species which develop on wooden., and It will probably result in full lack of bodily management, leaving you paralysed for a number of hours.

Reported onset occasions and durations fluctuate, however weak spot tends to first be felt in your face muscle tissues, arms and ft, earlier than spreading by the physique, leaving you susceptible and unable to maneuver for hours.

Whereas there have been restricted stories of respiration difficulties, this doesn’t appear to be widespread. A threat whereas experiencing woodlovers paralysis is vomiting whereas paralysed and choking in your vomit. That is why a sober journey sitter is vital.

Principally, when you’re going to take mushrooms this autumn, ensure you’re completely, 110% certain that what you’ve bought isn’t going to kill you. All mushrooms are edible, however a few of them you’ll be able to solely eat as soon as.


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