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At the start, essentially the most conventional type of milk we are able to feed our youngsters is human breast milk. This can be a conventional meals that has existed as a relentless all through our complete existence as human beings and past. “Breast milk is our first meals, one of the best meals, the final word conventional meals in all cultures with out exception. That’s the reason nature made nursing satisfying: to encourage moms and infants to do it” (Planck) When a mom is effectively nourished on the best meals her breast milk offers a whole meal with 50% of the energy coming from saturated fats.

Natures way....!

Nevertheless, in some unspecified time in the future in historical past people started to drink milk from different mammals akin to cows, sheep & goats. Once we had been children there was milk or milk. Right now there may be Rice Milk, Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Quinoa Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Breast Milk, Milk and….Grasp on….RAW MILK! The truth is that is the flamboyant title for the milk that many individuals grew up on. It was the one dairy milk (aside from breast milk) that our ancestors knew of. Milk straight from the cow!


Why are there so many milks right now? We have now taken a ‘uncooked meals’ dwell with enzymes and burnt and smashed it by pasteurisation and homogenisation and continued to name it “milk”!!! Milk as we all know it right now…….the white stuff in plastic bottles labelled “milk”, is NOT milk. These things is being rejected by the human physique and increasingly more individuals can not tolerate it. It isn’t a recognisable meals supply for our our bodies. Therefore, many individuals have been turning to exploit ‘options’ to keep away from these issues of intolerances.

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When speaking about dairy milk, not all milk is created equal. Uncooked milk, homogenised, pasteurised, natural? What does all of it imply and why are we ingesting milk anyway? People have been conventionally milking animals (sheep, goats and cows) for his or her milk for 1000’s of years. “About eighty-five hundred years in the past, someplace in Mesopatamia (fashionable Iraqu), we started to exploit the bigger and extra productive cow” (Planck). There are clues all through historical past that people have been consuming milk for over 10, 000 years. Nevertheless, the cow’s milk we discover on our grocery store cabinets is much from what was consumed all through historical past. The milk within the retailers is PASTEURISED and normally at all times HOMOGENISED.


What’s Pasteurisation? Loui Pasteur found pasteurisation within the late 1800’s. Milk was initially coming straight from the household cow or in glass jars from the native dairy. As US cities grew, city dairies developed, and had been typically positioned subsequent to Whisky distilleries so the cows may very well be fed an inexpensive weight loss plan of ‘mash’ known as ‘distillery slop’. These cows had been confined, dwelling in unhygienic situations and being fed an unhealthy weight loss plan that was utterly unsuited to their ruminant our bodies and milk manufacturing. Illness was frequent and the milk was inferior, typically unable for use to make cheese or butter. Outbreaks of tuberculosis, toddler diarrhea, scarlet fever and typhoid had been on the rise and toddler dying charges from contaminated milk accounted for half of the toddler deaths in NY in 1839.

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Requires pasteurisation had been made as this meant killing pathogens that had been carried within the milk. Initially uncooked milk was not blamed for sickness and illness and a push for larger inspection legal guidelines of dairies was seen as the reply to lower unfold of illness. Nevertheless, in 1914 a legislation was handed and pasteurised milk was the one milk that may very well be legally bought. Nina Planks sums this up superbly stating, “ The difficulty begins if you take a cow away from her pure habitat and nutritious diet and drive her to turn out to be a mere milk machine.”

It’s such a disgrace that necessary inspections weren’t enforced to enhance cow well being and dairy hygiene however relatively a fast repair of utilizing pasteurisation to wash up for some lazy and unscrupulous farmers. Nonetheless right now, some dairies have low well being and hygiene requirements, with farmers figuring out that pasteurisation will ‘kill off’ any pathogens. Pasteurisation of milk doesn’t solely kill pathogens however this heating course of additionally kills enzymes and immune components, useful micro organism, decreases vitamin content material and destroys B nutritional vitamins and denatures milk proteins. Not solely is pasteurised milk a useless and lifeless product, pasteurisation is a large cause why many individuals don’t tolerate milk. They’re typically unable to digest the denatured protein (casein) and since useful enzymes have been killed off from the heating course of, lactose is more durable to interrupt down.

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What’s Homogenisation? Homogenisation is a newer course of and has been generally known as “the worst factor dairymen have achieved to exploit.” Our grandparents in all probability bear in mind the clear cream line that might choose high of the milk that might be delivered by the milkman. Homogenisation is a course of that forcefully blends the fats molecules all through the milk so the cream not settles on the highest. This course of pumps the milk at excessive strain by a high quality mesh lowering the fats into tiny particles and pushing it across the milk. Not solely is homogensiation simply one other course of the milk is put by however this additionally oxidises the fat and adjustments the best way they behave within the physique.

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Don’t be fooled by natural milk both. We normally assume that once we see the natural label it should imply higher. Not at all times. Some natural milk has been ULTRA-PASTEURISED. Which means the milk has been heated to even larger temperatures killing off nearly each ingredient of goodness. Extremely-pasteurisation is finished to extend the use by date of the milk. All the time examine your use-by date. An extended use by date typically means Extremely Pasteurised. Learn your label!

Natural milk isn’t at all times an indicator of milk from pasture fed cows both. Generally natural cow’s milk could also be produced in feed-lot dairies the place cows are fed solely on grain and the cows haven’t any entry to pastures in any respect. This predominantly happens within the US and China, nonetheless there are some feed-lot dairies in Australia. In keeping with Dairy Australia, …”the variety of feedlot dairy farms in Australia is small, however there are a lot of farms the place a complete blended ration is fed for a part of the yr.”

Uncooked & Cultured Dairy

The consumption of dairy has been round for tens of 1000’s of years and folks thrived on it. The truth is a number of the primitive cultures studied by Weston A Value consumed giant quantities of uncooked and or cultured dairy and exhibited excellent well being. The distinction in dairy consumption from a conventional sense is that it was consumed Uncooked or Cultured. It was not consumed pasteurised or homogenised. Uncooked natural milk from animals grazing on pasture is the perfect alternative of dairy milks. Uncooked milk is a dwelling meals, filled with useful enzymes, micro organism, nutritional vitamins and minerals. If you’ll be able to entry uncooked milk it’s definitely worth the change. There are a lot of well-known advantages of uncooked milk, together with:

  • It incorporates fat- soluble Nutritional vitamins A, D and Ok, that are important for a wholesome immune system and for the absorption of different nutritional vitamins and minerals (particularly calcium and magnesium). Pasteurised milk typically incorporates artificial Nutritional vitamins that aren’t simply absorbed by the physique
  • It is filled with useful micro organism important for intestine well being and elevated immunity
  • It incorporates anti-microbial properties
  • It incorporates enzymes that assist the digestion of the milk. Usually individuals who have intolerances to pasteurised milk can tolerate uncooked milk
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Sadly entry to uncooked milk in Australia and different international locations is troublesome and nearly unattainable. It’s unlawful for farmers to promote uncooked milk for human consumption. You might be able to discover a supply of uncooked milk that’s on the market for physique cream or tub milk solely. “Devour at your individual danger!”


Should you can’t entry uncooked milk and uncooked milk merchandise, cultured dairy merchandise could also be your subsequent finest wager. Additionally thought of a conventional meals that our ancestors have consumed for 1000’s of years, yoghurt, cheese & kefir are preserved types of milk and are as previous as milking itself. The culturing of milk merchandise is a crucial course of within the consumption of contemporary dairy. While most of our milk is pasteurised right now, the culturing of this pasteurised milk within the type of yoghurt, kefir, cheese or cultured butter & cream makes this product extra simply digested and assimilated by the human physique. It creates it right into a extra conventional type.

So while many individuals would possibly ask, “Is milk or are dairy merchandise good for you?”, the reply isn’t so easy. It depends upon so many components. Is the milk pasteurised, homogenised or uncooked? Is it natural? Does it come from pasture raised animals? If is is pasteurised, has it been cultured afterwards? Does your physique tolerate it? The reply to all of those questions influences the reply to the unique query of “is dairy good for me?” The choice to incorporate dairy merchandise in your weight loss plan is a private choice, however consideration of the trendy processes that dairy is subjected to known as for. One other issue to think about is your heritage and whether or not you’ll have the lactase enzyme required to interrupt down lactose, the sugar in milk. As farming in Europe and the Center East started to exchange looking and gathering, shepherds had been fermenting dairy to make kefir, cheese and yoghurt. Over this time a genetic mutation unfold by Europe giving individuals the power to provide the lactase enzyme. Usually individuals with European heritage deal with dairy higher than these from Equatorial areas like Asia.

It doesn’t matter what your heritage, select correctly and supply dairy merchandise which can be as near a conventional meals as doable. For extra data on butter and yoghurt click on on hyperlink.


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