Singapore Zoo Review & How to Go Guide (2022 Update)

Singapore Zoo Guide

Singapore Zoo is definitely a enjoyable place to go to for all ages. With the number of sights, it’s one in every of Singapore’s greatest theme parks and makes my checklist of high 47 locations to go to in Singapore.

I visited this fashionable animal park not too long ago, along with my spouse and child. And I can say that we actually loved our journey.

On this Singapore Zoo evaluate, I’ll share our private experiences throughout our go to. These will embrace all of the stunning animals you’ll meet on the zoo.

There will even be a information on go to Singapore Zoo by MRT and Bus. So, let’s begin unlocking the sights ready for you at Singapore Zoo. 😉

What Animals You Can See at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo Animals
A day with the animals at Singapore Zoo

Take a step into the wild and spend a worthwhile journey at Singapore Zoo. This animal paradise is the house to greater than 2,800 animals from 300 totally different species.

On this 28-hectare park, you’ll witness numerous animals roaming freely throughout the 14 zones. These embrace kangaroos, lions, white tigers, leopards, cheetahs, orangutans, and giraffes. You’ll additionally come throughout some crocodiles, penguins, sea lions, snakes, and much more.

Other than the animal zones, there are 4 exhibits to look ahead to. And through our go to, we explored all of the zoo sights.

So, let me stroll you thru on what animals you may see at every zone of Singapore Zoo and in addition what exhibits you may see there. Let’s begin with the Wild Africa zone!

1. Wild Africa

African Lions, Cheetahs and African Painted Dogs
A breed of untamed cats and canine together with African lions, cheetahs, and African painted canine

Wild Africa shelters a number of African lions and cheetahs. These massive cats welcome you to the zoo with their robust physique and distinct options. Additionally, a part of this zone are the African painted canine, that are identified for his or her uncommon fur colours.

Leopards, Giraffes, White Rhinoceros and Zebras
The fast-running leopards and zebras, and the unique-looking giraffes and white rhinoceros

This space can be crammed with fierce leopards and distinct wild animals like zebras, giraffes, and white rhinoceros. So, should you’re a fan of them, take a tour round this place.

Meerkats and Red River Hogs
Lovable meerkats and pink river hogs

Have a look at these cute creatures! Meerkats habitually reside underground to handle their infants. However, pink river hogs usually dangle across the streams and ponds.

2. Primate Kingdom

Douc Langurs
The ever-striking douc langurs

Primate Kingdom is the place you’ll see totally different monkey species in numerous sizes and colours. For one, you’ll catch sight of some douc langurs, that are acknowledged for his or her vibrant options.

Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs
You’ll want to see the black-and-white ruffed lemurs

Do you know that black-and-white ruffed lemurs are thought-about as endangered species? Likewise, these hyperactive creatures stroll, run, and soar all day lengthy. After their tiring actions, they search meals with the assistance of their lengthy tongues.

Colobus Monkeys and Cotton-top Tamarins
Snap some images of the colobus monkeys and cotton-top tamarins

Identical to the black-and-white ruffed lemurs, colobus monkeys are identified for his or her hanging colours. These species are additionally tagged as uncommon sorts of monkeys, along with the cotton-top tamarins. So don’t miss this opportunity to witness these creatures personally if you tour round Singapore Zoo.

3. Tiger Trek

White Tigers
Stare on the majestic eyes of the white tigers

Tiger Trek gathers a novel breed of huge cats. As an alternative of the abnormal reddish-orange cats, the place is crammed with white tigers. Distinctly, these animals have royal blue eyes that completely complement their white fur. Additionally tagged as Bengal tigers, their distinctive shade is a results of uncommon genetic mutation.

4. Nice Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Pygmy Hippos
Pygmy hippos of their pure habitat

Nice Rift Valley of Ethiopia is a zone occupied by numerous mammals together with the pygmy hippos. These animals like to mess around swamps. Nevertheless, they aren’t a lot aquatic in comparison with the standard hippos.

Malayan Tapirs and Rock Hyraxes
Malayan tapirs and rock hyraxes

Malayan Tapirs seem like pigs slash elephant options. However even with their construction, they’re really from the horse species.

However, rock hyraxes are a part of the elephant and manatees classification. Each species like to swim, so that you would possibly catch them sunbathing throughout your go to.

Hamadryas Baboons and Gibbons
A bunch of hamadryas baboons and gibbons

This space can be filled with monkey species like Hamadryas baboons and gibbons. These animals have inimitable traits. Hamadryas baboons are clever creatures with robust physique constructions. Likewise, the gibbons are hailed because the gymnast of the wild due to their elongated arms.

Pelicans and Cassowary
Cease by and see these pelicans and cassowary

These chicken species usually wander on the grounds as an alternative of flying. Distinctively, cassowaries are a part of the few chicken teams who can’t fly. Regardless of that, these creatures are quick runners, good jumpers, and wonderful swimmers.

5. Treetops Path

Proboscis Monkeys
Spot the proboscis monkeys

At Treetops Path, you’ll encounter some proboscis monkeys hanging across the bushes. It’s not troublesome to find them due to their lengthy nostril construction. They could be strange-looking however their distinctive options are literally very helpful. Their nostril helps them in attracting mates and warning their fellow species.

The highly effective and territorial Siamang

These black-colored primates are fairly identified for his or her fierce character. They’ll simply defend their relations with the assistance of their robust our bodies. Due to that, they’re dubbed because the swinging king and queens of the wild.

6. Orangutan Island

Bornean Orangutans
Bornean orangutans on the treetop

Proceed your Singapore Zoo journey at Orangutan Island. Right here, you’ll run into some Bornean orangutans. These tree-dwelling mammals are characterised by their lengthy, reddish hair. Comparatively, the male Bornean orangutans have bigger and better cheeks than the females.

Sumatran Orangutans
Determine the Sumatran orangutans with their facial options

Identical to Bornean orangutans, Sumatran Orangutans spend most of their time on bushes. With sturdy arms, they will simply transfer backwards and forwards up above like Tarzan. Most Sumatrans orangutans have lighter hair shade and longer beards.

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7. Australasia

Grey Kangaroos
The robust options of gray kangaroos

When you see some massive, muscular creatures hopping in Australasia, likelihood is, they’re gray kangaroos. These animals can go as excessive as 2 metres and weigh as much as 66 kilograms! However, they may not be as energetic as different animals throughout the day as a result of they’re nocturnal.

Tree Kangaroos
Tree kangaroo hanging on its favourite spot

Tree kangaroos will not be your abnormal sort of hopping species. As an alternative of continually leaping on stable grounds, they have an inclination to remain and gallop on bushes, therefore their title. Their small construction makes it simple for them to climb round.

8. Fragile Forest

Chimpanzees, Mandrills, Celebes Crested Macaques and White-faced Saki Monkeys
Meet some chimpanzees, mandrills, Celebes crested macaques, and White-faced saki monkeys

Singapore Zoo’s Fragile Forest affords a various vary of animals, from monkeys to birds. Spot some chimpanzees, mandrills, together with some Celebes crested macaques and white-faced sakis. Most of those monkey teams act and suppose like people, so don’t underestimate them.

Lesser Mousedeer and Squirrel
Get together with the lesser mousedeer and squirrel

As you proceed together with your tour, you’ll move by a gaggle of lesser mousedeer. These animals are tagged because the world’s smallest hoofed mammal. As well as, there are squirrels on this space. Most of them are simply having fun with their meals whereas strolling round.

Common Crowned Pigeons and Eclectus Parrots
Study these widespread topped pigeons and eclectus parrots

Additionally, a part of the group are these vibrant chicken species. Frequent topped pigeons are well-known for his or her nest-like crest and blue options. The eclectus parrots, quite the opposite, acquired a multi-colored physique. Even with the variations, each chicken species are very clever.

Malayan Flying Foxes
Be amazed by Malayan flying foxes

These distinctive creatures by no means go unnoticed. Malayan flying foxes are very distinct due to their fox-like options. Plus, they’re very giant in comparison with the standard bat species.

9. Frozen Tundra

Raccoon Dogs
The cute options of raccoon canine

At Frozen Tundra, you’ll run throughout some raccoon canine. However do you know that they’re really extra related to the fox species than raccoons? These creatures are extremely energetic at night time and feed on each crops and small animals.

African Penguins
See this flock of charming penguins

After they talk, you would possibly suppose you’re listening to a donkey. However suppose twice as a result of these are aquatic birds known as penguins. These animals will not be simply nice swimmers but additionally excellent hunters!

10. Elephants of Asia

Elephants having enjoyable on the banks of Seletar Reservoir

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Elephants of Asia is one other spotlight within the Singapore Zoo that deserves a go to. On this zone, you can be surrounded by the light giants. Elephants are the most important land mammals that might weigh from 5,000 as much as 14,000 lbs. Regardless of their dimension, they primarily feed on crops and fruits.

11. Reptile Backyard

Komodo Dragons and Horned Lizards
Komodo dragons and horned lizards wandering round

Reptile Backyard greets you with a wide range of giant lizards like komodo dragons and horned lizards. These two are branded for his or her strange-looking look. The komodo dragons, from the title itself, offer you an concept of their highly effective options.

The horned lizards additionally include distinctive traits. And once they spurt blood from their eyes, beware as a result of they take into account you as a risk!

Indian Gharials
Indian gharials and their laidback aura

Other than consuming, that is how Indian gharials spend most of their days. These slender animals from the crocodilian species usually reside in clear rivers.

12. RepTopia

Dyeing Poison Frog, Panther Chameleon, Parson’s Chameleon and Green Tree Python
Discover the house of the poison frog, Panther chameleon, Parson’s chameleon, and inexperienced tree python

When you’re searching for a spot filled with reptiles, then RepTopia must be a part of your must-visit checklist. Right here, you’ll have an awesome encounter with golden poison frog and electrical blue gecko.

There are additionally emperor scorpion, king cobra, and alligator on show. Every of those reptiles has its personal traits that make them stand out. Most of those animals can simply survive on their very own.

13. Tortoise Shell-ter

Giant Tortoises, African Spurred Tortoises, Radiated Tortoises and Ploughshare Tortoises
Look these big tortoises, African spurred tortoises, radiated tortoises, and ploughshare tortoises

Tortoise Shell-ter welcomes you to the dwelling of various kinds of tortoises. Prepared your self as you come nose to nose with big tortoises. These animals take pleasure in having the longest lifespan amongst all different vertebrates.

Additionally, on the checklist are African spurred tortoises, radiated tortoises, and ploughshare tortoises. These are acknowledged due to their distinctive shell shade.

14. Rainforest KidzWorld

Take an image of the cute ponies

Rainforest KidzWorld is such a enjoyable vacation spot loaded with some cute ponies. Ponies are small horses with agency our bodies and brief legs. In comparison with typical horses, they’re gentler that’s why they’re fashionable as pets.

On high of that, this place shelters different animals comparable to hedgehog, fancy rats, goats, ferrets, and extra. Most of those creatures are on the milder facet, making this space nice for youths. And ensure to strive the zone’s particular experiences like Keeper’s Chit-chat and Animal Buddies Present.

What Reveals You Can See at Singapore Zoo

Other than animal reveals, there are 4 exhibits in Singapore Zoo to look ahead to. These will not be simply pleasing shows but additionally informative ones. So, don’t miss these exhibits throughout your go to.

1. Splash Safari

Splash Safari Show
Have enjoyable at Splash Safari

Squeeze on this superb playful session with the ocean lions. Splash Safari is a pleasant water leisure with a novel forged. It’s as a result of the principle performers of this present are the cute and vigorous sea lions.

Splash Safari Show

This unbelievable animal present will make you fall in love with sea lions much more! They’re masters in amusing the group with their improbable strikes and humorous antics.

For sure, these creatures are nice entertainers that deserve a standing ovation. So, if you’d like a hearty snort, then this one is a must-watch!

Present Occasions: 10:30 AM and 5:00 PM

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2. Elephant Presentation

Elephant Presentation
An amusing present at Elephants of Asia

Earlier than, elephants had been a part of the leisure squad. However now, these light giants can transfer freely in their very own habitat with no restrictions.

Singapore Zoo shelters 5 elephants―Komali, Jati, Intan, Gambir, and Aprila. These big but cute animals have been within the place for years. See how all these animals mess around and blow water from their trunks.

Present Occasions: 11:30 AM and three:30 PM

3. Rainforest Fights Again

Rainforest Fights Back
Be a part of the Rainforest Fights Again present

One other fun-filled present awaits guests of Singapore Zoo. Rainforest Fights Again is a good exhibition that exhibits how proficient animals are.

Greater than 15 totally different species parade their pure skills to the group. Watch as they soar round, fly above, and do spectacular tips!

In order for you a extra private encounter, volunteer your self throughout demos! And, you would possibly get fortunate to share a photograph with one of many animals on the present.

Present Occasions: 12:30 AM and a couple of:30 PM

4. Animal Buddies Present

Animal Friends Show
Have enjoyable on the Animal Buddies Present

Clearly, Animal Buddies Present is an all-time favourite amongst fur mother and father and children. Right here, you’ll uncover the talents of those four-legged animals.

Many of the pets on this present had been as soon as deserted. However now, they’ve discovered a brand new house at Singapore Zoo. After the showcase of abilities, you may take images of those cute creatures. Don’t neglect to point out your love by giving them a pat.

Present Occasions: 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM

The place to Eat at Singapore Zoo

You undoubtedly received’t go hungry whereas touring across the Singapore Zoo. It’s as a result of there are many eating places inside for everybody.

When you’re searching for fast-food meals, there’s KFC. It is a nice choice for individuals who are additionally on a finances.

Ah Meng Restaurant Menus
View right here for a clearer menu of Ah Meng Restaurant

Ah Meng Restaurant, however, is one other fashionable meals spot. This place is sort of crowded, particularly at lunch. So, if you wish to skip the lengthy queues and jam-packed crowd, it’s greatest to take your lunch earlier, round 11:30 AM maybe.

My Remark

Our journey to Singapore Zoo was undoubtedly one for the books. We completely loved the place, from the superb animal zones to the distinctive animal exhibits. Plus, there a number of scenic spots on this place, therefore we had many photograph alternatives throughout our go to.

This wildlife park can be really helpful for households with youngsters. It will possibly assist in increasing their information of various animal species.

We began our Singapore Zoo journey within the morning and spent half-day exploring the place. Ideally, it’s best to go to the zoo within the morning to keep away from the group.

One other factor to recollect is to carry mosquito repellent, hats, sunblock, and ingesting bottle. There are free water dispensers situated close to the washroom to refill your water.

In a nutshell, Singapore Zoo is very really helpful to touring households and associates. And if you wish to get monetary savings and get speedy entry, purchase your Singapore Zoo tickets on-line right here similar to what we did.

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By the best way, I’ve additionally created a complete Singapore itinerary article that can assist you spend a excellent journey on this world-class nation. So, make sure to check out my information if you wish to cowl many sights in a way more relaxed and pleasing approach.

Customer Info and Ticket Costs

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM (Final Admission at 5:00 PM)

Regular Ticket Costs: Grownup: SGD $42 Baby (3 to 12): SGD $28

Cash Saving Suggestions: Do you know you can really get monetary savings on your Singapore Zoo journey should you purchase your tickets on-line? Tickets bought from this web site allow you to take pleasure in as much as 20% low cost!

So, in case you are on a decent finances, simply purchase your Singapore Zoo tickets on-line as an alternative of getting it from the ticketing counter.

Deal with: 80 Mandai Lake Street, Singapore 729826

Official Web site:

The place to Go after Singapore Zoo

There are lots to discover in Singapore and beneath are simply a few of the locations you may go to. River Safari and Evening Safari are situated very close to Singapore Zoo, roughly 1 to 2-minute stroll from Singapore Zoo.

1. River Safari

Meet some cute pandas at River Safari. On this river-themed animal park, you’ll additionally encounter a wide range of animal species.

Plus, you’ll love all of the picturesque spots from the viewing deck in addition to the scenic waterscape. You should use my helpful information to River Wonders (River Safari) Singapore and evaluate when getting ready on your journey.

2. Evening Safari

When you’re searching for a novel animal exploration, there’s Evening Safari. This attraction permits guests to tour across the park at night time as an alternative of the conventional daytime. There are even spectacular exhibits to captivate everybody.

Take a look at this full information to Evening Safari Singapore and evaluate for related particulars and a few suggestions when exploring the nocturnal zoo.

3. S.E.A. Aquarium

Carry your complete household to S.E.A. Aquarium and revel in a fun-filled underwater journey. This place has hundreds of aquatic species that can undoubtedly fascinate each customer.

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Check out my tremendous detailed put up on go to SEA Aquarium for extra info and checklist of marine animals on show.

3 Straightforward Methods to Go to Singapore Zoo

There are 3 methods to get to Singapore Zoo―by way of MRT & Mandai Khatib Shuttle, Bus 138, and Taxi. The MRT & Mandai Khatib Shuttle are extremely really helpful for first-time guests of Singapore Zoo. Likewise, these choices will enable you to get monetary savings on transportation.

The second, which is Bus 138, is appropriate for individuals who are staying in Ang Mo Kio district. Lastly, you may take a taxi if you wish to attain Singapore Zoo fastly and conveniently.

That can assist you select the precise transportation, right here’s a detailed information of the three choices I’ve talked about earlier.

1. Go to Singapore Zoo by MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle

Mandai Khatib Shuttle Bus
Mandai Khatib Shuttle

To succeed in Singapore Zoo, you may take the North South Line to Khatib MRT Station. From there, take the Mandai Khatib Shuttle to the zoo. The bus fare is SGD $1 solely and the journey time is round quarter-hour.

Mandai Khatib Shuttle is a direct bus with loop service between Khatib MRT Station and Singapore Zoo. The service runs from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Monday to Wednesday) and eight:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Thursday to Sunday). It leaves each 20 minutes inside these occasions.

The cost of bus fare might be made by EZ-link or NETS Flash card solely. The buses will not be accepting money.

The information beneath will present you in a step-by-step method take MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle to Singapore Zoo.

Khatib MRT Station Exit A

1. Board the North South Line to Khatib MRT Station after which search for the Exit A. After you go the exit gate of the MRT station, you might want to flip left.

Khatib MRT Station Walkway

2. Stroll straight after which flip left.

Khatib MRT Station Stairs

3. Stroll down the steps of Khatib MRT Station after which flip left.

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Mandai Khatib Shuttle Bus Stop

4. That is the bus cease for the Mandai Khatib Shuttle. Wait right here to get on the bus.

Mandai Khatib Shuttle Bus at Khatib MRT Station

5. That is Mandai Khatib Shuttle. Simply faucet your EZ-Hyperlink or NETS FlashPay card when you onboard the bus.

Bus Stop 3 at Singapore Zoo

6. The bus will drop you on the Bus Cease 3 at Singapore Zoo.

Walkway to Singapore Zoo

7. After you get off the bus, you simply want to show left after which go straight for Singapore Zoo. It simply 1 or 2 minutes’ stroll to there.

For individuals who need to go to River Safari, simply go straight. The River Safari is simply beside the Singapore Zoo.

If you wish to go to Evening Safari, then you definately simply have to cross the highway after you get off the bus. The Evening Safari is situated reverse the bus cease solely.

2. Get to Singapore Zoo by Bus 138

Singapore Bus 138
Bus 138

The second methodology to go to Singapore Zoo is to experience the bus 138. You may board the bus at Ang Mo Kio bus terminal. The one-way fare is SGD $1.64 (Paid by EZ-link or NETS Flash card)/ SGD $2.50 (Paid by Money) and the journey takes about 39 minutes.

This service operates from 6:30 AM to 11:45 PM, and it runs each 8 to 14 minutes inside these occasions. Do take be aware that the bus 138 is not a direct bus to Singapore Zoo, it’ll stops by 29 bus stops earlier than reaching the place.

The instruction beneath will present you in particulars take the Bus 138 to Singapore Zoo.

Ang Mo Kio MRT Station Exit C

1. Catch the North South Line to Ang Mo Kio MRT Station after which search for the Exit C. From the Exit C, take the escalator down.

Walkway to Bus Interchange

2. Go up the steps after which flip left to take the escalator up.

Escalator to Bus Interchange

3. Go up the escalator.

Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange

4. That is Ang Mo Kio bus terminal. Proceed straight till the tip.

Bus 138 Direction Board

5. Flip proper and also you’ll see the bus cease 138.

Queue Lane of Bus 138

6. Queue up right here so that you can get on the bus 138.

Bus Stop at Singapore Zoo

7. If you arrive on the bus cease of Singapore Zoo, go straight in 1 or 2 minutes and also you’ll see the zoo.

3. Take a Taxi

Taxi to Singapore Zoo

For the quickest and most handy approach to go to Singapore Zoo, hop in a taxi and calm down. This comfort, nevertheless, means you might want to shell out extra cash.

To make your transportation simpler, right here’s my suggestion.

Possibility 1:

  1. Take the North South Line to Khatib MRT Station after which stroll to the Exit A.
  2. The Taxi Stand is situated simply exterior of Khatib MRT Station, Exit A.
  3. Hail a taxi to Singapore Zoo.

Estimated Taxi Fare = SGD $13

Possibility 2:

  1. Take the North South Line to Ang Mo Kio MRT Station after which stroll to the Exit B.
  2. The Taxi Stand is situated exterior of Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, Exit B.
  3. Hail a taxi to Singapore Zoo.

Estimated Taxi Fare = SGD $18

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