Teacher Approved Turn Board Exercises for Dancers To Improve Balance & Turns

By Lesley Mealor / Edited by Samantha Bellerose, B.Ed, Dip.Dance(Performing Arts)

Among the hottest developments within the dance trade within the final ten years are the flip board and the spin disc. Dancers trying to enhance their pirouettes make the most of these merchandise to assist with stability, suspension and pace. However except for simply stepping on a flip board and spinning, what are another methods to make use of a flip board or spin disc that may profit a dancer?

The very best methods to make use of a flip board or spin disc embody non-turning workout routines for stability, stability, and prove, in addition to recognizing drills and turning progressions.

Whereas flip boards and spin discs aren’t actually really useful for rookies to make use of in precise turns, newbie dancers by way of superior dancers can use these merchandise in a stationary strategy to develop and keep correct placement habits and power for turns. For extra data on whether or not flip boards are protected try my article addressing these points right here!

Newbie dancers ought to at all times use flip boards or spin discs with grownup supervision. Extra superior dancers can use flip boards for precise turning as soon as they’ve discovered the right mechanics of pirouettes with out the board. In the event you need assistance discovering one of the best flip board for you, try our solutions right here (hyperlink coming quickly). In the event you’ve purchased a flip board or spin disc already, let’s get turning!

What To Do Earlier than Utilizing a Flip Board or Spin Disc

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Earlier than doing any type of dance associated exercise, together with utilizing flip boards and spin discs, it’s vital to heat up your physique. Your core, legs, and ft needs to be the main target earlier than utilizing these merchandise to forestall damage and improve the work you’ll be doing on the flip board.

Heat Up Workout routines for Core Earlier than Turns

  • 25 Crunches
  • 30 second plank
  • 30 second forearm plank
  • 30 seconds of mountain climbers
  • Repeat 2x

Heat Up Workout routines For Legs and Ft Earlier than Turns

  • In parallel first place, press R foot into pressured arch, push toes off the bottom to level, press again down into pressured arch, decrease heel. Repeat on L. Repeat proper and left 10 instances, articulating by way of the ft every time
  • In parallel first place, demi-plié for two counts, pressured arch for two counts, relevé for two counts, decrease down for two counts. Repeat 10 instances, then reverse the sequence 10 instances
  • 25 relevés in parallel first each ft
  • 25 relevés in parallel on R foot, with L foot in parallel coupé; then on L foot with R foot in parallel coupé
  • Stability in passé/retiré on either side

*Ideas – These workout routines will be performed in ballet first place as nicely if desired.

Non-Turning Workout routines Utilizing One Flip Board

Newbie dancers will profit from merely studying to stability on a flip board with out truly turning. Due to the instability of flip boards, dancers are pressured to interact their core muscle groups to remain balanced and never fall over.

You might select to do a few of these workout routines flat on the ground earlier than stepping on the flip board to get an thought of the place your functionality for stability is with out the addition of a flip board.

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Issues To Bear in mind When Utilizing a Flip Board

  • Newbie dancers ought to use flip boards with grownup supervision even when not turning
  • These workout routines are supposed to be performed on a flat foot on a flip board. For workout routines in relevé, see the part under
  • At all times use a flip board in an open space with out obstructions
  • Flip boards are very slick, so strive just a few completely different surfaces to see what feels most secure for you
  • Flip boards should not substitutes for good pirouette coaching. At all times use a flip board as a complement to ballet and jazz class

Stability Train

  • With the flip board in entrance of and parallel to your physique, place one foot in heart of the board, not too far entrance or again
  • Place your different foot in a jazz prep place, barely behind you in parallel on the ball of the foot together with your heel up, together with your entrance leg in plié
  • Arms will be in second place, or in jazz third place to start out, and transfer to excessive first place as you come into passé
  • Observe going from prep to passé to seek out stability and placement on the board
  • Do that sequence 5 instances per aspect, holding every place for 4 counts

*Ideas – As you progress from prep to passé, focus in your standing aspect and your belly muscle groups, ensuring they’re engaged all through the motion. You may as well do that train in a turned out place, switching to ballet 4th place for the preparation and coming to a turned out passé.

Turnout Train

  • Start by dealing with and holding a chair, a wall or the barre
  • Stand on the flip board in parallel with L foot, parallel coupé with R foot
  • Conserving your standing leg parallel, prove your working leg for 4 counts, again to parallel for 4 counts. Do that sequence 5 instances
  • Conserving your working leg parallel, prove your standing leg for 4 counts, again to parallel for 4 counts. Do that sequence 5 instances
  • Flip each legs out for 4 counts, then flip each legs parallel for 4 counts. Do that sequence 5 instances

*Ideas – You should definitely have interaction your prove muscle groups, that are deep inside your hips, to provoke the prove. At all times verify to see in case your alignment is right, with knees over ankles over toes. In case your turnout is initiating out of your knees or ankles, you will notice in a short time that your inner rotators should not engaged.

Non-Turning Workout routines Utilizing Two Flip Boards

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When you have two flip boards or spin discs, you’ll be able to actually work in your prove on either side concurrently. Each sorts of merchandise will work in these workout routines.

Flip Out Train With Two Flip Boards or Spin Discs

  • Start dealing with and holding a chair, the wall or a barre
  • Beginning in parallel 1st with every foot on a board or disc, flip your legs out from the hips for 4 counts
  • In turned out first place, demi-plié for 4 counts down and 4 counts up
  • Rotate hips again to parallel for 4 counts
  • Repeat this sequence 5 instances
  • Repeat this train in second place, retaining the width of the place smaller than regular so the discs/boards don’t slide out from underneath you

Turning Workout routines Utilizing One Flip Board

The second you’ve been ready for – precise flip progressions on a flip board! These workout routines are supposed to be performed on a flat foot on a flip board. Simply as with pirouettes and not using a flip board, sluggish and regular wins the race. Don’t rush these progressions and concentrate on the mechanics of the actions to profit probably the most from utilizing a flip board.

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Exterior Pirouette Progressions

  • Begin in a parallel 4th place prep – L foot on the flip board, R foot instantly behind the R hip with the heel popped up in pressured arch
  • Plié with arms in second place or jazz third place
  • Convey R leg to passé for 4 counts, whereas arms come to excessive first place
  • Convey R leg again right down to prep place for 4 counts, arms transfer again to second or third place
  • Repeat this sequence 3 instances
  • On the 4th time, execute a single pirouette to land again in 4th place prep
  • Repeat this whole sequence 5 instances both sides

*Ideas – Similar to and not using a flip board, your prep needs to be right with weight centered between the 2 ft and never too far ahead or again. Your plié ought to create a 90 diploma angle together with your entrance knee, so you should definitely discover the precise width of your 4th place on your physique. You’ll be able to graduate to extra turns if you really feel comfy.

Be aware of how slick a flip board is. When turning and not using a flip board, the torque of the higher physique plus the pressure of the plié into relevé creates the rotation. Friction between the foot and the ground slows the flip down. With a flip board, a lot much less torque and pressure are wanted to rotate, and there’s a lot much less friction to sluggish you down.

Inside Flip/Spot Flip Progressions

  • Start together with your standing foot flat on the board in parallel plié, and your working leg in parallel tendu in second place. Arms in second place or third place
  • Conserving standing leg in plié, convey the working leg to passé for 4 counts
  • Convey the working leg again to tendu for 4 counts
  • Repeat this sequence 3 instances
  • On the 4th time, pull right into a single inside pirouette in plié, and land with working leg again in tendu a la seconde (inside pirouettes flip in the direction of the standing leg)
  • Repeat the whole sequence 5 instances per aspect

*Ideas – You should definitely preserve your hips even when performing inside turns, or any turns, actually! In case your working hip is lifted, you’ll fall off your heart. While you really feel comfy performing inside turns in a plié, you’ll be able to graduate to utilizing a straight leg. Spot turns, as they’re typically known as in jazz, will be performed each methods, with the usage of the plié for pace.

Turning Workout routines Utilizing One Flip Board With a Companion

Dancing is at all times extra enjoyable with a companion, and turning workout routines with a companion are not any exception! Listed here are two simple workout routines you are able to do with one other individual. Take turns being the turner and the companion!

Partnered Recognizing Train

  • Standing on the left foot in parallel coupé or passé on the flip board, with arms in first place. The dancer retains their head and eyes dealing with entrance whereas the companion stands behind them, holding them at their waist
  • The companion slowly rotates the dancer to the precise whereas the dancer leaves their head dealing with entrance so long as attainable
  • When the dancer can now not look entrance, whip the top round to identify entrance whereas the companion continues to rotate the dancer within the flip
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*Ideas – You should definitely do either side so you’re evenly coaching for pirouettes! This train will also be performed in a extra conventional ballet passé with a turned out standing leg. Work as much as sooner single rotations, and when you find yourself prepared so as to add a number of rotations, the companion may have much less contact with the dancer’s waist whereas they’re turning and can present extra help when starting and ending the turns

Partnered Promenade

  • The dancer stands in first arabesque with the standing leg on the flip board. The companion holds the dancer’s entrance outstretched hand and rotates them slowly in arabesque promenade en dehors
  • You might also do that promenade en dehors for an added problem

Superior Workout routines Utilizing a Spin Disc in Relevé

The primary distinction between most flip boards and spin discs is that spin discs can be utilized in relevé, whereas flip boards are used with a flat foot. Subsequently, there are just a few extra workout routines that spin discs are extra fitted to since they permit a dancer to be in relevé.

Balancing in relevé on a spin disc is troublesome in and of itself, to not point out including rotations, so be certain you might have mastered your relevé on the ground previous to making an attempt any spin disc work.

Stability Train

  • Inserting the ball of the foot onto the flip board, take your conventional parallel jazz prep – again foot in a small lunge with the ball of the foot pressed into the bottom and the heel popped, entrance leg parallel in a slight plié
  • Arms will be in second place or third place
  • In 1 fast rely, transition into passé relevé or coupé relevé, bringing arms to excessive first place
  • Maintain this place for 4 counts
  • Launch legs again into prep place
  • Repeat 5 instances on both sides

Exterior Flip Train

  • Begin in a parallel prep as within the earlier train, with arms in second or third place. The ball of your foot is on the spin disc
  • Relevé whereas bringing your working foot into passé or coupé in 1 rely, transferring arms into excessive first place on the similar time
  • Maintain for two counts, launch to prep place for two counts
  • Do that sequence thrice, and on the 4th time, execute a single pirouette in relevé to land in your authentic prep place.
  • Repeat this whole sequence 5 instances on both sides

*Ideas – The turning workout routines plus the stability workout routines performed on a spin disc will also be performed utilizing the Enhance Dance pirouetteMASTER, which permits for the dancer to go onto relevé by turning the board perpendicular to your physique.

Bear in mind, working towards poor method on a flip board will solely serve to drill the poor method habits into your physique, so proceed to coach for pirouettes correctly in ballet and jazz class. Flip boards and spin discs are a useful complement to the tried and true strategies of those distinctive artwork varieties! Pleased turning!

Additional Studying and Sources

If you need to examine extra instruments for bettering dance that we’ve written about and reviewed together with flip boards try these articles under!

Through this article, we hope to help you understand more about Best balance boards for dancers ranked by customer satisfaction.

Source: https://danceparent101.com/teacher-approved-turn-board-exercises-for-dancers-to-improve-balance-turns/

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