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Video The 7 best Florida bass lures – Orlando Bass Guide

Right here we go, the 7 greatest Florida bass lures. This was a tricky one to give you as a result of there are such a lot of good lures on the market however the 7 that I’ve chosen are persistently higher producers of large Florida bass than every other lures that I’ve discovered. This number of bass fishing lures will cowl absolutely anything that you just’ll come throughout in Florida.

Whether or not or not a person lure on the record will be just right for you relies upon upon precisely what sort of physique of water your fishing and what sort of cowl it has to supply the bass. However to not fear I can be going over every thing that you must know to catch some large Florida bass off of those lures. So with none additional adieu lets start.

Megabass Jerkbait 2

1. Jerkbait/Fluke

Now these lures aren’t put in any specific order as a result of it actually is determined by what sort of canopy you’re fishing that can decide which you’ll wish to use. But when there’s one lure on this record that has earned the correct to be #1 in my eyes it’s a Jerkbait/Fluke.

I put these two collectively as a result of they’re basically the identical bait, simply two completely different variations ( Similar factor with just a few different lures on the record additionally). However for those who’re simply speaking a couple of straight fish catcher a jerkbait/fluke has bought to be #1.

I’ve 100% caught extra fish off of a jerkbait and fluke than every other lure ever. And large fish too, 8-10 pounders. Now whereas they’re each jerk sort lures they’re additionally each utilized in two fully several types of cowl.

Jerkbaits excel in any form of submerged vegetation that’s beneath the water. Like hydrilla or eel grass. The important thing to creating a jerkbait work so effectively is ripping it by way of this vegetation with a tough jerking movement together with your rod tip. That is laborious to clarify over a weblog, I’ve an amazing YouTube video explaining precisely tips on how to work one you could try right here. It’s aptly named “Florida #1 fish catcher”. I’ve bought many different good movies on there exhibiting you every thing on Florida’s fishing.

You’re going to wish to follow shad and shiner colours with these as a result of that’s what you’re mimicking. I’ll go together with extra of a translucent coloration when the water is extraordinarily clear and a stable coloration when the water is murky. Right here’s a Bass professional retailers hyperlink to my favourite jerkbait the Megabass.

Watermelon colored Fluke
Watermelon coloured Fluke

Now a fluke excels in a lot thicker and more durable vegetation. Like lily pads and Kissimmee grass. A Texas rigged weightless fluke is totally weedless so it could possibly go the place a jerkbait can not. You utilize it a lot the identical as a jerkbait. Simply jerk it round backwards and forwards contained in the grass and lily pads.

However there’s one other approach of utilizing a fluke and that is my favourite as a result of I’ve discovered that it tends to supply extra massive fish. And that’s lifeless sticking it. Simply throw it to a goal and let it sink very like you’d a senko. That’s it. For some motive that little little bit of a distinct fall fish can’t resist.

Now I have a tendency to stay with extra pure colours for flukes. Like watermelon and watermelon crimson. Any of these greenish/brownish colours actually excel right here in Florida. Right here’s a Bass professional hyperlink to my favourite fluke that works ANYWHERE. The watermelon fluke.

However whether or not you’re pond fishing or lake fishing right here in Florida you higher have a jerkbait/fluke with you.

Zoom Speed worm

2. Velocity worm

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There are numerous individuals who would positively say {that a} velocity worm is the perfect lure for fishing Florida. They usually have a robust argument. Many tournaments in Florida have been received off of a velocity worm. Florida bass only for some motive can’t get sufficient of them. A velocity worm is 100% surely the preferred and essentially the most versatile lure for Florida bass fishing.

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It may be used as a topwater, simply swam again to you, wormed on the underside, or you possibly can even flip it with a heavy weight into cowl. If I needed to advocate utilizing solely ONE lure off of this record, it’d be a velocity worm. Keep in mind how I mentioned it is determined by your cowl scenario which lure will work the perfect? Effectively a velocity worm will cowl nearly ANY scenario in Florida.

The most well-liked approach of utilizing them is only a regular reel retrieve. Rig one up with round a 1/4 ounce weight and simply good and regular reel it again to you. This retrieve works greatest for those who’re fishing hydrilla or every other sort of vegetation you possibly can reel it by way of. It’s essential to really feel it going by way of the vegetation, for those who can’t, reel slower.

The second greatest approach is just too worm it on the underside. Utilizing a lighter weight throw it out, let it sink, and really slowly drag it a couple of foot at a time. When you’re getting hung as much as a lot use a lighter weight. Generally when the chew is sluggish you possibly can choose just a few giants off like this. This may be executed anyplace, in lily pads, Kissimmee grass, hydrilla, or simply on a clear backside.

So far as coloration, for those who’re fishing dirtier water follow a darker coloration like junebug, and if the water is clearer use a extra pure coloration like watermelon crimson. That’s only a common rule for many tender plastic lure colours right here in Florida.

The velocity worm is the opposite should have bait right here in Florida. Right here’s a Bass Professional hyperlink to my favourite Speedworm

Texas rigged worm

3. Worm/Senko

This is able to not be a whole prime Florida bass lure record if it didn’t have a worm on it. The worm is essentially the most well-known bass lure ever made and it doesn’t matter the place you might be at within the nation a worm/senko will catch you some bass. Right here within the state of Florida a worm not solely catches bass, however massive bass. A lot of the states lake document bass have come off of worms, and the senko particularly is essentially the most bought lure in bass fishing.

Their’s simply one thing a couple of wacky rigged senko that fish throughout the nation can’t resist.

Now in the case of worms and senkos it’s essential to grasp the place every of those lures shines. A very good quaint curly tail worm works greatest when Texas rigged weedless with a light-weight weight. You’ll be able to work these items anyplace whether or not it’s lily pads, Kissimmee grass, or hydrilla or every other sort of vegetation on the underside you possibly can drag a worm by way of it.

The important thing although is to tug it slowly. You don’t wish to get in a rush. Fishing as worm is so simple as it will get. Simply slowly pull it alongside till you’re feeling a chew. The large bass in Florida have a tendency to love issues slower so do not forget that when utilizing a worm.

Texas rigged weightless Senko
Texas rigged weightless Senko

Now a senko is a bit completely different. It doesn’t work in addition to a backside labored bait as an everyday worm does. The place a senko excels is when it’s weightless. Simply tie on a hook and hook the stick bait by way of the center and forged it out to any cowl you need whether or not it’s lily pads, a ship dock, or the sting of the grass, mainly anyplace the place a bass could also be, throw it.

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However right here’s an important half. DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH IT. Simply let it sink. Simply throw it to a chunk of canopy, let it sink to the underside, carry your rod and for those who don’t really feel a fish throw it once more. Their’s one thing about that slight little wiggle it makes when falling that fish simply should chew. Most fish you throw a senko in entrance of will chew it. Massive, small, it catches all of them. And their’s a motive it’s the most bought bait in bass fishing.

The colours are the identical because the velocity worm. When you’re fishing dirtier water use a darker coloration and for those who’re fishing cleaner water use a extra pure coloration.

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In the event that they aren’t biting the rest, they’re biting a senko.

Gambler Big EZ

4. Swimbait/Swim jig

Once more these are just about the identical lure and can be utilized interchangeably. Nonetheless there are two completely different conditions that every one particularly excels in for my part and it is determined by what sort of vegetation you’re fishing. A swimbait and swim jig chew is likely one of the most enjoyable bites for my part. After they hit it they normally hit it HARD!

I’ve received some huge cash in tournaments fishing a swimbait round Kissimmee grass and lily pads. I’ve just a few movies on my YouTube exhibiting precisely how I take advantage of them. I’ll put a hyperlink to one in all them right here. Swimbait fish

Now right here’s the place you’re going to need use this bait. It’s quite simple. When you’re fishing round Kissimmee grass and lily pads (mainly any sort of canopy that’s protruding of the water) you’re going to wish to use a swimbait. My favourite sort of swimbait is the Gambler Massive EZ. In a pure sort coloration like copperfield.

Rig it on a really evenly weighted swimbait hook and simply throw it out, reel it again in good and regular, and watch fish completely blow up on it! It’s that easy. It’s essential that you’re throwing it in and round some sort of vegetation although. That video hyperlink above will present you precisely how and the place to throw it.

Swim jigNow all a swim jig is is a swimbait with a jig head and skirt in entrance. Swim jigs work greatest within the hydrilla and different forms of submerged vegetation. You’re going to work it precisely the identical as you’d a swimbait. Simply throw it out and reel it again in ticking the tops of the hydrilla. I are inclined to throw white swim jigs however darker colours and extra pure colours like inexperienced pumpkin might be good selections additionally.

Right here’s a Bass Professional hyperlink to the perfect swimbait the Gambler Massive EZ


5. Frog

That is in all probability most peoples favourite lure. Their’s simply one thing a couple of frog that allures folks simply as a lot because the bass. It’s the lure I caught my greatest bass on which was a 11.6 pound monster.My 11.6 pound PB

Whereas a frog chew might be robust at occasions it could possibly at any time catch your PB. Now getting bit on a frog and truly catching that bass are two various things. You are inclined to lose lots of fish on frogs, it’s simply a part of frog fishing. It is vitally essential to pause only a second earlier than setting the hook after a fish bites your lure.

Their are two several types of frogs, popping frogs, and strolling frogs. Each work, you simply have to determine what they need that day. Their are two most important colours that I take advantage of, black and white. I take advantage of black in low mild situations and white nearly each different time. I’ve additionally discovered that orange stomach one’s work notably effectively in the summertime or any time there’s lots of bluegill or sunfish round.

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Frogs work greatest round matted out vegetation. That’s sometimes the one time I throw one.

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When you’re fishing Florida chances are high you’ve already bought a frog in your deal with field. And there isn’t a greater place to make use of it than right here.

Right here’s a hyperlink to the frog I caught my PB on. Terminator popping frog.

6. Rattletrap

Their are some who say {that a} rattletrap is the #1 fish catcher in Florida over a jerkbait. In my expertise that’s not the case. Nonetheless that doesn’t imply rattletraps are usually not good. They’re on this record for a motive. My dad’s greatest bass a 15 pound 8 ounce behemoth was caught on one.

Rattletraps are inclined to work greatest in the identical locations a jerkbait would. Round hydrilla or every other sort of submerged vegetation you could rip it by way of. The colours are easy you actually simply wish to follow a shad or shiner sort coloration right here in Florida. That’s it.

The thickness of the vegetation goes to find out how you’re employed it. If the hydrilla is sparse you’re going to wish to do what’s known as yo-yoing. Which is the place you yank your rod up then let it sink then yank it up once more and repeat. Very similar to a yo-yo. This up and down movement will make bass react into placing.

If the hydrilla is thicker you possibly can simply merely throw it out and reel it again in. You need it ticking the highest of the grass. If it will get caught up merely yank it out.

Right here’s a hyperlink to the perfect rattletrap.


7. Spinnerbait

One other basic Florida bait. These infants have been catching bass right here since earlier than I can keep in mind. And they’re my dad’s(Capt. Jamie Jackson) favourite bait. I can’t let you know what number of occasions I’ve seen him sling one in all these out and out of nowhere pull in an enormous.

They could not all the time catch essentially the most fish however let me let you know what for those who’re seeing a bunch of bait fish swimming round, throw a white spinnerbait. You’re liable to catch the largest fish in that space. I’ve seen it occur time and time once more.

When there’s a bunch of bait fish, be it shad or shiners, you possibly can’t beat a white spinnerbait. Regardless of how outdated they get. I’ve bought a video on YouTube of my dad and I catching near a 25 pound bag on these infants. You’ll be able to test it out right here. If that doesn’t persuade you I don’t know what’s going to. And right here’s a hyperlink to the spinnerbait we had been utilizing in that video! Strike King Premier plus

There’s your 7 greatest Florida bass lures. Now get on the market and catch some giants off of them!

Bass needs,

Capt. AJ

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