The Best Brake Pads for Mercedes E350- Exclusive Buying Guide

Are your Mercedes Benz E350 pads and rotors worn out?

Do you must substitute the worn-out brake pads with the brand new ones?

Earlier than that, you must undergo this useful information to pick out the perfect brake pads in your Mercedes as per your required want. Contemplate the prime elements earlier than buying the perfect brakes.

Shopping for Information

Kinds of Brake Pads

Earlier than choosing the right brake pads for the 2014/2007/2012/2006/2011/2010 Mercedes E350, test the obtainable varieties and suitability of the brake system.

4 differing kinds exist based mostly on brake pad materials.

  • Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Low Metallic NAO Brake Pads
  • NAO Brake Pads
  • Semi-metallic brake pads
  1. Ceramic Brake Pads

The fabric used– ceramic fibers

Go for the ceramic brake pad materials in the event you require environment friendly, high-quality, tidy, noise-free pads.

  1. Low Metallic Non-Asbestos Natural Brake Pads

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The fabric used– natural + metallic combination of metal and copper.

They switch the warmth and alter the brake pace, however their metallic nature makes them a lot noisier than others.

  1. Non-Asbestos Natural Brake Pads

Supplies used-glass, carbon, and rubber


They’re a bit quieter however are usually not sturdy like others. It is usually vulnerable to mud formation.

  1. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

Materials used-35% – 65% metallic (metal, copper, and iron, and lubricant constituted of graphite)

They possess the perfect warmth transferring functionality. These brake pads are susceptible to break the rotor and produce excessive noise.

  1. Brake Energy/ Stopping Energy
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Brake pads are the first module choosing the break and the rotor to cease the automobile. The most effective brake pad will preserve the specified brake energy with out inflicting mud technology.

  1. Price

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Every sort of brake pad prices otherwise based mostly on the brake pad sort, high quality, options, model, and efficiency. The most costly one is the ceramic brake pad.


Take a look at the price of every sort, after which select the one which fits your required finances.

  1. Price of Alternative

contemplate the alternative price if you wish to substitute the worn-out brake pad for the Mercedes E350. You is perhaps charged about $150 to $300 per axle relying upon the components, labor, and extent of the harm or different elements just like the rotors.


Contemplate the specified finances for the ford e 350 brake pad and Mercedes-Benz brake pad alternative.

  1. Protecting Switch Layer

Examine for the Protecting switch layer earlier than choosing the perfect brake pads in your Mercedes E350.

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Extends Brake Pads Life

The protecting layer’s job is to guard the brake pad and rotor. It extends life and enhances the sturdiness of the module.

  1. Low Mud formation

The most effective brake pad will result in no mud formation or diminished mud when operated.

  1. Warmth Absorption and Dispersion Functionality

Choose the brake pad for Mercedes E350 with excessive warmth switch, low noise, and low mud manufacturing. Take a look at the product assessment part to get extra particulars and options relating to the perfect brake pad choice for every model sort.

  1. Brake Life
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You would possibly observe a brake lifetime of 30,000 to 40,000 miles, 15,000 to 25,000 miles, or 40,000 to 50,000 miles in your Mercedes. These values rely on the kind, model, sturdiness, and high quality.


Contemplate the chew characteristic earlier than buying the perfect brake pads for the Mercedes e 350. Three varieties can be found, together with;

  • Medium
  • Robust
  • Gentle


Choose the one as per your required want.


Through this article, we hope to help you understand more about Best ceramic brake pads for mercedes ranked by customer satisfaction.


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