The Best Healthy White LED Light Bulbs – Low Kelvin, High CRI, Low Flicker, Low EMF Bulbs Tested!

What are the very best white LED gentle bulbs for well being fans? Can they ever be as snug and secure as an Incandescent bulb? Do white LEDs actually exist which can be low in blue gentle, balanced with pink, low flicker, and low EMF?

LEDs are the wave of the long run for lighting because of their excessive effectivity, lengthy lifespan, and economical prices. Nonetheless, there has nonetheless been uncertainty within the well being group if LEDs will be secure to make use of at dwelling. Many influencers have preached that LEDs are inherently and irredeemably harmful for a number of causes.

Incandescent Bulbs Vs LED Bulbs

Can we discover prime quality LED bulbs which can be a secure various to Incandesent?

Nonetheless, it is not sensible anymore to stockpile banned incandescent bulbs, or smuggle them into your property from different states or international locations. LEDs aren’t simply the long run, they’re the current! Its the yr 2022! We have to discover a technique to embrace LEDs and promote the manufacturers which can be making wholesome lighting.

So we determined to compile an inventory of among the healthiest LED gentle bulbs, and alongside the way in which clarify why they’re much more healthy than their problematic predecessors from a decade in the past.

Not a Crimson Gentle Remedy Weblog?

Though this weblog is not particularly about pink gentle remedy, curiosity in Crimson Gentle Remedy typically acts like a gateway drug that makes individuals notice that all the lights round them will be necessary for his or her well being. They could even be extra open minded to how much more fringe well being results like from EMFs or pulsing.

Many individuals notice that extreme blue gentle disrupts our circadian rhythm and might trigger declining eyesight. However, Crimson Gentle Remedy is changing into newsworthy for it is potential eye advantages. The irony is that we could possibly be bettering our eyes each morning with 670nm lights, after which all through the day accosting our eyes with blue-rich LED lighting and digital screens.

Particularly within the “new regular” the place many individuals are working from dwelling and realizing that they should enhance their gentle bulbs of their workplace. The best gentle bulbs will present power and application, the mistaken lighting could cause tiredness and anxiousness.

We have already got a weblog put up on the very best ambient pink gentle bulbs for sleep, and because of common demand now we have compiled an inventory of the very best white LED gentle bulbs!

Abstract of Outcomes:

Listed here are the bulbs we examined (really we examined much more, however these are the great ones). Ranked from greatest to worst by way of general efficiency (not value) based on our testing and preferences.

Click on the title of the bulb talked about to see the place to buy it!

2700K Class:

  1. Waveform Lighting 60W 2700K Bulb: 98 CRI, <1% flicker
  2. Philips 40W 2700K Bulb: 92 CRI, 2.5% flicker
  3. Sylvania 100W 2700K Bulb: 93 CRI, 1.4% flicker
  4. Sylvania 75W 2700K Bulb: 93 CRI, 1.2% flicker
  5. Cree 40W 2700W: 92 CRI, 7.8% flicker
  6. Sylvania 40W 2700K: 92 CRI, 8.5% flicker
  7. Satco 40W 2700W: 91 CRI, 7.5% flicker
  8. Satco 60W 2700W: 92 CRI, 11.3% flicker

3000K Class:

  1. Waveform Lighting 60W 3000K Bulb: 98 CRI, <1% flicker
  2. Yuji 60W 3000K Bulb: 97 CRI, <1% flicker
  3. Satco 40W 3000K Bulb: 93 CRI, 4.7% flicker
  4. Philips 60W 3000K Bulb: 90 CRI, 7.2% flicker
  5. Satco 60W 3000K Bulb: 93 CRI, 9.3% flicker
  6. Sylvania TruWave Sequence (3000K variations): related efficiency because the 2700K variations famous above
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*CRI measurements had been carried out with a HopooColor 0HSP-350SF and flicker share with a Radex Lupin meter.

Trending: Color Rendering Index (CRI) and LED Lighting | What is CRI?

The 2700K Bulbs (left) can have a barely extra “yellowish” hue, giving it the title “heat white” and likewise confirming it’s low in blue gentle. 3000K bulbs (proper) have a bit extra blue gentle and have a pleasant balanced “gentle white” shade to it.

You’ll be able to watch lots of our measurements on our YouTube video!

Runner ups: The TCP Elite bulb and Sunlite LED bulb each have impressively low flicker of lower than 1%, however solely have mediocre CRI of 80.

Examined however excluded: We examined the GE Calm down and Feit Electrical bulbs which received good critiques on different websites like Wirecutter and CNET. They provide good CRI values and low Kelvin, however our testing of flicker confirmed they had been too excessive.

Excluded: We’d have examined Hyperikon LED bulbs however apparently they’re out of enterprise now, and based on some footage now we have seen on-line they appear to have excessive flicker additionally.

Utilization Ideas: Do not simply select bulbs solely based mostly on our “high” rating.

Decrease wattage (40W equal) and decrease kelvin (2700K) is extra ultimate for bedrooms, residing rooms, bedside lamps, or anyplace you can be within the evenings.

Increased wattage (60W or extra) and kelvin (3000K) can be higher for workplace, kitchen, studio, activity lighting, and dealing areas through the daytime.

Increased wattage gives extra lumens (brightness) which can be wanted for larger rooms. Decrease wattage gives much less lumens (brightness) which is necessary to

We point out prime quality dimmable bulbs later on this evaluate.

What’s the Definition of the Finest LED Gentle Bulb?

It doesn’t matter what kind of bulb from Incandescent to LED, we would like related standards to find out the standard and usefulness. Our high necessities are:

  1. Low Coloration Temperature (Ok, or Kelvin)
  2. Excessive CRI (Ra worth)
  3. Low Flicker (%)
  4. Low EMF/Soiled Electrical energy

Coloration Temperature tells us how effectively the sunshine bulb simulates an incandescent “black physique” spectrum. For instance a typical incandescent bulb is 2700K, and daylight at midday is about 5500K.

So particularly for LEDs, we would like decrease Kelvin which helps decrease the blue gentle that many individuals have had points with LEDs prior to now. For this evaluate we principally chosen 2700K LEDs because it normally has a pure feeling balanced spectrum that’s decrease in Blue gentle. However for workplace areas through the daytime the 3000K variations could be higher.

LED bulb spectrums blue light peak kelvin color temperature

The graph above reveals the dramatically rising “blue peak” as you utilize higher-kelvin bulbs. Sometimes sticking to solely 3000K or 2700K is necessary to cut back the blue gentle publicity.

Trending: Color Rendering Index – What Is CRI? – Lumens

CRI is the Coloration Rendering Index. This tells us how “full” the spectrum is for a lightweight, and whether it is poor in any colours. This may result in an disagreeable viewing expertise or feeling unnatural. Daylight has a CRI of 100, Incandescent is 99, and generic LEDs are 80. LEDs normally lack among the deeper-red wavelengths, resulting in the poor CRI of solely 80. For this evaluate all the LEDs we advocate are larger than 90 CRI or larger which supplies us extra of these necessary Crimson wavelengths (particularly which might stability the blue gentle).

Increasing CRI spectrum color rendering index LED light wavelengths deep red

The graph above reveals the height of Crimson shifting to longer wavelengths with larger CRI. So for this context, larger CRI means getting proportionally extra longer-wavelength Crimson gentle, which tremendously helps stability the blue gentle publicity additional.

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Flicker is considered one of our favourite subjects we coated in depth in a earlier weblog. LEDs have been traditionally demonized for being excessive flicker. In fact daylight is a steady, no flicker gentle supply. Generic incandescent bulbs are normally 6 to 12% flicker. The LEDs we advocate on this rating have LOWER flicker than typical incandescent bulbs.

LED Incandescent Similar

Among the LEDs we discovered are nearly indistinguishable from incandescent bulbs by way of shade high quality, and have much less flicker! On the left is an incandescent bulb. The center is Sylvania LED, and on the suitable is the Satco LED. All are 2700K.

LEDs sometimes do not have a lot points with emitting undesirable EMFs, in contrast to among the fluorescent predecessors with magnetic ballasts. Nonetheless, there will be some “soiled electrical energy” as a result of LEDs make the most of electronics that rectify the AC to DC to energy the LEDs (and that is how LEDs remove flicker). Sometimes this is not a giant concern because the soiled electrical energy travels via the partitions and out the impartial wires. Should you flip your lights off at night time, they do not emit something when you sleep. Nonetheless some well being fans should still discover a concern with this so we check it anyway on our YouTube movies! Those self same well being fans ought to know they will additionally simply clear up the soiled electrical energy with soiled electrical energy filters from Greenwave, Stetzer, and Satic. Which additionally cleans up the soiled electrical energy coming out of your neighbors, the ability grid, TVs, pc adapters, USB chargers, and different home equipment.

Waveform Lighting Versus Yuji Lighting:

Waveform Lighting and Yuji lighting gives among the most ultimate gentle bulbs to fulfill the above standards. They provide Low Kelvin, Low Flicker, and Very Excessive CRI bulbs. These standards aren’t essentially made for wholesome individuals, however as a result of they’re necessary for Videography! Poor shade rendering (CRI) and flicker will be devastating to pictures and video high quality. Nonetheless, individuals can profit from these prime quality LEDs too!

Nonetheless, there are just a few drawbacks to their Waveform and Yuji LED bulbs.

  1. Costly
  2. Too Brilliant

The usual Waveform lighting bulb we use is a ten Watt, 800 Lumen, 60-Watt Equal bulb. That is nice for larger rooms. However smaller rooms, bedrooms, bedside lamps, and even loos can simply be overpowered by brightness.

That’s the reason you’ll discover lots of the different LEDs we selected for this evaluate are decrease watts, 450 Lumens, 40-Watt Equal bulbs. So even when the Waveform lighting bulbs are superior in lots of classes, it’s typically higher to make use of a decrease brightness bulb in some elements of the home.

The excessive expense of $18-20 per bulb is self-explanatory why it is a drawback, particularly to outfit a complete home with them. Some areas of the home won’t want a lot brightness, or different areas aren’t crucial to have tremendous refined bulbs in.

The actual quest for this whole weblog was for us to seek out appropriate substitutions for our Waveform Lighting bulbs, particularly the place value and brightness is an issue.

Is Dimming Secure?

Usually occasions we worry that LED bulbs will exaserbate thier flicker and EMF points whenever you try and dim them. It’s because the electronics in LEDs might not be compatable with the previous dimmer switches that had been designed for incandescent bulbs.

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This will have precipitated huge (seen) flicker and EMF noise with older LEDs and CFLs which weren’t designed proper for dimmer switches. However now now we have discovered a number of LED bulbs that carry out exceptionally with out vital flicker!

Trending: Top 10 Best High Cri Led Bulbs To Buy Online

1. GE 40W LED bulb

2. Sylvania TruWave collection

The GE bulb that ranked #2 above begins out with low flicker and continues to be low flicker even when dimmed!

The Sylvania TruWave collection makes use of spectacular expertise the place the flicker really reduces whereas dimming! They provide a really wide selection of dimmability even with previous model dimmers. All the Sylvania bulbs in our first checklist are the Truwave collection, or simply seek for them on

Watch our video on the very best dimmable LED bulbs on YouTube!

Nonetheless utilizing Incandescent Bulbs?

There was a push by many well being influencers to demonize LEDs and revert again to incandescent. Nonetheless, lots of the authentic issues with LEDs have been resolved. Or fairly frankly, the well being influencers did not actually attempt very laborious to seek out high-quality LEDs.

We now have proven repeatedly that LEDs really can have much less flicker than incandescent bulbs. The excessive quantity of Blue gentle from LEDs is definitely prevented with both low Kelvin, Excessive CRI bulbs, or just utilizing an Amber, Orange, or Crimson LED bulb solely.

Early introductions of Fluorescent, CFL, and LED bulbs did have issues with EMF interference, soiled electrical energy, and flicker. Nonetheless, most notoriously this was an issue with the CFL model bulbs and these fears carried on in direction of the LEDs. And now in 2022 there are rules and requirements for LEDs to be decrease in flicker, and never emit any disruptive EMF per FCC and CE necessities.

As effectively the Supplies of Concern (MOC) with mercury being utilized in Fluorescent bulbs had been additionally giving rise to considerations in LEDs. LEDs actually don’t comprise mercury, as effectively they have to be compliant with RoHS, REACH, and different directives to not comprise heavy metals which can be dangerous for disposal within the surroundings.

We do suppose that incandescent warmth lamps can be utilized therapeutically in shut proximity to the physique, however it is not very sensible to make use of incandescent bulbs for common lighting. They have a tendency to excessive larger flicker than the LEDs we advocate, should be changed typically, and waste electrical energy.


With incandescent bulbs being phased out and even banned in some areas, discovering wholesome LED lighting is extra necessary than ever.

We all know many LED lights have been problematic prior to now for blue gentle emissions, flicker, EMFs, and ugly gentle spectrum. The “wholesome” LEDs appeared to all the time be too costly and full of extra advertising and marketing gimmicks than deal with the necessary standards (bear in mind SORAA?).

Right here we dug via dozens of LED gentle bulb descriptions and examined lots of them to seek out among the most ultimate white LED bulbs for sensible utilization. We’re very proud of what now we have discovered, and lots of of them have exceeded our expectations and will be very reasonably priced.

Thanks for studying!


Best cri led bulbs for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.


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