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The Flowering Quince Tree (Cydonia oblonga)

Way back in historic instances the flowering Quince was in all places. They have been mentioned to have been rising earlier than the apple tree. Since then they’ve died off and are hardly ever seen any extra.

How one can Develop in Containers

You may develop a Quince tree in a container but it surely’s not quite common. They’re normally grown within the floor as some varieties will get very massive. Nonetheless, in case you do need to develop one in a container to set in your deck or patio, it’s greatest to select one which doesn’t get very massive.

They are going to should be watered extra typically in a container and apply a low-nitrogen fertilizer within the spring for the perfect blooms.

How one can Prune Quince Timber

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The flowering Quince tree blooms on outdated wooden, so the perfect time to prune is true after they’re performed flowering. Nonetheless, in case you do prune it after flowering, you may be chopping of the fruit because the flowers flip into fruit all through the summer season.

In the event you wait till after harvesting the fruit to prune it, you’ll lose a number of the flowers for subsequent yr.

My advice could be to solely prune the Quince tree very frivolously and solely trim the guidelines once they really want it.

Most Quinces, if not pruned, appear like shrubs as they’re multi branched. If you wish to develop it as a tree, you have to to prune off the decrease limbs and have just one chief department to develop into the cover of the tree.

This tree additionally grows from suckers however they are often straightforward to prune out in case you don’t need extra Quince rising.

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Quince Varieties

Pest and Ailments

There are just a few pests and illnesses which may have an effect on the Quince tree however they’re Deer and rabbit resistant. Beneath is an inventory of pests and illnesses to look at for.


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Aphids (Aphidoidea) – Are small tender physique bugs that feed on the sap of the plant. Learn learn how to eliminate these pests in your Quince Tree.

Scale (Coccoidea) – These bugs have a tough coating over them that make them mix into the stems of the plant. They appear like small spherical circles on the stems which can be tougher to eliminate then different bugs. Utilizing Neem oil will assist in controlling them.

Mealybugs (Pseudococcidae) – Small white cotton like bugs that prefer to suck the sap out of the vegetation. Learn extra about Mealybugs and learn how to management them right here.

Codling Moth Caterpillars (Cydia pomonella) – These little caterpillars borrow into the fruit of the quince tree and eat the flesh of the fruit. The one strategy to management them is to bag the fruit a couple of month after the flowers are performed and take the luggage off simply earlier than you’re going to harvest it.


Brown Rot (Monolinia spp.) – A typical fungus that impacts Quince timber and different stone fruit. It assaults the blossoms and the fruit and can overwinter on mummified fruit that’s left on the tree and on the bottom and likewise on contaminated twigs. To rid your plant of this illness, prune out any contaminated areas of the tree and clear up areas across the tree of fallen particles.

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Leaf Blight (Diplocarpon maculatum) – A typical fungus that may make the leaves flip brown and fall from the plant. You’ll discover small brown circles on the plant and so they progressively get greater till all the leaf has turned brown. The information of the plant may even die again and the fruit will turn out to be distorted. Prune out contaminated areas and get rid of the fabric into the rubbish. If the illness is unhealthy you possibly can apply a copper fungicide within the fall and spring.

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Hearth Blight (Erwinia amylovora) – Quince timber are vulnerable to fireplace blight which causes the leaves and flowers to have a scored look and can cling to the tree. Prune away any contaminated areas and likewise any particles that’s on the bottom. Making use of a white vinegar answer will assist rid the tree of this illness.

Powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea) – In the event you see white or brown fuzz on the leaves of your plant it is going to be powdery mildew, a fungal illness. It’s commonest within the spring when the nights are cooler and moist. To regulate this illness, prune the Quince tree to open up the plant to permit air circulation and clear up the realm below the plant of lifeless leaves and branches. You may apply a fungicide to cease the unfold.

Quince rust (Gymnosporangium clavipes) – If rising close to a cedar tree or Juniper tree would possibly get contaminated by rust. The spores of the rust can journey about 2 miles so controlling is just a little troublesome. The one strategy to eliminate this illness is to prune out the contaminated branches. Spraying the branches in spring with natural sulphur can assist in stopping rust.

Propagating the Flowering Quince Tree

One of the best ways to propagate the flowering Quince tree is thru stem cuttings. Study extra about stem cuttings right here.

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It’s also attainable to develop them from seed and from layering.

How one can Pressure the Flowers

In late winter after the plant has been dormant for a pair months, you possibly can reduce off some branches from the Quince tree and convey them indoors. Put the stems in a vase of water and inside every week or so you will note it begin to open up and the flowers will emerge.

In the event that they don’t flower they may not have had lengthy sufficient dormancy and you would wait a pair weeks and take a look at once more.

Panorama Makes use of

There are lots of methods you need to use the flowering Quince tree within the panorama, listed below are just a few:

  • stand alone specimen
  • as a hedge alongside a fence or home
  • develop it in a big container in your deck or patio
  • As a display to cowl up the A/C unit or different objects you don’t need to stand out.
  • you possibly can even reduce the flowers and convey the perfume indoors
  • plant on the nook of your own home
  • plant just a few of them alongside a wall to interrupt it up
  • attracts birds and different pollinators
  • lining a walkway or driveway
  • use it as an accent plant in a combined backyard
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