Types of Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs | 4 Best Types of Ceiling Lights

Expertise has come a great distance since Thomas Edison invented the primary gentle bulb, and we’re more and more inquisitive about energy-saving choices. With extra lighting choices than ever earlier than, it’s essential to grasp your choices. There are 4 distinct forms of gentle bulbs accessible in the present day. This gentle bulb information will enable you to perceive the various kinds of ceiling fan gentle bulbs and select the suitable gentle bulb to make use of in your house.

Forms of Ceiling Fan Gentle Bulbs

The colour temperature, brightness, and first optical picture for everybody coming into the realm are decided by the fluorescent lamp you decide in your ceiling fan. As a consequence, choosing the right gentle bulb is crucial. If you recognize the numerous lighting techniques bulbs presently accessible, you are able to do this.

Lighting lamps

As a result of LED bulbs have the utmost power effectivity and eat considerably much less power than conventional lights, they’re broadly recognized because the strongest lamps.

Ceiling fan LED lights to have an extended working life. LED bulbs are costlier at first than different decisions (fluorescent/halogen), however they’re less expensive in the long run. The larger value relies on the argument that almost all Headlamps present a second dimming possibility and different options.

Halogen lamps

It makes use of round 15percent of the timeless power as conventional bulbs. Consequently, the emission of heat throughout the efficiency offers smoother gentle shifts, making them an excellent possibility for houses and workplaces, and dwelling areas.

Moreover, halogen lights work properly with a dampening construction that permits optimum brightness management. Nonetheless, it have to be emphasised that they’ve larger warmth sensitivity than LED lights.

Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)

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Putting in when contrasted to outdated bulbs, utilizing condensed gentle bulbs in your ceiling fan can prevent as much as 75% on electrical energy. They’ve an extended service life than halogen lights, however not so long as LED bulbs.

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As a result of CFL bulbs don’t enable progressive dimming, they need to solely be utilized in locations the place a supply of pure daylight is required. As a result of this type of luminaire generates extremely direct gentle, it’s additionally essential that it’s not employed as a part of a lighting construction the place the bulb is seen.

Incandescent gentle

In current a long time, incandescent gentle has been probably the most prevalent kind of electrical gentle. Nonetheless, for the reason that introduction of a number of forms of energy-saving led bulbs (Compact fluorescent, halogen), their demand has declined through the years.

Most ceiling fan producers are unconcerned about this bulb because it requires considerably extra power than standard gentle bulbs. They’re adaptable each time it involves placing up refined illumination in locations.

Which Bulb is greatest?

As a result of every bulb produces a distinct kind of sunshine, some bulbs are higher utilized in sure areas of your own home than others. Check out the sunshine bulb information to find out which gentle bulb is greatest for the job.

Halogen bulbs

  • Present artwork
  • Job lighting
  • Creating an environment
  • Floodlighting

LED bulbs

  • Stairs and stairs
  • Below lockers
  • Terrain work
  • Vacation lighting


  • Storage
  • Lavatory
  • Laundry
  • Ornamental lighting

Fluorescent gentle bulbs Gentle bulbs

  • Evening lamp
  • Corridors
  • Basement
  • Over doorways or stairs

Security Suggestions for Ceiling Fan Bulb

When selecting a ceiling fan bulb, take note of the requirements; the safety of any led lamps have to be addressed. Take a look on the newest suggestions for ceiling fan bulb security:

UV radiation

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Daylight is a well being hazard that ought to be thought of when utilizing gentle bulbs in ceiling followers. Giant ranges of UV gentle are dangerous, and if a flashlight producing UV gentle makes contact with uncovered flesh when heated, it could actually trigger burns. It’s essential to attend till the sunshine bulbs have a chilly earlier than trying such operations.

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Temperature fluctuation

Gentle bulbs present a burn menace as a result of, as soon as overused, they will shatter the commonly fragile materials that includes the outside. Such a light-weight could burn if the ceiling fan doesn’t flow into warmth properly sufficient.

Hazardous substances

CFL lights include mercury, though LED bulbs embody metallic, copper, and nickel. These are harmful substances; nonetheless, they’re required for the right operate of such techniques. Consequently, LED and Fluorescent bulbs ought to be dealt with with excessive warning. When not in use, particular care ought to be dedicated to appropriate disposal.

Continuously Requested Questions

Are A19 bulbs utilized in ceiling followers?

The common A15 fan doesn’t match the A19 Shiny lighting with out an adaptor. Nonetheless, as a result of the Sensible model is without doubt one of the greatest on retailer cabinets, they’re bulbs that ought to be examined and checked repeatedly.

What’s one of the best ways to determine what measurement bulb you want?

The lamp diameter on the broadest vary of the outer shell determines its measurement (MOD). The lamp’s top can be essential. It have to be specified as the general size in inches and is measured in inches (MOL).

Is it attainable to place a daily gentle bulb on the rooftop?

Conventional gentle bulbs could also be utilized in most technologically gentle fixture fashions.

Can any bulb be put within the fan?

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Sure, with a fan with traction chains, you should utilize LED bulbs. It’s not beneficial to exchange CFLs or standard bulbs with LED bulbs in remote-controlled ceiling followers.

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What proof is relevant on bulb measurement to decide on?

The bulb’s quantity is outlined by the lamp housing’s whole system diameter (MOD). The measurements are in equal items of an inch (1/8 “). It’s additionally very important to recollect the bulb’s width (or thickness), measured in ft and specified as the utmost total size (MOL).

Is it possible to gentle the ceiling fan with a 100- fluorescent bulb energy?

A light-weight bulb with a given wattage and lumens is much less environment friendly (consumes extra power) than a light-weight bulb with a decrease wattage however produces the identical or extra lumens.

Is it attainable to place halogen lamps in a ceiling fan?

Ceiling followers with halogen bulbs use 15% much less power than conventional bulbs. Halogen bulbs generate probably the most warmth when it comes to temperature. In addition they have a tendency to provide hotter, friendlier gentle appropriate for dwelling rooms or eating rooms.


Changing all the sunshine bulbs in your house could appear to be an enormous undertaking, however you don’t must do it all of sudden. When certainly one of your current bulbs goes out, change it with an energy-saving bulb. When you do, you’ll change them all of sudden.

Eco-friendly gentle bulbs are rather more than simply saving electrical energy. It additionally helps the atmosphere, and as we discover out once more and now, it’s time to act to avoid wasting our planet.

Have you been searching for the Best light bulbs for living room ceiling fan for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.

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