What to know about Stranger Things season 3 before season 4 part 1 hits

Video What to know about Stranger Things season 3 before season 4 part 1 hits

It’s been virtually three years since we final obtained a dose of the Upside Down weirdness of Stranger Issues (the identical time-frame as that between Stranger Issues seasons 1 and three). That form of delay will not be remarkable within the new regular, however hoo boy, there’s so much to recollect about the place the parents of Hawkins have been.

Unsurprisingly, issues look so much completely different for almost everyone in Stranger Issues 4. So we’ve put collectively a refresher on the place we left off with Eleven, Will, Mike, Max, Lucas, Dustin, Erica, Steve, Robin, Nancy, Joyce, Hopper — OK, you get the image.

[Ed. note: There’s gonna be spoilers for Stranger Things season 3 here, as you might’ve expected!]

Season 3 was the mall season

It’s been lengthy sufficient you would possibly’ve forgotten: In an homage to the burgeoning mall tradition of the Nineteen Eighties, a lot of Stranger Issues 3’s motion takes place on the new Starcourt Mall. Sadly, the brand new procuring advanced additionally occurs to be a entrance for a secret Soviet analysis base (it was the ’80s!), underneath which the Russians have constructed the primary Key — a portal to the Upside Down — on American soil. (In keeping with one of many Soviets, there are undoubtedly extra in Russia, however none have been as profitable because the Hawkins Key.)

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After Steve, Dustin, Erica, and Robin uncover the Key, they inform Hopper, who hatches a plan to interrupt into the bottom and deactivate the machine alongside Joyce and Murray (the conspiracy theorist who will get looped in as a result of he can translate Russian).

Sadly, their plan will get hamstrung by Hopper having to struggle a Russian hitman to the demise proper subsequent to the energetic machine. Unable to rejoin Joyce within the management room earlier than she may cease the machine, the 2 shared a significant look as she deactivated it, probably disintegrating him within the course of. Whereas Joyce wished to look the particles, Murray escorted her out in order to keep away from indignant Soviet troops swarming in.

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All people’s long-distance now

Mike, Lucas, Max, Jonathan, Will, El, and Nancy in a living room in Stranger Things season 3 Picture: Netflix

Eleven and the Byers moved out to California after the occasions at Hawkins’ mall, which means that not solely is Will break up up from the D&D group, however so are the {couples} Jonathan and Nancy in addition to Eleven and Mike.

Simply earlier than they left, El and Mike promised to see one another at Thanksgiving and Christmas; El additionally advised Mike “I really like you” formally, so once we left them in season 3 they had been cruisin’ proper alongside. Jonathan and Nancy made no such guarantees, however she did provide to maintain him in her basement if he wished to remain.

“No, not the American.”

A bit teaser in some Russian facility noticed two guards feeding a prisoner to an Upside Down monster. However earlier than they seize the poor bastard, one guard waves the opposite off, unlocking a special cell.

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What different technique to interpret that is there than Jim Hopper being alive? I dunno, however let’s see what the Stranger Issues season 4 promo says.

OK, effectively that was fast: Sure, he’s undoubtedly alive and captured by the Soviets. Extra on that in season 4.

Billy sacrificed himself

After being possessed by an Upside Down monster (so to talk), Billy was introduced again to himself when El mind-melded with him and shared a imaginative and prescient of his completely satisfied childhood reminiscence. The reconnection to his humanity impressed him to cease the Thoughts Flayer attacking the remainder of the youngsters. He was finally stabbed via the center by the monster.

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Although they had been by no means notably shut, it hit his step sister, Max, fairly onerous within the second.

Eleven misplaced her powers

Picture: Netflix

After the Thoughts Flayer bit her and left a chunk of itself lodged within her, Eleven’s powers vanished. Although it was presumed to be a facet impact of the chew, she nonetheless didn’t have her powers because the Byers set off for California three months after the battle. When season 4 picks up in California, she’s nonetheless struggling to determine who she is outdoors of her superpowers.

Dustin’s obtained a hacker girlfriend, Suzie

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All season Dustin talked about his long-distance girlfriend he met at camp. Within the eleventh hour, the staff finds out she is, certainly, actual, and he or she is a whiz at computer systems.

The Stranger Issues youngsters are off to highschool now!

Sure, they’ve all aged so much within the three years (our time) since we final noticed them! However in-universe, it’s been about six months because the finish of final season, and Stranger Issues 3 happened in the summertime of 1985, simply earlier than the youthful youngsters began highschool. Will it’s extra horrific than dealing with off in opposition to Upside Down monsters a number of instances? It’s the ’80s, so most likely!

Erica obtained Will’s D&D shit

After risking life and limb to uncover the reality of Starcourt Mall alongside our plucky heroes, Lucas’ youthful sister, Erica, turned an instantaneous fan favourite and in addition extra invested in her brother’s social life — or, at the very least, the nerdy, probably alien components of it. Dustin and Lucas introduced Erica with the D&D books Will left behind (he stated he undoubtedly didn’t wish to discover any D&D pals in California, which is a pleasant gesture however not solely good, on this author’s opinion).

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Eleven has been seen by many docs!

This isn’t a season 3 factor, since a lot of that plot was localized across the Russian invasion and the mall. However in season 1 we had been launched to Dr. Martin Brenner, a scientist on the facility that raised El; he constructed himself up as a father determine to her in order to make her extra compliant with the experimentation, so she referred to as him “Papa.” Ultimately, she lastly noticed via his manipulation and left him to be attacked by the Demogorgon. Though he was presumed useless for some time, Brenner was confirmed alive in season 2. By then he had already been changed by the Division of Power’s Dr. Sam Owens, who finally took a much more sympathetic strategy to Eleven and Hopper.

Contemplating Dr. Owens pops up within the trailer for season 4, suffice it to say that the season might be revisiting El’s previous.

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