Where are Ferrets Legal and illegal?

Ferrets are a few of the hottest unique pets on this planet. They’re small, furry creatures with a cone-shaped nostril, lengthy claws, and a pear-shaped physique with quick legs. Ferrets are associated to wolverines, minks, ermines, and weasels within the Mustela genus. They’re controversial animals and are unlawful to maintain as pets in lots of states and international locations.

They’re banned in California, Washington DC, Hawaii, and New York Metropolis. Plus, they’re unlawful in international locations like New Zealand, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Portugal. However, they’re widespread in Japan and Taiwan.

Verify your native legal guidelines and rules earlier than you undertake a ferret.

Why Are Ferrets Unlawful

There are a lot of causes argued for why ferrets are unlawful. These embrace considerations about aggression, biting, and the way they’ll colonize in the event that they run away. The colonization can threaten native wildlife, which is why ferrets are banned in lots of international locations.

Ferrets are excessive upkeep pets and require intensive care. Many individuals describe it as caring for a toddler! If they aren’t taken care of or supplied with ample room, bedding, and enrichment, they’ll change into damaging. These animals can even revert to their feral state, and change into a provider of rabies.

Many individuals even have a destructive opinion of ferrets. As with different unique pets, some dangerous press has damage their popularity.

Ferret Legal guidelines and Laws – United States

Most states in the US permit ferrets as pets, however some states have legal guidelines prohibiting ferret possession. It’s greatest to examine along with your state to substantiate the legal guidelines.

As with many different ‘unique’ animals similar to snakes, your native legal guidelines could also be stricter than state legal guidelines, and rules might change. It’s a good suggestion to acquire new info out of your native authorities or an animal management board.

No LawsMinor LawsBanned


It’s unlawful to promote, import, and transport ferrets in California. You want a allow from the California Division of Fish and Recreation to maintain ferrets as pets. You may get a allow for medical analysis and different distinctive circumstances and never for house possession. This ban stems from fears that escaped ferrets may colonize wild populations and upset the world’s delicate ecosystem steadiness.


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Hawaii is one other state banning the possession of ferrets. Ferrets are unlawful as a result of they might simply revert to their feral state and be a possible provider of rabies. Hawaii is free from this illness, they usually wish to preserve it that manner!

Reality: Hawaii is the one state freed from rabies as a result of they’ve strict quarantine legal guidelines.

In Hawaii, housing a ferret comes with a hefty worth. You’ll be able to face penalties of as much as 4 years in jail and a $200,000 fantastic if caught proudly owning a ferret! Nevertheless, in-state ferret house owners can flip of their pet to the Hawaii Division of Agriculture (HDOA) with out prosecution fears.

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District of Columbia

In Washington, ferrets are unlawful to maintain as pets, however the District of Columbia Well being Division points waivers case by case. District of Columbia housing legislation lists canine, rabbits, cats, domesticated rodents, cats, non-poisonous snakes, turtles, turtles, fish, caged birds, and racing pigeons as the one authorized animals to maintain as pets.

Ferrets aren’t part of this checklist. The rules relating to ferret possession aren’t as strict because the rules in different states. You’ll be able to preserve a ferret, however it is advisable get a allow from the District of Columbia Well being Division. So, adopting a ferret in Washington DC isn’t unattainable, but it surely isn’t simple.

Ferrets look very like weasels, so most individuals have this vicious thought of them of their heads. Ferrets by no means assault till they’re abused or malnourished.

New York Metropolis

All 5 boroughs of New York Metropolis (Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens & Staten Island) ban ferrets, however they’re authorized all through the state. In 1999, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani banned ferrets, relating to them as vicious relations to weasels that pose well being dangers to folks dwelling in densely populated areas.

Different states

Ferrets are authorized in Georgia and Illinois, and you do not want a allow to undertake a ferret. Nevertheless, you want a particular allow to breed ferrets. Ferrets was once unlawful in Dallas, however now you simply have to abide by the vaccination codes whereas maintaining a ferret. Ferrets as pets are authorized in Wisconsin; nevertheless, the legality might change by the municipality. For instance, town of Oshkosh classifies ferrets as wild animals, and you can not purchase one inside metropolis limits.

Different Nations


Portugal is the one European nation the place having a ferret is unlawful. The cops will arrest you in the event that they see with you a ferret. The officers don’t actively seek for ferrets with folks, however it’s a large drawback. You can’t take your ferret exterior, stroll them, or take the poor creature to the vet. The one motive that ferrets are unlawful in Portugal is that you just can not use them for looking. Many activists in Portugal try to make ferrets authorized with little or no success.

New Zealand

Ferrets are unlawful in New Zealand. The rationale for the ferret ban is the distinctive nature of the New Zealand wildlife inhabitants. Many birds are on the verge of extinction, and ferrets are contributing to the decline. In accordance with the Division of Conservation, ferrets (together with weasels and stoats) infiltrated the wild in New Zealand over 100 years in the past. The native wildlife, such because the kakapo and kiwi, can’t address these new predators. Additionally, ferret fur-farming grew to become widespread within the final century, and escapees from these farms contributed to their wild inhabitants. Ferrets are actually unlawful in New Zealand as a result of they pose a menace to native wildlife.

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BannedMinor Laws

Northern Territory

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Ferrets are unlawful within the Northern Territory. The explanations embrace anger of feral colonies erupting, ferrets spreading illness, biting people, and their hostile nature.


Ferrets are unlawful in Queensland, and the legal guidelines are similar to New Zealand. The distinction between New Zealand and Australia is that Australia’s local weather is hotter and isn’t preferrred for ferrets. Plus, many predators can feed on ferrets within the wild similar to foxes and dingos. Australia has feral canine and cats, and including a ferret to the combination is a large danger.

Western Australia

Ferrets aren’t unlawful right here, however it’s important to show to the authorities that your pet is a ferret and never a weasel. Ferrets are authorized in Western Australia, however their shut cousins aren’t.

New South Wales

Conserving ferrets is authorized in NSW, however it’s important to comply with the principles. For instance, one family can solely have two ferrets.


Ferrets are authorized in Victoria, however it is advisable comply with some necessities. It’s essential to spay or neuter your ferret. Plus, there are strict rules relating to the variety of ferrets allowed per family.

Australian Capital Territory

Ferrets within the Australian Capital Territory are authorized, however it is advisable register your ferret and get a license. You additionally have to comply with the Animal Welfare Code of Observe and meet all their necessities.

South Africa

Ferrets aren’t unlawful in South Africa, however it is advisable meet sure standards. You additionally want a allow to maintain a ferret as a home pet. In accordance with the Nationwide Environmental Administration Biodiversity(NEMB), ferrets are a extremely invasive species.

Ferret Import restrictions


You want a allow to import ferrets from the Canadian Meals Inspection Company Animal Well being Workplace. You additionally require a vaccination certificates from a vet. Ferrets which are lower than 3 months previous aren’t topic to import restrictions of any sort.


You can’t import ferrets to Australia.

United Kingdom

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The UK permits the authorized import of ferrets below the EU’s pets journey scheme. You should vaccinate the ferret in opposition to rabies.

Moreover, you should deal with them for tapeworms and ticks 48-hours earlier than they enter. Ferrets ought to enter through a licensed route and reside below quarantine for six months upon arrival.

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European Union

Ferrets can journey freely inside the EU below the pet passport scheme. All you want is a European Union Pets passport and an identification microchip. Most international locations require a distemper vaccine and therapy of fleas and ticks earlier than the ferrets enter. Many authorities web sites have further journey info out there.

Ferret – A Misunderstood Animal

Most individuals have a destructive thought of ferrets. Maybe it’s their look since they resemble weasels. As with another unique pets, some dangerous media protection has damage their popularity.

All of it boils right down to accountable pet possession. Homeowners should present ferrets with correct coaching, care, security, and supervision. They need to even have vaccinations for distemper and rabies (ferret permitted vaccines). Ferrets aren’t low upkeep pets and require consideration and coaching to forestall conduct issues. Most ferret house owners will let you know they don’t deserve the poor popularity as a result of they’re great pets! In addition they don’t need to be banned.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Are ferrets good pets?

Ferrets make nice pets for individuals who have the time for them and who bond with animals. Ferrets are naturally quiet, curious, pleasant, clever, and affectionate.

Are ferrets harmful pets?

Ferrets could make glorious pets, however they’ll carry germs and make folks sick. Consultants don’t advocate ferrets for houses with youngsters below 5 years of age.

Do ferrets chunk?

Ferrets might chunk due to ache, however they could additionally chunk to get your consideration. When house owners are busy and the ferret desires to play, it is not uncommon for them to nip their ft or ankles. Mild play-biting is typical for ferrets. It’s when the ferret bites onerous that one thing is improper.

Are ferrets excessive upkeep?

Ferrets are greater upkeep pets than both cats or canine and require an proprietor who’s prepared to present a number of time and a spotlight. They want a number of hours of supervised train and play exterior of their cage every day and might be fairly mischievous and damaging.

What can Ferrets eat?

Ferrets are obligate carnivores. They prey upon and eat entire animals within the wild. Their weight-reduction plan consists of uncooked meat, uncooked bones, muscle tissue, and digested vegetable matter. Domesticated ferrets require a weight-reduction plan of animal merchandise which are excessive in protein and fats and low in carbohydrates and fiber.

Where to buy a ferret in new zealand for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.

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