Where To Buy European Size Mattress In USA? 2 Brands

If you wish to know the place to purchase European dimension mattress in USA, listed below are two shops that supply them. We will even focus on how totally different European sizes are from US sizes. It is best to simply perceive the size of every mattress sort.

You would possibly profit from understanding the most effective shops to purchase a mattress as effectively. Whereas they don’t carry European sizes, they provide beds which have quite a few awards and praises. Contemplate checking them out since you would possibly discover a mannequin that can go well with you finest.

where to buy european size mattress in usa

The place To Purchase European Measurement Mattress In The US?

Customized Mattress Makers

Essentially the most snug mattress you should buy needs to be tailor-made in keeping with your wants, and the title of this mattress retailer rapidly offers you a clue of what they will supply. In case you’re curious about European mattress sizes, try Customized Mattress Makers. This producer relies in Massachusetts, they usually even take requests.

You may present the size and width you need on your mattress in keeping with the size of a European dimension. Consumers additionally observe that Customized Mattress Makers supply a aggressive worth vary for his or her mattresses. Nonetheless, most beds will take a number of weeks to course of from manufacturing to packaging, and also you would possibly wait as much as 5 enterprise days extra as soon as your mattress is shipped.

Axel Bloom

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In case you are in Los Angeles, California, you may attempt visiting the showroom of Axel Bloom. They provide each American and European sizes, they usually can even customise in keeping with your most well-liked dimensions. However should you can’t go to their showroom, Axel Bloom additionally delivers from LA or from their manufacturing facility in Austria.

One other unbelievable factor about Axel Bloom is in addition they have mattress frames. Since European dimension mattresses have distinctive measurements, they will even require particular assist techniques. You may full your mattress with Axel Bloom to avoid wasting you the effort of discovering the mattress body that can complement your European mattress.

What Are European Mattresses?

European mattresses seek advice from mattresses that observe the European measurement requirements. And very similar to how the US and Europe differ in measurement techniques and different sizes on gadgets corresponding to clothes, additionally, you will discover variations in mattress sizes between the 2. Nonetheless, it’s additionally value noting that UK and Eire sizes are additionally totally different from continental European sizes.

The UK and Eire mattress sizes come at single, double, king, and tremendous king as a substitute. Moreover, do not forget that you will discover European mattress sizes measured in centimeters than US mattress sizes with dimensions in inches.

What dimension is a European mattress?

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A European mattress makes use of European sizes which might be single, double, king, and grand king. A single European dimension mattress measures 90 by 200 cm or 35.5 by 79 inches, whereas a double European dimension mattress is 140 by 200 cm or 55 by 79 inches. The king and grand king-size beds measure 160 by 200 cm and 180 by 200 cm or 63 by 79 inches and 71 by 79 inches, respectively.

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Are European Mattress Sizes The Identical As The US?

European mattress sizes aren’t the identical as US mattress sizes, not simply in measurements, however as a result of some names of mattresses aren’t even utilized in every area. For instance, European mattresses are single, double, king, and grand king, whereas US mattress sizes are twin, full, queen, and king. In case you examine these mattresses’ dimension by dimension, there are additionally noticeable variations of their dimensions.

The smallest European mattress is single, measuring 35.5 by 79 inches in comparison with the smallest US mattress that’s twin at 38 by 75 inches. The European double mattress is 55 by 79 inches in comparison with the US full mattress at 53 by 75 inches. However whereas US and European beds have king-size mattresses, the US mattress measures 76 by 80 inches whereas the European king mattress is barely 63 by 79 inches.

What Is A European Queen Measurement Mattress?

It’s not widespread to see a European queen-size mattress, however its equal dimension for the US queen mattress is a tad shorter and wider. For instance, US queen-size mattresses are 80 by 60 inches, whereas the equal of this mattress in continental Europe is 79 by 63 inches. The UK and Eire even have their king-size mattress measuring 78 by 60 inches nearer to the size of a queen-size mattress within the US.

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Are you interested by shopping for a queen-size mattress? Listed here are the most effective queen-size mattress manufacturers.

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What Is A European King Measurement Mattress?

A European king-size mattress measures 63 by 79 inches in comparison with the king-size mattress within the US that measures 80 inches lengthy and 76 inches extensive. Moreover, it’s widespread to roughly examine the tremendous king mattress of the UK and Eire measuring 78 by 72 inches to the California king within the US that’s 72 inches extensive, 84 inches lengthy. So general, a US king-size mattress shall be longer and wider than European king beds.


And that’s it! To recap the place to purchase European dimension mattress in USA, you may attempt Customized Mattress Makers and Axel Bloom. We hope you additionally perceive the variations between EU and US mattress dimensions and names.

Please take into account the size and width of the size we talked about, and don’t be confused. However you probably have different questions, be at liberty to go away us a remark. You too can use our data base for different mattress-related questions.

Please see more summary list Where to buy european size mattress in usa for your needs? You are at the right place. We recognize that amidst so many choices in the market, it can be perplexing and confusing to make the right pick.

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